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Communications Infrastructure

Planning some construction or renovation work in your office or building?
This may affect your communications services.

Please contact Communications Infrastructure by sending email to or call 206-221-2200 so that we may assess any impact to the scope and budget of your project.

Communications Infrastructure, an unit of UW Information Technology (UW-IT), coordinates all work on communications projects requiring engineering design, coordination, estimates, and interpretation of standards.

You should contact Communications Infrastructure if you are planning any of the following projects:

Such projects often involve adding to or modifying communications which may impact some of the following:

Work that is not done in compliance with UW specifications, or up-to-code, may have to be redone, sometimes at considerable expense to you, or may create difficulties for others using the UW's communications system.

If you are currently housed in a leased facility and want to upgrade your existing communications you may contact UW-IT Customer Services or where appropriate, Communications Infrastructure will coordinate with the Real Estate Office.

Design Guide (formerly FDI) - UNDER CONSTRUCTION

The specific files the architect and electrical/communications consultants must have to prepare contract documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about planning communications aspects of construction and renovation projects.