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Medical & Dental Open Enrollment
for UW Retirees: November 1-30


As a UW retiree eligible for Public Employee Benefits Board (PEBB) insurance, you can change your medical and dental plan insurance enrollment during the annual open enrollment period. The State's healthcare open enrollment period typically runs through the entire month of November with specific dates announced by the Health Care Authority in mid-summer.

Medical and dental plan benefits and premiums can change yearly. Open enrollment is a good time to evaluate your health insurance plans and decide whether to make a change. If your current plan is being discontinued, you must identify and enroll in your preferred alternate plan. If this is the case and you do not select a new medical plan by November 30, you and your dependent(s) will be automatically enrolled in a similar plan starting January 1.

When Changing Enrollment is Necessary

If you are satisfied with your current plan and it will be offered next year, you do not need to do anything and your plan election will remain the same. However, if any of the following circumstances apply to you, then you must change your plan enrollment.

Important Note: Per WAC 182-12-262, you are required to notify the Health Care Authority (HCA) of changes in dependent eligibility within 60 days of the date in which your dependent is no longer eligible. The HCA's phone number is 1-800-200-1004.

Retiree Benefit Changes for 2016

At its August 2015 meeting, the PEBB voted to approve changes to state employees' and retirees' monthly premiums and cost-sharing in 2016. Cost-sharing refers to the member's annual deductible, annual out-of-pocket limit, coinsurance, or copay. All changes take effect January 1, 2016.

Action Required

If you continue to cover a spouse or domestic partner under your PEBB medical coverage for 2016, you must re-attest to the spousal coverage surcharge, even if you do not make any plan changes.

PEBB Materials

The PEBB provides the following materials to help you make choices:


Online option for making changes to your insurance plan enrollment

Review your current enrollment in one of two ways:

  1. PEBB Online Inquiry and Enrollment: The PEBB offers 'My Account' to make online open enrollment medical/dental plan changes. 'My Account' is inquiry-only until the first day of open enrollment, November 1.
  2. Retirees will receive an Enrollment/Change form with their retiree information. Complete and return the form to the Health Care Authority if changes are needed.

Paper option for adding a dependent and/or making changes to your insurance plan enrollment

To add or reinstate a dependent who is not currently enrolled on your insurance plan, you must submit a completed Employee Enrollment/Change form by November 30 at midnight. Valid dependent verification documentation must be included with the form for the requested change to be processed.

While you cannot add a dependent online, you may use PEBB Online Inquiry and Enrollment to make online open enrollment medical/dental plan changes. 'My Account' is inquiry-only until the first day of open enrollment.

Explore your healthcare and insurance options at the Retiree session to be held at the UW Benefits Fairs held in Seattle on November 5, 2015.


Retiree Insurance Topics

It's Easy!
To verify your medical/dental insurance coverage and/or make plan changes during open enrollment, go to PEBB's My Account.


Making Changes Outside of Open Enrollment
Did you know that some changes can be made to your insurance plans at any time? Likewise certain IRS Qualified Life Events can trigger Special Open Enrollment opportunities that allow you to make changes outside of fall open enrollment. Learn more.