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Medical/Dental Insurance
for Faculty, Staff & Librarians — Uniform Dental Plan

Administered by Delta Dental Washington Dental Service

Uniform Dental Plan (UDP) is a fee-for-service plan with a preferred provider option. There are no employee or dependent premiums for any of the UW dental plans. The dental premiums are 100% paid for by the University of Washington.

Note that UDP does not issue ID cards to its members. Please provide your dentist with the following information:

Group number: 3000
Subscriber ID number = your social security number

You may use any dentist you wish, anywhere in the world, and the cost to you for services depends on where you receive those services. If you receive care from a Uniform Dental Plan preferred provider, the reimbursement amount stated in the plan book will be covered. You may search for a dentist online at the Delta Dental Washington Dental Service. Select Delta Dental PPO as your plan and enter your search criteria below.

If you use a non-preferred provider, the plan's reimbursement rate will be lower for most types of services, and the reduced reimbursement rate will apply only up to the plan's normal fee schedule. If the dentist's fees exceed the plan's schedule, you will be responsible for the difference.

Find a summary of Uniform Dental plan benefits at the Public Employees’ Benefit Board (PEBB) website or view the Certificate of Coverage for this plan.

For additional information, contact the administrator, Washington Dental Service, at:

Delta Dental - Washington Dental Service
P.O. Box 75983
Seattle, WA 98125

Disclaimer: The information on this page does not substitute for official plan documents. If there is a conflict between the information on this site and an official plan document, the official plan document will govern. Refer to the Benefits Forms & Publications page.

Plan availability and eligibility may change depending on your employment status and/or actions of the Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA), the agency that purchases and coordinates health insurance benefits for public employees, including employees of the University of Washington, through the Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB) program.

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