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Optional Insurance for
Faculty, Staff & Librarians - Long Term Care Insurance

Long-Term Care Insurance Closed to New Applicants

Effective August 1, 2014, the State of Washington group long-term care (LTC) insurance plan through John Hancock Insurance Company closed to new applicants. If you were already enrolled in this plan, you should continue to pay your premiums directly to John Hancock. Contact the John Hancock Customer Service Center at 800-399-7271 if you have any questions.

The Health Care Authority has reviewed the LTC marketplace, and has not identified any viable employer-based plan options to offer to state employees at this time. They will periodically review LTC options, and notify PEBB participants if a product can be made available in the future.

Explore LTC information and resources.

Note: If there is any conflict between this enrollment brochure and the Certificate of Insurance, the terms of the Certificate will control. Please note that plan provisions may be changed or deleted in order to satisfy state requirements or other legal requirements and the Washington State Health Care Authority reserves the right to end or amend the plan for any reason. If the Washington State Health Care Authority discontinues the plan, existing insureds continue coverage through John Hancock.

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