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Communications Infrastructure

Frequently Asked Questions

I just moved into my new office and my telephone does not work. Why not?

We call that "Day One Service" and we need two weeks advance notice to make all the necessary arrangements. In other words, if you know that work on your office will be done on a certain date (including cabling and outlet installation), call UW-IT Networking at least two weeks before that date to be sure your phones work when you move in.

Will UW-IT do the communications work on my project?

UW-IT will play a coordinating role and may do certain specific tasks, but in general any new installation or modifications of communications infrastructure will be done by your contractor. UW-IT, however, is available as a subcontractor for some types of work.

How does the communications infrastructure work in a building?

The basic model for communications infrastructure involves a dedicated system of pathways from (1) every communications outlet in a building to the nearest Communications Room, usually on the same floor, (2) from every Communications Room to the Entrance Room, and (3) from there to the inter-building campus communications system.

Communications Infrastructure