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Completed Sampling Projects

Last updated: Thursday March 8, 2007 16:37:25

The following are consultant sampling projects that have been completed. For information on the sample results, e-mail with the asbestos work order number (WO) referenced.

Projects are listed by building name. Magnuson Health Sciences is abbreviated as HSB.
Sampling Projects
Building Room Scope of Work Date WO
*various* Roof Sample Mary Gates Hall, Gerberding, Guggenheim, and Suzzallo Library. 2/18/2000 7166
*various* See plans Provide a hazardous material abatement design (plans and specifications) for asbestos and other hazardous material that would be impacted by the work shown on plans. These plans and specifications should be clear enough for the contractors to bid on the abatement work, or the UW term contractor to give an accurate price for the work involved. Survey was done a while ago and Saeid has the plans. 5/31/2002 9446
*various* various Survey and provide a good faith letter for asbestos and lead containing materials that will be impacted by the scope of work shown on attached drawings M1-M15.Buildings: Kincaid Hall, More Hall, Marine Sciences Building, Plant Services Building, Henderson Hall, Publication Services Building, Gould Hall, Guggenheim Hall, Hall Health Center, Harris Hydraulics Laboratory, Kane Hall, Plant Laboratory and details. 11/4/2002 9908
*various* various Survey and provide a good faith letter for asbestos and lead containing material that will be impacted by the scope of work shown on attached drawings M1 - M32. Buildings HSB, Chemistry Library, Fisheries Teach and Research, Benson, Fisheries, Raitt, Roberts, Johnson, Burke, CHDD, Atmospheric Science - Geophysics, Guthrie, Wilcox, Chemistry. 10/3/2002 9697
*various* Various Survey and provide a good faith letter for asbestos and lead containing material that will be impacted by the scope of work shown on attached drawings M1-M27. Buildings HSB, Bagley Hall and Bloedel Hall. 12/11/2001 8924
1107 NE 45th St (1090) 5th floor telephone closet Check 9x9 tiles in phone room for asbestos content. 3/29/2002 9334
1429 NE Boat St (1286) Exterior siding Test siding and window frames for lead.
Test glazing for asbestos.
Building is scheduled to be pressure washed, scraped and painted.
8/13/2001 8604
1429 NE Boat St (1286) Stairways and other locations as necessary Please test stairway doors and other fire doors for ACM. 1/31/2001 8073
3710 Brooklyn NE (1030) 205 Test putty for asbestos. 5/3/2000 7353
3710 Brooklyn NE (1030) Sea Grant - 208C Test broken windows, 2 each, 13 x 31 for asbestos. 12/31/2001 9062
3710 Brooklyn NE (1030) WA Sea Grant - 206B (unisex restroom) Please test floor tiles for ACM. Floor will be abated if positive. Please advise within 1-2 days. 10/1/2001 8769
3930 Brooklyn NE (1029) S exterior wall Sample paint for lead on south side exterior wall. 6/19/2000 7544
3935 Univ Way NE (1042) 008D Test steam pipe insulation leading to 104A for ACM. 5/30/2000 7435
3935 Univ Way NE (1042) 104A Sample paint on windows for lead. 7/19/2000 7610
3935 Univ Way NE (1042) 104A, 103, 114, 008, 008D Check ceiling plaster, roof, window glazing for ACM. Check paint for lead. 6/5/2000 7439
3937 15th Ave NE (1015) 3937 15th Ave NE - all walls Evaluate lathe and plastered walls for asbestos in house at 3937 15th Ave NE. We will be removing shelves and metal cabinets from the walls in all rooms of the building. 6/14/2001 8495
3937 15th Ave NE (1015) various Please test debris produced by repair of window sash balance weights by shop 16CARP. 9/17/2001 8718
3937 15th Ave NE (1015) various Hazardous Building Materials Survey. 8/17/2001 8633
3945 15th Ave NE (1033) Crawlspace in basement / SE corner Evaluate for hazards in crawl space.. 10/1/2001 8801
3945 15th Ave NE (1033) Exterior We will be replacing all of the exterior windows and repainting the exterior of the House at 3945 15th NE.
Please evaluate for hazardous materials, LEAD PAINT, in Exterior paint and any materials around the windows, caulking and putty.
10/16/2002 9894
3945 15th Ave NE (1033) NW bedroom wall Test wiring. 9/10/2001 8707
3945 15th Ave NE (1033) Various - entire house Hazardous building materials survey. Contact Donna Thompson at 685-8852 if Carl Johansen is not available. 9/10/2001 8692
4034 12th Ave NE (1034) Basement Sample stacked ceiling tiles for ACM. 5/12/2000 7308
4034 12th Ave NE (1034) Broken basement windows Test putty for asbestos on the 2 broken windows. Approx. size is 16 x 20 inches.
Address of residence is 4034 12th Ave NE. Near Condon Hall.
2/20/2001 8165
4042 12th Ave NE (1035) 4042 12th NE - Garage Check plaster ceiling in the garage area. 5/31/2001 8461
4046 12th Ave NE - Law - retired Basement Sample ceiling insulation. 3/7/2000 7232
Acad Comp Ctr (1119) ACC basement, tunnel and Chemistry basement Test areas where conduit, panels and transformers are being installed. Call requestor for walkthrough. Drawings are being forwarded by mail. 8/6/2001 8568
Acad Comp Ctr (1119) All - various Survey for repainting of building inside and carpet. 8/18/2000 7677
Acad Comp Ctr (1119) Room 55 Please do asbestos survey above ceiling tile in noted rooms for future work.
Do not proceed until basic cost of doing this survey is estimated.
1/16/2001 8026
Acad Comp Ctr (1119) Women's restroom ground floor Please test ceiling tiles for ACM. 5/8/2001 8435
Aero & Eng Resch (1131) 121 Check sheet vinyl flooring and mastic for both sheet vinyl flooring and wall base in room 121. Check for lead paint.
(Contact Somchai for drawings and scope of the alteration work)
10/19/2000 7808
Aero & Eng Resch (1131) Windows of the building exterior Sample window putty/caulking at building exteriors. Also, at building exterior doors. 3/29/2002 9321
Aerodynamics Lab (1185) Exterior Test paint for lead. 6/13/2000 7504
Aerodynamics Lab (1185) Outside of building Test the putty on broken window for asbestos. 10 x 13 inches. 3/13/2002 9280
Allen Library (1107) 482X hall Test beam spray material for ACM and dust above ceiling. 1/17/2000 7070
Anderson Hall (1351) 127, janitor closet Please sample and abate as necessary the plumbing fittings and pipe exposed after the wall was opened. This is a rush job. 4/9/2002 9375
Anderson Hall (1351) 302 Shop 54 will be installing shelves on the SW wall of room 302. Please test for lead and asbestos. 5/24/2002 9466
Anderson Hall (1351) Crawlspace area above basement janitor closet Please sample debris in crawlspace area above the basement janitor closet. This was requested by Jim Lukehart 4/29/2002 9425
Anderson Hall (1351) Ground floor room 16 Please test flacking paint on window wall for lead. 9/24/2002 9806
Anderson Hall (1351) Room 23 Perform air sampling to update the status of air quality and mold spores. 7/15/2002 9591
Anderson Hall (1351) Sub basement and steam tunnels Survey the sub basement mech room and the pipe tunnels that run under the building. Need to determine if the pipe insulation contains asbestos, the condition of the insulation, if it needs to be abated and how soon. Sue Gaudette has an architectural plan that shows these tunnels, see her if you want a copy. 10/24/2001 8829
Architecture (1180) 116 Test areas to be distrubed by work shown on drawings; (transmitted seperately). Includes work to ceilings, sprinklers, ductwork, painting and casework. 3/8/2002 9246
Art Building (1298) 227/229, 245 Provide good faith inspection of rooms 227/229, 245, and associated areas in the Art building. We are cutting into existing gypsum board wall between rooms 227/229 and 245, to install trasfer grilles and window. Also we are running communication conduits from the bestment. Please contact Somchai if more info is needed. 4/18/2001 8331
Art Building (1298) 231, 245 Please perform a good faith survey in both rooms. 2/1/2002 9135
Art Building (1298) 314 Roof liter piping needs repair. Check insualtion for ACM etc. Will not proceed with repair without proper notification. 11/11/1999 6953
Art Building (1298) Door to room #9 Test door for asbestos. 9/29/2000 7774
Art Building (1298) Elevator 30 Check elevator light wiring for ACM. 6/7/2000 7492
Art Building (1298) Roof Exhaust stack replacement. Included is a set of drawings for reference. Call requester for a walk thru. 11/20/2001 8927
Art Building (1298) Room 304 Test putty on taped windows in room 304 for asbestos. 3/28/2001 8270
Art Building (1298) various (see drawings E1, E2, and E3) 1. Test conductor insulation at light switches.
2. Test conductor insulation at light fixtures.
3. Test ceiling and walls.
Notes: I will be forwarding drawings E1, E2 and E3 to show locations of electrical works.
11/5/2002 9909
Atmos Sci/Geophys (1294) 504, 511 Please sample rubber base mastic in room 504. Sample sheetrock and joint compound inside room 511, at right of doorway to room 511A where square of GWB has been cut. Also sample paint for lead on west wall in 511. 8/28/2002 9740
Atmos Sci/Geophys (1294) 53 Test broken windows for asbestos. 2 each 12 x 20 inches. 11/20/2001 8936
Atmos Sci/Geophys (1294) 700C Test ceiling tile which is stored in mechanical room. 2/6/2001 8122
Atmos Sci/Geophys (1294) Room 39 Test floor tile and adhesive for asbestos. 12/26/2001 9051
Bagley Hall (1206) 13, hall Survey for asbsetos and lead. 4/28/2000 7314
Bagley Hall (1206) 195 Requesting a sampling of rubber base and base mastic in room #195, for the presence of any asbestos material. Sample base moulding and base mastic in two seperate rooms that comprises room #195. Contact Brian Holm to arrange for room access. 5/14/2002 9451
Bagley Hall (1206) 1st floor north hallway Please test the floor tiles and adhesives in the north hallway. 3/26/2002 9312
Bagley Hall (1206) 202 Please test the wall (s) for asbestos. 11/20/2001 8950
Bagley Hall (1206) 303C Please perform a good faith survey. This project begins tomorrow. Can we have the results back ASAP please? 7/30/2002 9673
Bagley Hall (1206) 311 Test mastic on base and carpet. 5/16/2002 9448
Bagley Hall (1206) 362/362A Test floor for lead and asbestos. 4/29/2002 9406
Bagley Hall (1206) 369 Test flex connector material. 5/30/2000 7433
Bagley Hall (1206) 407 Take insulation sample for asbestos on heating valve. Contact Chris Sheriff for location. 11/3/2000 7863
Bagley Hall (1206) 439 Investigate suspect ACM material in bag. 8/14/2000 7666
Bagley Hall (1206) 469 Sample pipe insulation at top of stairwell. 2/17/2000 7201
Bagley Hall (1206) Basement mechanical room Remove an abandoned chiller (in air intake plenum) and associated piping and pumps. I believe that there is a lot of asbestos associated with the piping and chiller.

*I would like to walk the job site with both Jim Lukehart and Chuck Greeb*

May have the term contractor do much of the work.
Would like advice on the number of samples required.
Please call or stop by the office.
5/11/2001 8402
Bagley Hall (1206) Bryant building bin hallway Test autoclave for ACM. 4/3/2000 7253
Bagley Hall (1206) Hallways by 429 and 465 Please test the floor tiles. 2/8/2001 8136
Bagley Hall (1206) Penthouse Mech Room Test sample of disturbed pipe insulation in Bagley penthouse mech room. Contact Booker Washington for any additional info. Pager # (206) 685-9363 pin-0590. 11/14/2001 8923
Bagley Hall (1206) Room 32 The plumber working on a demo of a sink cut into what he thinks may be air cell asbestos. Please sample where insulation is tagged or damaged. Thanks, Joe. 4/10/2002 9361
Bagley Hall (1206) Room 331 D--F Hazardous materials survey of room above and below ceiling. 10/23/2001 8848
Bagley Hall (1206) Room 411 Test wall under eyewash and fire extiguisher to left of entrance. 5/22/2002 9455
Bagley Hall (1206) Rooms 33 and 37 Please test the floor tiles and glue. 1/31/2001 8089
Bagley Hall (1206) Rooms 46 & 30 Provide asbestos and lead testing for rooms 46 and 30 of Bagley Hall. Project is to install 2 cooling coils and associated ductwork and piping. 12/17/2001 9006
Balmer Hall (1157) 101 Remove two tiles in preparation for core drilling through floor. Check wall to make sure drill is OK. 8/13/2001 8631
Balmer Hall (1157) 403, 405A, 405 Test roofing for asbestos. This is an addition to a previous work order, 7626.
Provide work plan for asbestos abatement, technical specifications (section 02080) for work under the general contract.
11/9/2000 7780
Balmer Hall (1157) 403A, 405 Sample spray applied on ceiling, floor tile & mastic, rubber baseboard and mastic, and paint. 8/18/2000 7626
Balmer Hall (1157) MBA lounge Check plaster, base mastic, floor in MBA Lounge. Also need to check in custodial closet plumbing for vent tie-in. Would be best to contact me to show areas where work will be perfomed. 9/4/2002 9744
Balmer Hall (1157) Room 407 Provide air monitoring service for asbestos abatement in room 407. The contractor will submit a plan for your review soon. 9/24/2002 9774
Balmer Hall (1157) Room 407 Provide a good faith letter for lead and asbestos in room 407.
Provide specifications for Abatement of Ceiling Texture to be included in work of General Contractor.
4/30/2002 9355
Balmer Hall (1157) Rooms 301, 302, 307 There are wood strips attached to the wall with mastic. We need to have the mastic tested. Normal one week priority. Thanks. 9/24/2002 9800
Benson Hall (1277) 315 Test floor tile & adhesive for ACM. 4/6/2000 7289
Benson Hall (1277) 336 Sample wall material on floor, 2 locations, as directed by Jim Lukehart. 7/19/2000 7608
Benson Hall (1277) 336, 341 Test floor tiles, gas, and water pipes. 6/2/2000 7447
Benson Hall (1277) B033 Test rooms B033, B035, corridor and affected areas on drawings. Test inside cabinet in room B035 under cup sinks. Test ceiling spaces where new duct will be installed. See drawings M2 and M3. 6/29/2001 8524
Benson Hall (1277) B45 Test common wall between B45 & B51 for lead and asbestos. 5/22/2000 7418
Benson Hall (1277) Basement mech Two bad safety valves. Sample for asbestos on steam lines per Booker T. Washington.
Alternate scope: Please sample insulation under 2 failing safety valves on hp/mp steam header next to mech room stairs, as per btw
2/10/2002 9162
Benson Hall (1277) Room 210 Test hallway door for asbestos and interior wall for lead. 4/20/2001 8373
Benson Hall (1277) Room 320 Please test door to room 320 for asbestos. There are two doors to this room. The door that has the doorknob is the one to be tested. Thanks Carl M. 11/14/2000 7892
Benson Hall (1277) Rooms B-39, B-37 Please check the wiring in fluorescent light fixtures in rooms B37 and 39 for possible asbestos insulated conductors.
Wiring was noted during the course of lighting reduction work in the building.
4/6/2001 8320
Bloedel Hall (1132) 014, 010 Test for ACM. 2/2/2000 7121
Bloedel Hall (1132) 1st floor entrance to stairwell #3 Please test material laying on floor. 6/14/2002 9545
Bloedel Hall (1132) 214 Survey for asbestos & lead: Kjeldal equipment, wall board, and paint. 7/24/2000 7601
Bloedel Hall (1132) 357, 387, 389 Good faith survey for lead and asbestos. Demo common walls within area, demo all casework, gas, air, and water lines, paint outer walls. 9/29/2000 7761
Bloedel Hall (1132) Rm 170B fitting flagged with pink flagging tape Please test the pink flagged fitting for asbestos and let me know if it is positive. 3/21/2002 9322
Bloedel Hall (1132) Room 112 Consultant testing for: Install Chemical reactor. See drawings. 7/9/2001 8552
Botany Greenhouse (1326) 3 Sample pipe fittings as per Jon Draper on steam and return piping as identified. 1/23/2002 9131
Bowman Building (1094) Room 201 Determine if asbestos is present in the following locations: #1Ceiling space above ceiling tile on 2nd floor, hallway area outside communications closet, room 201 #2Ceiling space above ceiling tile in Facilities Mezzanine area, room M #201, #3 Ceiling space above ceiling tile in hallway, next to room 204Mezz #4Also test samples from the ceiling tiles of each of these three areas. 7/9/2002 9588
Brooklyn Bldg (1293) 010K, 011, 013, 015, stairwell #3 Test for lead paint in rooms, 010K, 011, 013, 013A & 015 and in stairwell #3 (the western stair area from the basement to the 1st floor). Check carpet mastic in 010K, 011, 015 and in stairwell #3. The base mastic should be checked in 010K and stairwell #3. 8/22/2001 8638
Brooklyn Bldg (1293) 11, 13, 15 Sample for: Run conduit from these rooms to telcom closet by elevator. Penetrate various walls and install anchors.

I would like to see a couple samples taken of the friable lagging on the pipe joints in the crawl space. That area
should be posted with signs if it has asbestos lagging. It is right by the area we will want to run our conduits, and is an alternate route. There are 4 or 5 walls we will want to drill through for our conduits.
A lead survey would be good, too.
5/10/2001 8413
Brooklyn Bldg (1293) 207 southeast corner Please check sediment falling from window area for ACM. 6/14/2001 8490
Brooklyn Bldg (1293) 3rd floor reception area Please test door jamb paint for lead. Completed prior to 8/2/01. 8/8/2001 8566
Brooklyn Bldg (1293) Basement mech Sample fire brick in abandonned furnace. 6/28/2000 7554
Brooklyn Bldg (1293) Boiler Survey for ACM and lead. 8/18/2000 7674
Brooklyn Bldg (1293) Boiler room Please take core sample of ceiling and test for ACM and lead as discussed with Jim Lukehart and Saeid Rastegar. 12/26/2001 9044
Brooklyn Bldg (1293) Boiler room Conduct a hazardous materials survey of the boiler room to accomodate the removal of the existing boiler and the replacement of a new boiler by an outside contractor. Please check for asbestos and lead. Contact Jim Lukehart for details. 1/31/2001 8085
Brooklyn Bldg (1293) Boiler room - 14 Please survey INSIDE of existing boiler to determine scope of potential asbestos abatement for demolition of boiler. Take whatever number of samples is required to determine asbestos content of boiler. Request that survey be done May 23, 2001 during emergency replacement of boiler. The boiler will be shut down the evening of May 18, and will be cool enough for test samples to be taken by May 23. Work Order #8085 was a survey done by Claton of the boiler lagging and the room itself.
The boiler contractor, Cole Industrial, is aware of and will cooperate with the consultant's schedule.
5/29/2001 8458
Brooklyn Bldg (1293) Chimney ash collection box Please test boiler combustion by-product materials in chimney collection box outside exterior wall of boiler room for possible ACM. Contact Dennis Fields at 543-5652 or 419-0502 for further details if necessary. 10/6/2000 7811
Brooklyn Bldg (1293) Floor B1, Room 30 Please test water-damaged plaster ceiling for ACM. 10/18/2000 7824
Brooklyn Bldg (1293) Garage behind Check roof for asbestos. 5/2/2000 7320
Brooklyn Bldg (1293) Garage behind bldg Test putty on inside of garage glass for asbestos. In alley behing Brooklyn bldg - 14x20 putty, inside set. Call Landon Conrad for entry key. 9/5/2000 7714
Brooklyn Bldg (1293) HR conference room 310 Please test paint falling from the exterior side of the balcony door for lead. 8/28/2001 8665
Brooklyn Bldg (1293) Reception area Please check main door into 3rd floor reception area for ACM. Large amount of white core exposed at top. Exposed area has been covered with tape by carpenter. 7/12/2001 8546
Brooklyn Bldg (1293) Room 11 Earthquake. Test the putty on the broken window in room 11 for asbestos... 24x36 inches. 3/28/2001 8263
Bryants Bldg (1028) 154A, B, C, D, E, G, H, L, M, P Please test vinyl flooring under existing carpet at the areas noted above. Project scope entails carpet removal and installation of new. I would like to walk the areas prior to work commencing. Please see attachment of floor plan indicating areas of work. 10/27/2000 7827
Bryants Bldg (1028) 154M Please test black undercoating of the existing sink for asbestos. The base cabinet will be demolished as per customer request. 11/3/2000 7868
Bryants Bldg (1028) Chief's office Please test concrete floor in chief's office for ACM. 1/30/2001 8095
Bryants Bldg (1028) F1 Do sample on floor and if positive on asbestos we need to drill ten holes in different locations. See Luis for details. 10/16/2000 7819
Bryants Bldg (1028) Garage entrance area, NE Please test paper between wood wall planks for asbestos as discussed with Saeid. 5/16/2001 8444
Bryants Bldg (1028) Hallway 1st floor Please test samples. 5/30/2001 8462
Bryants Bldg (1028) Lock shop office Please check file cabinet for ACM. It is reported to have whiter powder on or in it. It is being isolated until Clayton can check it out. 11/27/2002 10016
Bryants Bldg (1028) Upper locker rooms Test sheet rock for ACM and paint for lead. Contact Dennis to make arrangements for access and to identify exact locations. Please test within the next 24 hours. Thanks! 6/6/2002 9514
Bryants Bldg (1028) UWPD comm. Test flooring, walls, base paint. 8/28/2002 9730
Bryants Bldg (1028) Various electrical panels throughout building Please have consultant take samples of electrical wiring at the Bryant Building. Take samples as required. No wiring has been disturbed. Please contact Peter Atkinson 3-4314, cell 206-954-4956, or Ben Munroe, cell 206-993-5362. 5/30/2001 8470
Bryants Bldg (1028) Various locations Please test paint samples for lead. Contact Dennis Fields for details. 12/13/2000 7970
Bryants Bldg (1028) various rooms to be occupied by seattle fire dept Please complete a good faith survey of the 2nd floor rooms that will be temporarily occupied by the Seattle Fire Dept. A walkthrough of these locations was completed on 5/11 with D. Fields, H. Hughes, P. Atkinson and S. Rastegar. 5/30/2001 8450
Burke Museum (1278) 2nd floor hall Test wiring insulation for ACM. 4/3/2000 7277
Burke Museum (1278) Cubicle 023E in suite 023 Please check the rubber base mastic on the CMU block walls in the last cubicle of room 023 (cubicle 023E). Check the lead paint on the CMU block partition of 023E. Call Landon with any questions. Call Judi Sterling to 3-2525 to arrange access to area. 3/8/2002 9249
Burke Museum (1278) Double doors to room 200 Please check both doors of stair 3 going into room 200 for asbestos fire core. 9/18/2000 7731
Burke Museum (1278) Room 29 Project is to remove large concrete fish tank in room and level floor to floor drain. Please check floor tile, floor tile mastic, base mastic and wall paint above fish tank. We are aware of the asbestos pipe lagging and don't intend to disturb it duing demolition. We would like to remove this tank next week sometime. Is it possible to have tests back by April 30? Thanks! 4/29/2002 9403
Burke Museum (1278) Suite 206 Please take samples of the following listed items. Samples are located in the large lab room in 206. The wall that is not ceiling height that has a fume hood and sinks in it has most of the plumbing chases to the room below. Samples need to be taken from this wall from the side where the stainless sinks are located. These sinks will be removed and the drywall cut open to sleeve and seal the pipe runs in the chase.

1) Drywall and joint compound of this wall.
2) Rubber base mastic.

Call Landon if questions arise. Access can be arranged through Judi Sterling at 3-2525.
5/3/2001 8626
Burke Museum (1278) Suite 206 Please take samples of the following listed items. Samples are located in the large lab room in 206. The wall that is not ceiling height that has a fume hood and sinks in it has most of the plumbing chases to the room below. Samples need to be taken from this wall from the side where the stainless sinks are located. These sinks will be removed and the drywall cut open to sleeve and seal the pipe runs in the chase.

1) Drywall and joint compound of this wall.
2) Rubber base mastic.

Call Landon if questions arise. Access can be arranged through Judi Sterling at 3-2525.
5/3/2001 8391
Canoe House (1187) Outside windows and doors Test the window putty at various locations for asbestos. Jim, Saeid and Mike have walked this job. 5/16/2002 9438
Cer + Met Arts (1129) 109A Survey for room demo including electrical lighting, power mech heater, and duct work. 3/27/2000 7240
Cer + Met Arts (1129) Back of the building, west side Test putty for asbestos. Broken window 23 inches x 47 inches. 8/1/2002 9666
CHDD Clinic (1219) 273 SE corner wall socket. Sample vermiculite material in wall socket. 9/10/2001 8721
CHDD Clinic (1219) CD-256, 258, 260, 261, 459 I need a composite survey on the plasterboard walls for the purpose of getting below 1% asbestos. I will be doing some work in all of the rooms, removing sinks, shelves, counters, and window frames. I hope to start the work the week of March 11th, please turn around by Tuesday of next week 03/12/02. 3/13/2002 9277
CHDD Clinic (1219) Room 246 Test glue spots on north wall for ACM. 12/31/2001 9067
CHDD Clinic (1219) T-258/260/261 The carpenter shop needs job site to be monitored for less than 1% asbestos. Thursday morning 7:30 CHDD 258 3/21/02. This request is urgent due to the unavailability of EH&S to monitor. 3/21/2002 9323
CHDD School (1354) 150B Check door for ACM. 3/21/2000 7272
CHDD School (1354) CD101 See attached drawing. 9/19/2000 7719
CHDD School (1354) CHDD 127 Test carpet in CD 127 for mold growth. Department claims that smell is caused by mold growth either in or on carpet. Water damage was mostly inside main door to room and out side hallway 10/1/2002 9840
CHDD School (1354) Room 150 Please perform a HAZMAT survey in room 150 of CHDD. Carpet and resilient base mastic had been surveyed in 1998. (Work Order No. S-0913) Contact Somchai Suwiwattanakul at (206) 221-4329 for drawings of the area and details. 5/22/2002 9433
CHDD South (1220) SB116 I would like a room survey done on the rooms in this work order. WE will be removing wall covering, lights, electrical, patching and painting. I need survey for both Asbestos and Lead. ..... D. Garbareno 11/19/2002 10002
Chem Library Bldg (1279) 106 Sample window putty. 2/16/2000 7176
Chem Library Bldg (1279) 125 Test loose floor tiles for ACM. 5/3/2000 7419
Chem Library Bldg (1279) 149, 153 Sample common wall for demo. 8/19/2002 9715
Chem Library Bldg (1279) 27, 29, 1005 Test for: demolish existing piping. Reconnect to lab system piping. 7/18/2000 7596
Chem Library Bldg (1279) NW corner off Stevens Way Test the putty on this broken window for asbestos. Marked with tape. 9/5/2001 8695
Chem Library Bldg (1279) Room 128 custodial closet Loose asbestos in pipe chase and check material used to seal around service sink valve. 7/27/2001 8594
Chemistry Blg (1108) 02 Counter tops in chem. labs are in question for asbestos content. The plumbers need to drill holes for eyewash. I have a bit in my office for your use to drill a pilot hole, and test for asbestos. 8/14/2002 9709
Chemistry Blg (1108) 205A, 305A, 405A HVAC Remodel - new dehumidifier, new duct runs and connections to existing ducts and miscellaneous demolition. Set of drawings included for reference. Call requester for a walk thru. 11/20/2001 8928
Chemistry Blg (1108) ACC basement, tunnel and Chemistry basement Test areas where conduit, panels and transformers are being installed. Call requestor for walkthrough. Drawings are being forwarded by mail. 8/6/2001 8569
Clark Hall (1178) 204 Cut new doorway into kitchen area and build new wall for office. 11/2/2001 8909
Clark Hall (1178) 205 Test window for lead paint. 5/22/2000 7428
Clark Hall (1178) Exterior brick and joints Test exterior brick and grout joints in various places for lead and asbestos content. 10/18/2001 8852
Commodore-Duchess (1152) Garages (both) Check roofs for asbestos. 5/2/2000 7319
Communications (1161) 100, 104, 125, 125A, 127 Please test for lead paint in the rooms listed above. Also test green glaze on the block wall and test for asbestos at the rubber base in all rooms listed above. A copy of the floor plan has been faxed to the Asbestos Coordinator office.Please test for lead paint in the rooms listed above. Also test green glaze on the block wall and test for asbestos at the rubber base in all rooms listed above. A copy of the floor plan has been faxed to the Asbestos Coordinator office. 7/19/2002 9633
Communications (1161) 104, 118 Please perform a good faith survey in room 104, to include the area above the ceiling. Room 104 has already been tested for lead paint. Also test for lead paint on the north wall of room 118. Please contact me, via my pager (206-559-9210), before sampling. 9/25/2002 9788
Communications (1161) 126B Test for lead door jamb and green wall paint. 11/18/1999 6973
Communications (1161) 226 Sample and test cove base and mastic, floor tile and mastic. Need ASAP. 9/12/2001 8694
Communications (1161) 242 Test electrical wiring in J Box of electrical fixture. 6/13/2000 7528
Communications (1161) 242, 236 Survey for asbestos and lead. 5/15/2000 7365
Communications (1161) 332 Test walls for lead 11/16/1999 6962
Condon Hall (1124) Center entrance Test window glazing for ACM prior to repair by 53GLAZ. Contact Mike Larson @ 543-3328 or 849-2496 for exact location and details.
24-hour turnaround please.
8/26/2002 9732
Condon Hall (1124) Pump room in lower mech room south Test for ACM lagging at main building water header. Contact Dennis for exact location and details. 3/28/2001 8276
Condon Hall (1124) Room 411 Cut opening for door in N wall of room 411 --
Test paint, wallboard, and rubber base

Jim says base and lead test only needed. Jim says no asbestos on wallboard.
10/30/2000 7848
Condon Hall (1124) Stairways throughout building with firedoors Please check stairway firedoors throughout building for ACM. Contact Bob Carlson @ 616-0591 for locations and details if necessary. 10/30/2000 7840
Conibear Shellhse (1166) 2nd floor main office hall Sample floor tile & mastic. 5/5/2000 7371
Conibear Shellhse (1166) Dining room Test putty on broken window leading to the outside deck. 37 x 74 inches. 10/1/2001 8755
Conibear Shellhse (1166) Glass Atrium between new and old building Please check window glazing in the large plate glass windows in the middle atrium section. Doors in this area have restricted access due to earthquake damage to the windows. Need to know status of glazing for immediate removal. 4/28/2001 8399
Conibear Shellhse (1166) Mech room Need to check for lead in paint coming off the walls in mech room. If it is lead will need it cleaned up. 5/8/2002 9444
Consol Laundry (1052) 2901 27th Avenue, Seattle Please survey the pre-existing elevator shaft, perimeter area, elevator mechanical room and the area of ceiling of the first floor diagonally between the elevator mechanical room and the elevator shaft for both lead and asbestos.
Work to be completed in the next two weeks (approximately 29 March)
Please provide a Good Faith Survey and letter.
Thank you,
Elena Friedman
4/3/2001 8278
Corp Yard 2 - retired
Test street light poles for lead paint. 3/20/2000 7246
Cunningham Hall (1183) 216 Please perform a good faith survey of the room. Remodel work in the area begins 6/18/02. 6/6/2002 9486
Cunningham Hall (1183) 305,100 Survey vat, walls, wiring, pipe insulation 3/28/2000 7020
Denny Hall (1181) 123 Please test the wall to the immediate left of the entry door to Rm.123 (West Wall) where we are cutting in a new door. This is for lead and asbestos. Thanks Carl M. 8/14/2002 9699
Denny Hall (1181) 124 See emailed drawings sheets M1 and E1. 5/30/2002 9482
Denny Hall (1181) Attic Request a good faith survey of the central and north sections of the attic area of Denny Hall. 5/3/2001 8378
Denny Hall (1181) Attic Sample hot water recirculation piping. 9/26/2000 7756
Denny Hall (1181) Hall outside of room 111 Please test for asbestos in dust above ceiling. 10/1/2001 8757
Denny Hall (1181) Hall outside room 115 Sample ceiling materials, tile and mastic, floor tile and mastic, wall paint and plaster. Scope of work to include demo of hard ceiling to build communication closet 5' x 8' -6" from floor to structure in hall outside room 115. 9/10/2001 8679
Denny Hall (1181) Left of front of bldg. Rms 117F and 117D Test two window, cracked, for asbestos. 16 x 18 inches. 11/20/2001 8955
Denny Hall (1181) Room 114 Test putty on broken window 14" x 18" for asbestos. 1/16/2001 8043
Denny Hall (1181) Room 117 Sample door jambs for asbestos-containing material. 24-hour turnaround. 12/18/2001 9013
Denny Hall (1181) Rooms 117, 402, 406 and 406A Demo all 8" partitions with in room 117, cap gas and air lines. Saw cut new door opening from hall to room 117B, build floor to ceiling partition in room 117, patch and paint. Patch and paint room 402. 406 and 406A, replace carpet in 402. 11/8/2001 8880
Denny Hall (1181) Rooms 138 & 140 Remove sinks and cap off plumbing, remove all built-in casework. Patch and paint all surfaces within rooms 138 and 140. Provide and install carpet for room 140. 11/8/2001 8879
Douglas Rsch Consv (1103) 103, 103A, 112A, 112B, 112C Good faith survey for the following:
See attached plan. Inspection section inside yellow mark.
Room 103 - project required work above ceilng.
Room 112A - project required demolition of heater fan unit, adjust light fixtures, provide/install new air ducts.
Room112B - provide new electrical conduits, provide/install new air ducts, HVAC units conduits.
Room 112C - provide/install new air duct connected to room 103.
Room 112 - air duct connection between rooms 103 and 112C.
12/27/2000 7961
Douglas Rsch Consv (1103) Near shop area Please perform a good faith survey. I would like to walk this area prior to testing. Project begins 6/18/02. 6/6/2002 9485
Eagleson Hall (1140) 001 Provide good faith letter for abatement. See consultant work order 7870 (Clayton task 268) and Prezant survey book. 12/10/2000 7957
Eagleson Hall (1140) 001 Test for lead paint.
Please do by 11/2/00 afternoon.
11/3/2000 7870
Eagleson Hall (1140) 010J, 100R, 1st floor east entrance, 200J Replace existing light fixtures at room 200J and 1st floor east entrance; install new outdoor light fixtures in room 100R, and at basement entrance as shown in drawing E2. 3/4/2002 9227
Eagleson Hall (1140) Door 3 - outside entrance Check outside entrance of door 3 for ACM. 8/16/2000 7692
Eagleson Hall (1140) Room 005 in basement Test wallboard and wallboard mastic, paint, rubber base mastic and door jamb grout for asbestos in room 005. If needed, contact Carl Johansen at 543-3477 for location. If needed, contact Mary Wood at 543-7974 or Chris Moore at 616-5273 in Eagleson Hall for a key. 11/11/2001 8888
Eagleson Hall (1140) Stairway #2, Basement level Within the next day or two, please test door for ACM. 3/26/2002 9319
Edmundson Pavilion (1195) Entry doors, NW ground flr of BOAA Test for lead/asbestos/hazardous materials at location shown, (NW side of BOAA center 1st level exterior door).
Contact Katherine Ward (filling in for Landon Conrad) with results by phone 321-1497.
2/20/2001 8176
EE-CSE (1008) 117D, 120 Test window putty in 117D and floor tile in 120. 1/13/2000 7078
EE-CSE (1008) B1 mech room Sample hot water line leaking insulation on it. 2/5/2001 8134
Engineering Annex (1182) 201, 205 Test putty on outside windows. 7/6/2000 7588
Engineering Annex (1182) various Engineering Annex/Mechanical Engineering rooms 150, 126, 127, 128, 129, G32, 140, 254
Sample for: wall demo
8/18/2000 7641
Engineering Annex (1182) West side of engineering annex Earthquake. Test broken windows for asbestos 46 each 9 x 16 inches. General test in several locations. 3/9/2001 8218
Env Safety Off Bld (1017) South side Project will need expertise on possible hazard from mold and fungus that is growing out of siding. Request is to replace & repair building siding that has deteriorated from water entering building. Could be hazard when working on this project. Testing needs to be performed on mold and fungus growth to determine if a possible hazard. 10/16/2002 9849
Ethnic Cult Ctr (1292) Chicano Sample floor tiles and adhesive. 6/13/2000 7507
Faculty Center (1144) Patio area Take sample of window putty in at least 6 places 5/22/2002 9464
Fish Teach & Rsch (1104) 213 Sink undercoating sampling. Ignore lead sampling. 8/12/2002 9691
Fish Teach & Rsch (1104) Room 213 Sample mastic on base of fume hood. Please do as soon as possible, not an emergency. Results needed by October 23, 2002. 10/21/2002 9927
Fisheries Center (1163) 003, 021 Test for asbestos:
1. Floor tiles
2. Ceiling tiles
3. Cove mastic
9/29/2000 7781
Fisheries Center (1163) 102N Check cabinets and walls for lead paint. 1/31/2001 8084
Fisheries Center (1163) 186 Test 5 plumbing fittings for ACM. 8/7/2000 7643
Fisheries Center (1163) Basement Contact Rick for site location. Fall plaster, check for possible ACM residue. 5/2/2002 9427
Fisheries Center (1163) Penthouse wellwater We have two silver painted valve that may have lead in it, off the upper penthouse wellwater tanks. We need this tested for lead before we can pull these apart. 4/2/2002 9342
Fisheries Center (1163) Rms M002 to M005 & M011,13,15,17,19, (W side bldg) Please conduct a survey on these rooms for removal of partitions, base mastic, tile mastic, and piping in the overhead. Any plasterboard walls for removal of cabinets. 1/24/2001 8049
Fisheries Center (1163) Roof Test for asbestos in roofing. Need by July 28. 7/31/2000 7637
Fisheries Center (1163) Room 132 and site Provide estimate and receive approval from Ivan Turner before beginning with survey.
Conduct a hazardous material survey of Room 132 of the Fisheries Center Bldg. Also survey all six outside rectangular raceways (approximately 6? x 32? x 5?) and two 16? circular tanks approximately 5? deep.
6/13/2002 9512
Fisheries Center (1163) Room 224 Please give us a good faith survey on this room. We are taking out the sinks and cutting into the door for a new lock. We are also going to hang shelves on the walls, please check these also. The work is scheduled for the start of next month. 11/14/2000 7890
Fisheries Center (1163) Room 248/250 I would like the plaster board wall between the two tested, the carpet mastic in room 250, base mastic (both rooms) Paint for lead and any piping that appears frayed (ceiling). 1/23/2001 8040
Fisheries Center (1163) Room 486 The work order is to remove upper and lower cabinets and patch floor. Cabinets have a sink with a black coating and the wall behind will need to be cut into, cabinets have cove base. Please check for asbestos. 11/14/2000 7872
Fisheries Center (1163) various Samples in ceiling space and walls along corridors where fluorescent light fixtures will be retroffited with emergency battery pack in the following buildings:
Fisheries Center (Bldg. No.157).

Please call requestor for a walkthru in the said buildings.
7/6/2001 8539
Fishery Sciences (1357) 234 Good faith letter. 7/20/2000 7594
Fluke Hall (1111) 235 Survey for asbestos and lead. 3/9/2000 7199
Fri Hrb Dining Hall (1495) Fernald labs, labs Survey and provide a good faith letter for asbestos and lead containing material that will be impacted by the scope of work shown on attached drawings G1, M1, M2, M3, M4 and E1. Also survey the gaskets in and around the control and shut off valves in the contral valve manhole. Contact Don English (206-616-0756) at Friday Harbor for walk through. 8/9/2001 8579
Gerberding Hall (1164) 142 Gerb Room 142, please test mastic behind wall mounted plywood panels for asbestos. I would like this to be a 2 hr turnaround. Any questions please page Donna Thompson at 559-9210. 11/22/2002 10028
Gerberding Hall (1164) 1st, 2nd, Basement Sample areas where water damage occurred for potential asbestos and lead. 11/13/2002 9995
Gerberding Hall (1164) 301 copy Check plaster for asbestos & lead. 4/11/2000 7307
Gerberding Hall (1164) 400 Sample window putty. 6/15/2000 7536
Gerberding Hall (1164) Adjacent room 448 Survey for asbestos in the open area between rooms 448 and 444A where we will be installing a new wall. Check the base mastic, ceiling tile mastic, ceiling tile, drywall/plaster in the area and electrical wiring to the lighting. Glazing is postive, but we are not working on this aspect. Flooring is negative from earlier reports. Call if any questions. Thanks! 1/16/2002 9090
Gerberding Hall (1164) Hallway across from room 405 Please sample wall plaster and base mastic in hall across from room 401. We will be cutting a new door way through the block wall into the copy room to eliminate people walking through the office across from 405. Sample both sides of wall and base mastic. Call for further information if necessary! 3/5/2002 9225
Gerberding Hall (1164) Men's rest room 3rd floor Check the wallboard at the urinal for asbestos. 8/19/2002 9716
Gerberding Hall (1164) Regents room Test three broken windows in the Regents room for asbestos in the putty. 6/10/2002 9502
Gerberding Hall (1164) Room #340C (see attached dwg) Room #340C: Sample/test needed on tackboard's screws and walls. Lead test on paint. (See attached drawing.) 2/7/2001 8104
Gerberding Hall (1164) Room 225 Please survey room 225 for possible hazardous materials. Exclude window glazing. This is known quantity and abatement has been scheduled. Carpet is not being disturbed so mastics need not be tested. Check drywall and any other possibilities. 10/1/2001 8756
Gerberding Hall (1164) Room 240 HVAC remodel - new packaged rooftop unit, new ductwork, miscellaneous demolition. Included a set of drawings for reference. Call requester to schedule time and a walk thru. 3/5/2002 9202
Gerberding Hall (1164) Room 80 Please provide good faith asbestos and lead survey per onsite discussion this date.
Please coordinate access to space with Helen MacQueen at the Office of Research, 3-5146.
If additional information from Design Services is required, contact Rudy Maynard at 1-4332.
7/9/2002 9578
Gerberding Hall (1164) Rooms 156 & 240 Check mastic of the red linolium that is under the carpet in room 240. Linolium has been checked in the past and is clean. Check the wall in room 156 to the right as you enter the room. We are attaching conduit above ceiling grid for telecommunications. 9/5/2001 8687
Gerberding Hall (1164) Suite 22 Install heat pump in NW corner (nook) of room 022L. Core drill down to basement for water pipes. Core drill into tunnel from basement B009. Install duct and grilles in room 022k per plan. Install new door in room 022l per plan. 1/30/2001 8065
Gerberding Hall (1164) various Call requester for walk-through. Routing conduit down corridors, above drop ceilings and core drilling. See attached plans. 9/28/2000 7712
Gilman Building (1051) Floor 1 unisex restroom Need to cut into wallboard where the p-trap goes into wall under sink.
Gilman Building address: 4725 30th Avenue NE
4/19/2002 9388
Gilman Building (1051) Loading dock Take a sample of the sheetrock. 5/16/2002 9467
Gould Hall (1135) 348B Please test ceiling tile for ACM prior to removal/replacement by carpenter as discussed between Jim Lukehart and Jim Ritter. Jim Ritter can be reached via the SW Maintenance Desk at 543-5677. 10/17/2001 8854
Gould Hall (1135) 425 Inspect ceiling. 7/9/2000 7587
Gould Hall (1135) 435 Please check water-damaged ceiling tile which has been removed from room 435 for ACM. Please contact Dennis for location of sample tile to be tested. 5/24/2002 9479
Gowen Hall (1201) 109 Sample floor tile and mastic, base and mastic, gypsum, and taping mud for ACM. Sample wall for lead. 5/3/2000 7360
Gowen Hall (1201) 218 custodial closet Sample pipe insulation. 6/8/2000 7502
Gowen Hall (1201) 48 Test wall paint for lead. 9/25/2002 9780
Gowen Hall (1201) Room 123 Build a wall floor to ceiling just passed the entry to womens rest room, test wall materials, floor tile and mastic, ceiling material and mastic. 9/10/2001 8688
Graves Annex Bldg (1275) 315A Sample spray on beam above ceiling above copier. 5/23/2000 7460
Graves Hall (1149) 105C Test floor tile and mastic for ACM. Test for lead in gypsum wall board in room 105. 12/4/1999 6998
Graves Hall (1149) Room 239 Please sample the following for hazardous materials in computer server room 239 Graves Building:
Acoustic glue-on ceiling tile.
Ceiling tile mastic.
Wall board on north wall above existing AC unit.
Wall board on east door wall.
Check for lead paint on both above mentioned walls.

Note: Access to this room is by combination lock. Julianne Jaz can give access or the computer staff in the adjacent office can also provide access.
4/25/2001 8345
Grounds Maintenance Area 8 (708) Plant Services room 247 Check for asbestos content of boiler insulation. The unit is an old boiler used by Sterling Luke for pressure washing. The unit is currently lcoated in the small engine repair shop located in room 247 of Plant Services. Call me with questions: 255-5902. 10/17/2001 8826
Guggenheim Hall (1198) 206 Demo per sheet A2. 6/13/2000 7467
Guggenheim Hall (1198) 2nd floor auditorium entrance Please test chipping paint in the entrance to 2nd floor Auditorium. Please take additional samples on the 2nd floor. 2/1/2002 9178
Guggenheim Hall (1198) 317 Test window glazing to repair of broken window. 12/17/2001 8994
Guggenheim Hall (1198) 3rd floor restroom Good faith survey. 9/5/2001 8684
Guggenheim Hall (1198) 3rd floor restroom Please sample black pipe lagging exposed during construction. See plumbers on site. 8/28/2001 8670
Guthrie Annex 2 (1280) 202D Check putty on broken window for ACM. 1/4/2000 7050
Guthrie Annex 2 (1280) R223 Ceiling tile has fallen. Test for ACM ASAP. 7/9/2000 7584
Guthrie Annex 2 (1280) Room 101 Please test the floor tiles and glue. 11/14/2000 7873
Guthrie Annex 2 (1280) Room 221 Sample. 5/8/2001 8371
Guthrie Annex 3 (1169) South side of bldg. Test cracked window putty for asbestos. 54 x 40. 11/20/2001 8956
Guthrie Annex 3 (1169) Various Sample for asbestos and lead for the following rooms 106, 120,204, 118, 205, 103, 114, 106a, 106b,116, 206 and 112. 11/19/2002 9997
Guthrie Annex 4 (1319) Crawl space Please provide survey of asbestos and rat droppings under Guthrie Annex 4. We are going to have a conduit installed under the building (crawl space) alont the west wall of the crawl space. IS there asbestos or rodent droppings? IF so we need an estimate for the abatement along the west wall of the crawl space. Contact Ken Oakman for further information. 7/16/2002 9606
Guthrie Annex 4 (1319) Exterior Take 4 random lead samples, 2 from south side exterior, and 2 from west side exterior. Send results to Brad. 2/14/2002 9189
Guthrie Annex 4 (1319) Hallways Please check and test the wall muds for asbestos. 2/20/2001 8161
Guthrie Hall (1134) 28 (basement shops) Good faith letter for basement shops remodel. 5/31/2000 7390
Guthrie Hall (1134) 409, 409A Sample walls for asbestos and lead. See attached drawing. 9/29/2000 7766
Guthrie Hall (1134) Room 10 Build new walls floor to ceiling, replace carpeting. 12/17/2001 9002
Guthrie Hall (1134) Room 28 Asbestos testing/clarification that sampling of existing ductwork insulation, H/C water piping insulation that are to be demo'd this week . Lead paint on piping to be demo'd this week - clarification on handling for Contractor. Contractor contact is Rick @ 425.864.5656 for Regency NW for addl. information onsite. There is urgency in the resolution of these items. 1/31/2001 8116
Guthrie Hall (1134) various Samples in ceiling space and walls along corridors where fluorescent light fixtures will be retroffited with emergency battery pack in the following buildings:
Guthrie Hall (Bldg. N. 235)

Please call requestor for a walkthru in the said buildings.
6/29/2001 8533
Haggett Hall (1147) 706 South tower Please test wall where bookshelf is mounted to for ACM and lead as per my conversation with Jim Lukehart ASAP! This is an urgent request. 10/4/2000 7798
Haggett Hall (1147) AS5 Survey for new receptacles, lights, and data outlets, etc. 5/15/2000 7351
Haggett Hall (1147) Dining room Test ceiling tiles for ACM prior to replacement by shop 16CARP. Please do this within the next couple of days. Thanks! 11/2/2001 8890
Haggett Hall (1147) Hallway door adjacent to room 663 Please test this door for ACM prior to repair work by carpenter. Please do within the next day or two. Thanks! 4/29/2002 9419
Haggett Hall (1147) Hallway door near room 251 Please check door for ACM prior to repair work by carpenter within the next day or two. 7/5/2002 9598
Haggett Hall (1147) Kitchen Sample floor tile & mastic in front of soup kettles. 5/9/2000 7348
Haggett Hall (1147) Main dining rooms DS005 and DN005 Test walls for asbestos. Test the North wall of DS005 and the South wall of DN005. The existing wall cabinets will be removed and the walls will be opened for plumbing modifications. See attached drawings or call Jim L. for the locations. 5/14/2002 9461
Haggett Hall (1147) Near Custodial Office, Level K, South of Kitchen Please check door for ACM prior to repair work by 16CARP. Adjacent to Custodial Office, Level K, South of Kitchen. 11/27/2002 10020
Haggett Hall (1147) Near room 551 Please check fire door for ACM within the next day or two prior to repair work by carpenter. 6/3/2002 9437
Haggett Hall (1147) North lobby Check ceiling tile in the Haggett lobby for ACM. Contact Larry Selleck with results ASAP and for exact location if necessary. Thanks! 11/1/2002 9955
Haggett Hall (1147) Rick's Café 1. Test mastic behind rubber base around countertop cabinets for ACM.
2. Check space above suspended ceiling for possible presence of ACM that might present issues when working in this space.
Per Jim Lukehart, please take pictures when inspecting space above ceiling.

Please complete inspection and testing within the next day or two. Thanks!
1/31/2002 9143
Haggett Hall (1147) Rick's Café Please test floor tile for ACM in Rick's Café. Contact Dennis for location and access at 543-5652 or 391-7225 (cellular). 1/23/2002 9134
Haggett Hall (1147) South tower, floor G1 game room Please test ceiling tiles in this room for ACM. Note that there are two different types of ceiling tile. 6/14/2001 8504
Haggett Hall (1147) South tower, plaza and kitchen levels Please test ceiling tiles for ACM. Contact Randy Nunez @ 559-2645 (pager) for exact location and details. 5/11/2001 8426
Haggett Hall (1147) Top of stairway 9 Test door at the top of stairway 9 for ACM. Please contact Alan Brown @ 994-1359 or Dennis Fields prior to arrival at Haggett. There are two other doors he would like you to look at on seperate work orders in the same general area. 4/6/2001 8310
Haggett Kitchen - retired Upper garage ceiling Sample fallen ceiling material for ACM in upper level. 8/14/2000 7660
Hall Health Ctr (1203) 101 Sample material 8/3/2000 7650
Hall Health Ctr (1203) 101, 101A & 105 Test these rooms for any hazardous materials, walls, floors, carpet, wall base, doors, inside of walls & chases, ceilings and above ceilings.....major demo work will take place in these rooms exposing areas now hidden.... 3/17/2001 8222
Hall Health Ctr (1203) 224 Check window for ACM. 1/4/2000 7049
Hall Health Ctr (1203) Room 105 Please check adhesive in what was room 105 where carpet was installed and now removed. The darker pad glue might be asbestos containing. 4/19/2001 8361
Hall Health Ctr (1203) Room 327 Test the floor tile and the mastic for the base in room 327, for possible asbestos. The base and the tack strip holding down the carpet are to be removed... 3/28/2001 8252
Hall Health Ctr (1203) Room 8 Please test the concrete wall to the right of the door as you enter room 8 for lead content and asbestos. Plan is to cut a sliding reception window into this location. 10/23/2001 8853
Hall Health Ctr (1203) Rooms 116, 112, 116a, 106, 108, 114 Test the designated rooms for hazardous materials ....please test the doors, walls, cove base, carpet and mastic..these rooms will have future remodeling projects done in them, involving the removal of the carpet, carpet base, painting of walls, removal of doors, and possible work involving the tile floors. 4/2/2001 8256
Hall Health Ctr (1203) Various rooms, 1st and ground floors Test for possible hazardous materials in the adhesive of the wall/floor base, which is to be removed.... 3/7/2001 8223
Hansee Hall (1204) Austin Hall, F2, in alcove adjacent to Men's Room Please take a core sample of the wall where the drinking fountain has been removed and test for ACM. The location is in the alcove of the hallway adjacent to the Men's Room on the second floor of Austin Hall. Please contact Dennis if you have trouble finding the location. If possible, do first thing Thursday, September 13. Dennis' cell phone is 391-7225. 9/25/2001 8740
Hansee Hall (1204) Stair A3 Please core test wall for ACM prior to plumber opening to repair leak as discussed with Jim Lukehart.
Contact Jim Lukehart for exact location of test.
4/22/2002 9396
Harborview Medical Center (1328) 1EC 31 (First floor, south wing) Please inspect above hard lid ceiling in room where demo. of ceiling and cementitious wall are to occur. Some pipe insulation is suspect. May turn into a work order. 11/16/2001 8947
Harborview Medical Center (1328) 4EH 13 Testing for ACM on the following:
Sheet vinyl and mastic in bathroom.
VCT/ACT and mastic in patient room.
Ceiling tile in patient room.
Estimate for removing sheet vinyl, floor tile, and ceiling system.
6/14/2002 9541
Harborview Medical Center (1328) 5EH 53 men's patient bathroom/shower room Testing of tile taken by Clayton on 11/28/00. 12/19/2000 7983
Harborview Medical Center (1328) BEH 33-Basement East Hospital-ES closet Testing of tile taken by Clayton. 12/19/2000 7982
Harborview Medical Center (1328) BEH19 Sample loose tiles. Adhesive has failed on raised floor used for Space Saver Storage units.
We want to remove tiles so that movable units do not jump tracks.
This is in a sterile storage room for the OR.
12/19/2000 7951
Harris Hydraulics (1186) 309E Sample shelf standard screw connection to wall. 8/1/2000 7627
Harris Hydraulics (1186) 321, 321A, stair top, balcony Check ceiling, windows, walls, base mastic, floor for ACM. Check paint for lead. 5/31/2000 7454
Harris Hydraulics (1186) 323, 309E Test window putty for asbestos 6/28/2000 7576
Harris Hydraulics (1186) 336 Please test window putty and caulk between frame and brick for asbestos. 4/2/2002 9329
Henderson Hall (1154) 104, 106, 106A, 108 Pipe insulation, joint compound on GWB, window putty, paint, etc. as necessary in affected areas shown on attached drawing. 4/29/2001 8338
Henderson Hall (1154) 305A, 303, 307 West exterior wall Inspect area along west wall in rooms 305A, 303, 307. Metal shroud is covering asbestos covered piping. Need estimate on removing shroud and asbestos insulation. 9/14/2000 7739
Henderson Hall (1154) 318, W wing Test putty on windows. 6/28/2000 7555
Henderson Hall (1154) 406B Check core of the door to 406B Henderson. Page Octavio at 989-4981 for more information about the location. 11/1/2002 9963
Henderson Hall (1154) Basement and 2nd floor Provide specifications, air monitoring, and supervision for Public Works contractor. Abatement is not being done by the term contractor. University Mechanical has hired a subcontractor to do the required abatement. A survey was done by Clayton on Feburary 5th, 2002 under work order 9120. 4/29/2002 9417
Henderson Hall (1154) Basement, 2nd, 3rd floor Upgrade basement ventilation. Upgrade electrical system on lower floors and roof. See attached drawings (emailed). 2/5/2002 9120
Henderson Hall (1154) Room 010E and 003 in basement Test for lead as related to demolition of 72x14 supply duct just west of freight elevator as directed by Chris Ashe and Jim Lukehart. 48-hour turnaround. 6/3/2002 9475
Henderson Hall (1154) Room 524, west wing Please check putty for ACM around the large window with the window crank. 7/13/2001 8549
Henderson Hall (1154) Rooms 604, 606, 610A Please test one each window in the following rooms for asbestos content in the caulking. Rooms 604, 606, 610A 11/14/2001 8922
Hitchcock Hall (1324) 634 1. Check circ pump gasket on cooling tower for asbestos.
2. Check gasket material in the room for same.
10/4/2000 7801
Hitchcock Hall (1324) First floor hallway Work area of vent duct work has debris and friables from vertical beam. Please sample -- employee working area. 11/13/2000 7915
Hitchcock Hall (1324) Roof Test gasket material on fan 241-88-02-29 for ACM. See H Hughes for location. 9/29/2000 7777
Hitchcock Hall (1324) Rooms 523, 543, 544A Test for asbestos. 8/1/2002 9674
HSB - retired Shops area Test cove base mastic for asbestos.
Call Phil with results ASAP.
9/20/2000 7764
HSB-AA-Wing (1222) AA100B Install 1 compressor/fan units in A100C in ceiling. Tap existing exhaust duct and cut into return plenum and mount ductwork to each. Install 1 evaporator/fan unit in AA100B in ceiling. Reroute and provide new ductwork in room. Connect drain pipe to existing waste pipe in AA100C. Route refrigerant pipe from A100C through A100K, A100D, and AA100B. Connect to electrical power. See drawings. 5/30/2001 8424
HSB-AA-Wing (1222) AA-222 This work package is scheduled to start on Tuesday the 16th..Is there anyway I can get the walls tested for asbestos, I have to remove the cabinets. The only thing I might be disturbing is below the ceiling, gas and air lines, drain lines, water lines and the walls. Please let me know when this can be tested. Thanks. 1/9/2001 8032
HSB-AA-Wing (1222) AA310 Good faith survey of AA310. This needs to be done by Friday (2/15). Project is to start immediately after the survey. 2/25/2002 9215
HSB-AA-Wing (1222) AA-502/510 Please sample the rooms AA-502 and AA-510. I am removing walls, carpet, and ceiling tile. I would like a complete survey of all material above and below the ceiling. We are doing no piping, but are doing electrical work in the ceiling. 12/26/2001 9027
HSB-AA-Wing (1222) AA504 Remove casework, install new electrical and paint. Test walls for asbestos and lead. 4/19/2002 9399
HSB-AA-Wing (1222) Room 510 Test under carpet for asbestos. Materials beneath carpet - use destructive methods if necessary to sample both tile and mastic. 7/13/2001 8553
HSB-A-Wing (1221) 505, 507 Sample floor tile grout 1/6/2000 7056
HSB-BB-Wing (1223) 1044 walkin Asbestos samples on top of walkin box BB-1044 and the ceiling tiles in hallway next to walkin box BB-1044 at least for 6 feet in either directions. 10/8/2002 9838
HSB-BB-Wing (1223) 1120 Survey for cost estimate 1/27/2000 7061
HSB-BB-Wing (1223) 1120 Call for locations. Additional area added to 6748. Good faith survey done on 8/29. 11/22/1999 6955
HSB-BB-Wing (1223) 17th floor pump Sample pump 17-01-03 for ACM. 3/26/2002 9266
HSB-BB-Wing (1223) 203 Check room for potential asbestos-spill 12/15/1999 7034
HSB-BB-Wing (1223) 224G, 220 Survey for ACM in base mastic and carpet mastic. 4/3/2000 7255
HSB-BB-Wing (1223) 575 Test dust in chalkboard tray. 11/10/1999 6963
HSB-BB-Wing (1223) 667B, 667E, 667P Sample paint on walls and jambs for lead. 11/16/1999 6956
HSB-BB-Wing (1223) 667E, 667F, 667B Test carpet mastic and rubber base mastic for ACM. 1/27/2000 7136
HSB-BB-Wing (1223) 6th floor mechanical room, through small door Take bulk sample in BB Tower. Room through small door off of 6th floor mechanical room. 5/24/2002 9471
HSB-BB-Wing (1223) BB 1044/above ceiling Inspect ceiling above ceiling in room BB 1044 for contamination. Contractor will be installing piping to heat pump. 5/7/2002 9443
HSB-BB-Wing (1223) BB 2 stairwell - 1st floor hallway Test floor tile and mastic. 12/13/2000 7978
HSB-BB-Wing (1223) BB elevator -1 Floor tiles. 3/14/2002 9269
HSB-BB-Wing (1223) BB Tower 17th floor and others as shown Survey and provide a good faith letter for asbestos and lead containing material that would be impacted by the scope of work shown on attached drawings M1-M9, & E1 and E2. 12/26/2001 8938
HSB-BB-Wing (1223) BB-1324 Please survey the plaster board walls in the South east corner around the large stainless steel counter and sink, the pipe insulation on the pipes under the sink and the sink coating. We may need to patch the flooring when the counter and cabinets are removed, so please survey the tile and mastic. 11/2/2001 8871
HSB-BB-Wing (1223) BB1346 Air monitoring 13th floor directed by EH&S. 5/31/2002 9501
HSB-BB-Wing (1223) BB1346 Remove sink unit and cap outside wall, paint and patch floor where cabinet was. Sample walls and floor tile, mastic. 5/16/2002 9450
HSB-BB-Wing (1223) BB1404 and BB1602 Please perform good faith survey of both rooms. Also perform composite survey on walls for < 1% asbestos. This project will begin next Tuesday. I would like survey results back by Friday, 3/15/02. I have already spoken to Jim L about this one. 3/21/2002 9281
HSB-BB-Wing (1223) BB220A Need to test for lead and asbestos to build wall across center of existing room. Also a new door opening is to be cut into the CMU corridor wall. 6/24/2002 9560
HSB-BB-Wing (1223) BB361 Good faith survey for flooring repair outside BB361. Need by Thursday 9/27/01. 9/27/2001 8780
HSB-BB-Wing (1223) BB404 Remove sink in room BB404 and replace it with one from BB408. Frame, sheetrock, patch and paint after sink removal. 3/15/2002 9282
HSB-BB-Wing (1223) BB408 Build floor to ceiling partition wall. Sample wallboard, paint, floor tile, tile mastic, and rubber base mastic. 3/26/2002 9304
HSB-BB-Wing (1223) BB420/420A Open metal pan ceiling and move supply grill and fixture for partition wall, provide partition floor to ceiling grid. Paint all surfaces, carpet and base. Sample wallboard, floor tile and mastic, base mastic. 3/26/2002 9303
HSB-BB-Wing (1223) BB430 Need lead and asbestos testing inside room to build new wall and install new door and jamb. Also, ceiling will need to be opened up to move light fixture. 6/24/2002 9561
HSB-BB-Wing (1223) BB510 -- BB527 Please do a good faith survey for lead and asbestos in room BB510 and room BB527. Thanks C.M. 6/24/2002 9567
HSB-BB-Wing (1223) BB512 Please test wiring in wiremold mounted on west and east walls for possible asbestos. 8/3/2001 8611
HSB-BB-Wing (1223) BB512, 512, A, B, C, D Please perform a good faith survey for lead paint at walls/ceilings and for asbestos in the walls and floor materials. Please perform ASAP. I am available for a walk through. You refer to the faxed floor plan.
Also test sink undercoating (located in rooms 512, C and A).
6/13/2001 8510
HSB-BB-Wing (1223) BB514 Sample walls for lead and asbestos, we will be skim coating CMU walls and painting. Sample base and mastic, all case work to be removed. Room to be converted from lab to conferance room. 6/6/2002 9487
HSB-BB-Wing (1223) BB527G Remove light valence inside room BB527G and paint rooms BB527F and G. 2/15/2002 9149
HSB-BB-Wing (1223) BB-527N Please do a good faith survey. 9/6/2002 9761
HSB-BB-Wing (1223) BB642 Replace rubber base and carpte, sample base mastic, carpet mastic, floor tile and mastic. 2/27/2002 9222
HSB-BB-Wing (1223) BB-818 We are going to remove all the cabinets fron this room, I would like the walls, base, sink and any piping surveyed. I would also like the paint tested for lead. The floor tile should not be disturbed, but might be patched. 1/23/2001 8053
HSB-BB-Wing (1223) BB-904 Please do a good faith survey. I would like to have the survey ASAP. Thanks, Elin. 7/23/2002 9638
HSB-BB-Wing (1223) BB-915 Have ceilings above rooms in BB-915 and ceiling space in hallway directly outside of BB-915 inspected for clean. The ceiling space has recently been cleaned but has gone past the 60-day time period. 12/11/2001 9037
HSB-BB-Wing (1223) Loading dock Test loading dock material (pipe insulation) for asbestos. 6/22/2000 7550
HSB-BB-Wing (1223) Pipe chase floors 5 through 9 Survey pipe chase, floors 5 through 9. 4/8/2002 9357
HSB-BB-Wing (1223) Room BB915 and BB919 Provide a survey for lead and asbestos in these rooms.

Clean ceiling tile in these rooms as to provide access above the suspended ceiling.
5/9/2001 8339
HSB-B-Wing (1304) 150 Survey at N wall for lead paint and ACM floor tile and mastic. 1/21/2000 7094
HSB-B-Wing (1304) 181 Check wiring on fixture for ACM. 3/22/2000 7264
HSB-B-Wing (1304) 330 Test floor tile under carpet and pad for ACM. 8/8/2000 7653
HSB-B-Wing (1304) 530C Sample floor tile and mastic in room B530C. 6/1/2001 8492
HSB-B-Wing (1304) 530C, 530E Sample carpet mastic, rubber base, tile, mastic, walls, ceiling tiles, and fittings. 4/12/2000 7281
HSB-B-Wing (1304) Above tile outside B462 Need to test suspicious material laying on ceiling tile. 9/17/2001 8704
HSB-B-Wing (1304) B 416B Please perform good faith survey for lead paint and asbestos; paint, ceiling tiles, plenum area, gypsum wall board, mastics for rubber base, carpet, existing vct, and vct itself, for asbestos. Construction work in the area has been scheduled for 1/10/02. 1/11/2002 9080
HSB-B-Wing (1304) B400G, B407A-E Check mastic for the following material; carpet, floor tile, and rubber base. Check piping insulation in ceiling space below room B407E. (Contact Somchai for drawings of the area and the scope of alterations work). 10/26/2000 7806
HSB-B-Wing (1304) B509 Test floor tile and mastic for mold growth under drinking fountain at/near B 509. 10/3/2002 9870
HSB-B-Wing (1304) B530A, B530B Room #B530A: Sample/test needed on white plaster board and concrete compound adjacent to eletrical panel #BAB-2.

Room #B530B: Sample/test needed on ceiling compound.
11/14/2000 7900
HSB-C-Wing (1224) 104 Check gaskets on pump flanges for asbestos. Pump is labeled "pump 2" (middle pump in C104 mech room adjacent to chiller). 11/29/2001 8995
HSB-C-Wing (1224) 213 Test both doors for ACM. 5/22/2000 7398
HSB-C-Wing (1224) 414 suite Test carpet and pase, above ceiling, vinyl wall covering, and paint. 5/30/2000 7429
HSB-C-Wing (1224) C406 Check composition of walkin material for asbestos. The inner walkin has an access hole for sample removal. 2/6/2001 8114
HSB-C-Wing (1224) C-406 cold room Please test black counter top that was broken for asbestos. 9/14/2001 8728
HSB-C-Wing (1224) C414 Sample suspicious material. Ceiling tile. 10/16/2000 7826
HSB-C-Wing (1224) C-wing Room C212 This job requires new carpet and paint. Some shelves will be moved.
Testing will be needed for the carpet, base and wallboard if necessary, as well as lead paint.
Please check if there are 9x9 tiles below the carpet.
11/1/2000 7854
HSB-D-Wing (1328) 222, 224 Preparation of construction documents for ACM abatement, plans, & specifications. Clayton survey 7391. ACM includes: floor tiles, mastic, pipe fittings, wallboard, sink & counter undercoating, & cement board. Small public works contract to be bid 8/15/00. 1/19/2001 7668
HSB-D-Wing (1328) 222, 224 Good faith survey for remodel of dental labs. 6/1/2000 7391
HSB-D-Wing (1328) 248, hall Test ceiling tile, floor tile & mastic, rubber base & mastic, wiring, and paint. 2/14/2000 7127
HSB-D-Wing (1328) 301, 303, 307, 307A, 313 Check flooring & base for ACM. 4/11/2000 7305
HSB-D-Wing (1328) 336 Sample ACM left on piping. 2/2/2000 7149
HSB-D-Wing (1328) 418 Test sink and the mastic that secures the stainless steel top to the plywood. The area in question is directly in front of door as you enter the room. On the opposite wall to the right of door as entering there are some pipes under the counter that we are sure are asbestos wrapped. This does not need to be tested as we are not disturbing that area. 12/21/2001 9022
HSB-D-Wing (1328) 6th floor elevator 19 Sample outside freezer walkin by changing room door, ceiling mortar. 5/12/2000 7380
HSB-D-Wing (1328) 6th floor men's lounge Sample pipe insulation, dust and rafters, and mortar. 5/12/2000 7381
HSB-D-Wing (1328) 754 - 770 Survey. 2/10/2000 7115
HSB-D-Wing (1328) 7th floor Test fire safing around piping. 7/9/2000 7590
HSB-D-Wing (1328) Atrium - roof 2nd floor rotunda Sample suspect ACM board from hospital roof edge. 3/20/2001 8284
HSB-D-Wing (1328) D wing and F wing balconies Take samples (done prior to 7/5/01). 7/12/2001 8555
HSB-D-Wing (1328) D302G, D302Y, D310A Please perform good faith survey for asbestos and lead paint in rooms listed above. I am available for a walk through if necessary. 3/2/2001 8204
HSB-D-Wing (1328) D528 Test spray-on material above ceiling tile for asbestos - as per worker request. 12/22/2000 7997
HSB-D-Wing (1328) D529 Please check dust above ceiling tile -- dept says fine dust coming through vents next to lights. 10/23/2001 8870
HSB-D-Wing (1328) D582, D584, D578 Please perform a good faith survey in both rooms. Lead paint sampling only. 9/30/2002 9779
HSB-D-Wing (1328) D-wing 7th floor mens restroom Test sheetrock wall in mens restroom 7th floor in D-wing south building. 3/26/2002 9292
HSB-D-Wing (1328) Elevator car #19 Please test floor tile and mastic for asbestos. 2/23/2001 8193
HSB-D-Wing (1328) Rooms 222/224 Monitor Abatement Contractor (Long Services) throughout construction period. Review abatement submittals, etc. 6/8/2001 8497
HSB-E-Wing (1225) 4th floor E/F boundary Sample 7-8" of 12x9" ductwork marked with red crayon. 4 ceiling tiles at back door of Turner conference room. 12/8/1999 7009
HSB-E-Wing (1225) 5th floor pipe chase Sample pipe chase for suspected asbestos. Do TEM if necessary based on PBS's sampling results. 4/20/2001 8405
HSB-E-Wing (1225) E court Floor flooded by rain. Examine floor tiles and mastic to protect workers from ACM materials. 2/10/2002 9159
HSB-E-Wing (1225) E106 mechanics locker room Scope this room for ACM material. Estimate cost for encapsulation and containment to protect all parties. Please take (3) ea. dust samples in this room. 10/19/2000 7839
HSB-F-Wing (1226) 001 Test elevated walkway for ACM 5/12/2000 7392
HSB-F-Wing (1226) 3 Test ceiling mastic so new tile can be reglued. 12/20/1999 7018
HSB-F-Wing (1226) 303 Test for lead paint and sinks, ACM floor, base, and insulation. 1/17/2000 7085
HSB-F-Wing (1226) 307 Test for lead paint and sinks, ACM floor, base, and insulation. 1/17/2000 7084
HSB-F-Wing (1226) 318, 322 Test ceiling tile and mastic, pipe insulation, base adhesive, floor tiles, paint in wall separating room. 5/8/2000 7384
HSB-F-Wing (1226) 318, 322 Sample ceiling tile, pipe insulation, rubber base adhesive, floor tiles and adhesive. Test paint for lead. 3/31/2000 7258
HSB-F-Wing (1226) 461 Sample for carpet removal, wall drilling, and rubber base. Sample wall for lead. 1/13/2000 7069
HSB-F-Wing (1226) 538 Test TSI risers for ACM 5/17/2000 7421
HSB-F-Wing (1226) 6th floor F-Wing Test floor tile and mastic for asbestos. 12/4/2000 7958
HSB-F-Wing (1226) Carp. shop F-104 Examine and sample a door in the carpenter shop for possible ACMs. 1/23/2001 8068
HSB-F-Wing (1226) Elevator 119 Test floor tiles and mastic for asbestos. 10/1/2001 8770
HSB-F-Wing (1226) F wing elevator car 118 Please test floor tile and mastic for repair of flooring. 10/31/2001 8892
HSB-F-Wing (1226) F-204 mech room Hot water pump flange appears ACM.
ID #F-02-01-06
1/30/2001 8111
HSB-F-Wing (1226) F-357 Please check mastic on the rubber base and the carpet and also check for lead paint. Thanks. 7/23/2002 9641
HSB-F-Wing (1226) F412 Test wall board in restroom for asbestos fibers where urinals are off the wall. This restroom is in the man hallway of Health Science 4th floor. Please page Leon Norton for location pager # 206-994-3905. 3/28/2002 9318
HSB-F-Wing (1226) F-642 Please test material found in F-642 for asbestos content. 9/24/2002 9814
HSB-G-Wing (1227) 212 Test ceramic tile glue for ACM. Cost estimate. 5/3/2000 7394
HSB-G-Wing (1227) 317 - 301 Test for lead paint, ACM base, mastic, and floors. 1/17/2000 7082
HSB-G-Wing (1227) G dock Rush: abandoned doors on G dock to be tested for asbestos. 3/19/2002 9273
HSB-G-Wing (1227) G-117 I need the North wall plaster board tested for asbestos. The electricians need to hang raceway for outlets. This is the only thing I need tested at this time. 9/4/2002 9765
HSB-G-Wing (1227) G223 Check sheetrock above door G223 and west wall inside G223 for asbestos so plumbing shop can run chilled water and drain lines for new fan coil unit. 10/1/2001 8791
HSB-G-Wing (1227) G-304 Please test floor tile and mastic for asbestos. 1/4/2001 8024
HSB-H-Wing (1228) 101 B, C & G Please do a hazardous material survey for asbestos and lead in the three rooms indicated. Contact Landon Conrad for more information on the room surveys if needed. 7/30/2001 8586
HSB-H-Wing (1228) -2 level mechanical room Provide a lift station for existing building drain lines. Will be tapping into a rain water leader pipe and a vent pipe. 5/31/2001 8403
HSB-H-Wing (1228) 316-H Sample 9" x 9" floor tiles, floor leveling compound and mastic.
Contact Harley Hughes at 206-986-4182 pager.
10/26/2000 7843
HSB-H-Wing (1228) 512 Please sample the east wall to the left of the door in room 512 for hazardous materials. 10/8/2002 9847
HSB-H-Wing (1228) H - 503, 505, 507, 509, 511 I would like an asbestos survey done on the plasterboard walls, base mastic, floor tile and mastic, in the (5) rooms in the H-Wing: H-503, H-505, H-507, H-509, H-511 5/20/2002 9456
HSB-H-Wing (1228) H & I wings all floors Test floor tile and mastic. 3/14/2000 7242
HSB-H-Wing (1228) H101C Sound booth is H101C needs to be removed from the room. It has to be taken apart to remove the item. Please check to make sure that asbestos is not part of the sound insulation in the unit. The unit is not going to be reassembled so destructive testing is fine. 10/11/2001 8804
HSB-H-Wing (1228) H-326 Inspect autoclave in H326 for asbestos containing material. Unit is to be disposed of by contractors during remodel of space. Inform Jeff Johnson @ 3-4673 if asbestos containing material is found. 9/24/2002 9827
HSB-H-Wing (1228) H-418 The wall was opened and pipes were then exposed. One pipe is wrapped in insulation with hard fittings. I need these fittings tested. The hole is on the South wall of the construction area and the fittings are marked with a black marker by Jim Lukehart. This is a one day turn around. 10/31/2001 8887
HSB-H-Wing (1228) H-519 We are going to remove cabinets from walls distrurbing sheetrock, Possibly cutting plaster board to open a window. Walls to be effected are: East, South, West. Floor should remain intact. 11/14/2000 7891
HSB-H-Wing (1228) Roof Hazardous materials roof samples in area potentially impacted by Project 3447. 4/8/2002 9348
HSB-I-Wing (1300) 013, 021 Test paint on walls & ceiling for lead. Test base & mastic for ACM 4/25/2000 7357
HSB-I-Wing (1300) 013, 021 Test for lead and ACM in floors. 1/21/2000 7100
HSB-I-Wing (1300) 320 Floor to be sampled for possible asbestos. If results are positive, contractor will drill 4 marked holes for floor anchors. Contact requester for desired turnaround time. 6/21/2002 9538
HSB-I-Wing (1300) 348A Survey for lead paint, ACM base, mastic, and carpet mastic. 2/11/2000 7131
HSB-I-Wing (1300) 3rd, 4th and 5th floor corridor Walls, ceiling, ceiling tiles and electrical closets on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floor corridors of I-Wing. Call requester for walkthrough. 9/24/2002 9762
HSB-I-Wing (1300) 563, 565, 567 Test for lead paint in walls and ceiling, ACM in plastered walls and pipe lagging. 3/7/2000 7224
HSB-I-Wing (1300) 607C Sample base and mastic, carpet and floor tile for ACM; paint for lead. 1/20/2000 7086
HSB-I-Wing (1300) I104E Please sample the cove base & mastic in Room I-104 E & Room I104
D...* Please make this a 2 day turn-around...Thank you,
Katharine Ward .....( kward@ u.)
11/4/2002 9904
HSB-I-Wing (1300) I-132, adjacent rooms, outside Perform mold spore sampling in I-132, adjacent rooms that have no odor, and outdoors. Please let us know beforehand if the cost is above $400. Stephanie Steppe would like you to coordinate the work with Seth Bishop. There has been a musty odor in that room with no source located, and we are trying to find out if there is a measurable problem. 7/12/2002 9597
HSB-I-Wing (1300) I-605A Need sample of sheetrock in ceiling. 9/6/2002 9771
HSB-I-Wing (1300) I-748, I-752, I-700A, I-750 I will be taking down the walls in the I-752 and I-748 to create one large room with a center wall. I will also need to take up the floors in the single restroom and janitor closet. I will need to get in the ceiling space to support the hard ceiling after I take down the walls. Please take a sampling of everything in the area.
You will need to contact Gail Ellingson to enter the area.
2/20/2001 8157
HSB-J-Wing (1174) 083 Test walls for lead paint, ceiling tiles and floor and pipe fittings in ceiling for ACM. 2/2/2000 7137
HSB-J-Wing (1174) 160A, B, C Test wall paint for lead. 1/17/2000 7083
HSB-J-Wing (1174) 1st floor - various Determine presence of ACM and lead in and around piping of existing deluge hose unit in rooms: 109, 113, 131, 135 (?), 137, 157, 163 (161), 179, 183, and 186. Do cost estimate first. 9/5/2000 7688
HSB-J-Wing (1174) 354A Test ofr ACM in pipe insulation. 1/7/2000 7045
HSB-J-Wing (1174) 358 darkroom Test floor tiles and mastic for removal. 4/3/2000 7283
HSB-J-Wing (1174) 554A Check gasket on compressor ASAP!
See Gary Greene in refer shop for details.
5/8/2001 8432
HSB-J-Wing (1174) 560, 512A Survey for lead paint & ACM in floor tile, wall board. 4/3/2000 7254
HSB-J-Wing (1174) Basement mech room -2 The control valve above unit #JXX -00-02-17 shows heavy insulation damage. Test for ACMs. May be an airborn problem. If positive, will need to encapsulate / clean up the insulation. 10/16/2000 7802
HSB-J-Wing (1174) Floors 2 through 6 Based on locations marked on attached drawings, please walk through rooms with alterations plumber to locate areas to be considered for abatement for EH&S deluge eyewash replacement project. CP 3235. 10/24/2000 7779
HSB-J-Wing (1174) HSB-D-Wing, Room D120 Check rear cover panel on refigerator where plastic casing has come apart. See Mike Audette or Gary Greene in refer shop for details. Mike Audette can be reached by calling 543-3010 and having him paged. 10/11/2001 8831
HSB-J-Wing (1174) J wing roof JXX-88-02-20 fan has eroded shaft. Renew bearings and shaft. Check flange gasket for possible ACMs room J-611D. 2/23/2001 8190
HSB-J-Wing (1174) J-205 We removed glass from room J-205, the putty has not been tested. Please test the putty. 10/9/2002 9878
HSB-J-Wing (1174) J-205 I need a test on the wall acoustic tile and the mastic holding them to the wall, in a small room inside of J-205. The work is proceeding around this problem, please expedite. 10/9/2002 9872
HSB-J-Wing (1174) J-412 Unknown substance glueing plasterboard to concrete walls. Please test. 12/31/2001 9061
HSB-J-Wing (1174) J-558 in ceiling Emergency sampling of a torn air duct in ceiling of J-558. Duct is an air feed, and in the center of the room. It has a tear in the material (canvas). 10/11/2001 8809
HSB-J-Wing (1174) J611H Please do survey of this room for upcoming job. 9/20/2001 8735
HSB-J-Wing (1174) J661C Check loose debris on top of walkin J661C. Appears to be material from 1 beam insulation. 10/1/2001 8763
HSB-J-Wing (1174) Mech room basement Test dust in area used to store tools.
Contact Harley at 986-4182 pager.
10/23/2000 7815
HSB-J-Wing (1174) Minus 1 floor - 061C, 061F Walkthrough to discuss what locations have ACM and/or lead. Do cost estimate first.

old room # on plans = new room # taped near door
061D = 061C (3 units in room: do middle unit only)
061H = 061F (1 unit)
9/5/2000 7689
HSB-J-Wing (1174) Roof Sample the gasket material on the fan for possible ACMs. Contact Harley at pager 986-4182.
JXX-88-02-16 10.
1/30/2001 8082
HSB-J-Wing (1174) Roof Determine if gasket material on fan JXX-88-02-19 contains asbestos. Contact Harley Hughes (pager 486-4182) for assistance. 9/18/2000 7742
HSB-J-Wing (1174) Room 563 Please check debris on floor from removed ceiling tiles. 8/1/2001 8598
HSB-K-Wing (1173) 524 Please take sample of floor and mastic at marked location under/near small SAFE on floor. We will be installing floor anchors at the marked locations. Thank you. 10/4/2002 9856
HSB-K-Wing (1173) Air Intake and Air Handling Unit rooms (Fialkow Biomed Lab bldg.)
Please provide a Good Faith Letter and survey describing the extent of asbestos and lead in the area of the K-Wing Air In-Take shaft (where a door, hoist and stairwell will be installed) and at the six air handling units in the adjacent rooms. Note especially the insulation around the chilled water pipes which are scheduled to be abated for mold growth in each air handling unit area once the air in-take access is installed. If asbestos is encountered estimate cost and time needed to abate.
Thank you.
4/3/2001 8282
HSB-K-Wing (1173) K-091 I need a room survey on the Cold Room K-091. We will be removing this room and finishing off the space into a room. I would like the area above the cold room and the surrounding wallboard surveyed. 10/9/2002 9866
HSB-K-Wing (1173) K207, 209, 2 Please perform a good faith survey in K200K, K209, K213. I would like to walk this prior to the survey being performed. 7/1/2002 9557
HSB-K-Wing (1173) K-408 I would like to have a survey done on Room K-408, I will be disturbing the plasterboard, the ceiling and the chilled water piping. 10/4/2002 9851
HSB-K-Wing (1173) various Sample K wing sheetrock for asbestos to provide a good faith survey for the entire building on this specific material. 10/9/2002 9832
HSB-RR-Wing (1175) 102 Survey for asbestos and lead. 8/17/2000 7657
HSB-RR-Wing (1175) 304, 306 Sample all painted surfaces for lead. 11/24/1999 6982
HSB-RR-Wing (1175) 311, 311A Sample all painted surfaces for lead. 11/23/1999 6981
HSB-RR-Wing (1175) 330 Sample all painted surfaces for lead. 11/23/1999 6978
HSB-RR-Wing (1175) 335A Test lifted floor tiles in corner of room base for ACM. 11/19/1999 6974
HSB-RR-Wing (1175) 3rd floor Samuels Inst. hall Sample the dust in the overhead ceiling for worker safety. 2/23/2001 8173
HSB-RR-Wing (1175) 619 Check above ceiling space for asbestos contamination 6/8/2000 7503
HSB-RR-Wing (1175) 732 Lead paint survey. 12/4/1999 6994
HSB-RR-Wing (1175) 842, 845A, RR wing roof, penthouses Survey. 1/7/2000 7037
HSB-RR-Wing (1175) Corridor RR200Y and RR400Y Provide a good faith report for lead and asbestos in corridor RR 200Y and RR400Y.

The project is to construct a new partition near the existing mens restrooms RR233 & RR433 and new electrical conduit above the ceiling and in the walls for the section of corridor between the restrooms and the south exit stair on both levels.
7/11/2002 9585
HSB-RR-Wing (1175) First floor hallway at expansion joint Test floor leveling compound where tile and mastic were removed --- worker believes there may be asbestos in compound. 3/17/2001 8271
HSB-RR-Wing (1175) Room behind the penthouse EAST Sample suspect materials in ducts. Emergency due to fan failure. 9/20/2001 8748
HSB-RR-Wing (1175) RR 110 Please test the existing carpet for asbestos and the paint for lead. I am available to walk the site if clarification is required. I would like to have the results by next Tuesday, 12/18/01. 12/26/2001 9053
HSB-RR-Wing (1175) RR- 511 A/B/C/D I need a composite survey on the walls of RR-511 Suite. We need to remove items from the walls and paint. Please check the paint for lead content in the suite. 8/1/2002 9656
HSB-RR-Wing (1175) RR-038 Please test paint for lead in room RR-038 - 037. 9/5/2001 8705
HSB-RR-Wing (1175) RR-103, 105 Please perform a good faith survey. This project begins on the 3rd of Sept. 8/28/2002 9727
HSB-RR-Wing (1175) RR-202 Test black mastic on underside of sink for asbestos... this sink is only about 3 years old. 2/14/2001 8160
HSB-RR-Wing (1175) RR210C, RR210B, NW040 Pease perform a good faith survey in rooms RR210C, RR210B and NW040. Also do composite tesitng for the asbestos at the drywall. I would like to walk this prior to testing being performed. Construction begins 10/28/02. 10/22/2002 9918
HSB-RR-Wing (1175) RR309 Please perform a good faith survey. I would like to walk this prior to testing. This project begins 6/24/02. 6/21/2002 9534
HSB-RR-Wing (1175) RR511, RR516, RR516B, RR516C, RR516D, RR530, RR532 Lead testing for paint:
RR511, RR516, RR516B, RR516C, RR516D, RR530, RR532: Sampling and test needed. See attached drawing for sample locations.

Asbestos testing:
RR530: Sampling and test needed on the carpet mastic. Rubber base to remain.
12/19/2001 9020
HSB-RR-Wing (1175) RR-619 I need a composite wallboard sample in RR-619 to determine if the room can be treated as a "less than 1%" area. The existing sink needs to be removed, please test the coating. This is an urgent request. Thank-you 8/27/2002 9745
HSB-T-Wing (1168) 145 wash Test ceiling paint for lead 6/22/2000 7538
HSB-T-Wing (1168) 227 Emergency testing of door core material for ACM 4/10/2000 7313
HSB-T-Wing (1168) 227, 2nd floor library Test ceiling tiles and investigate possible employee contamination. 5/22/2000 7449
HSB-T-Wing (1168) 274B Sample tar undercoat on sink for possible asbestos. 11/24/1999 6990
HSB-T-Wing (1168) 289, 284, 287E, 283 Survey for lead paint on walls. Test carpet mastic in 289. 2/8/2000 7148
HSB-T-Wing (1168) 292J, 264D, 298Z Test for ACM in taping mud, base adhesive, floor tile and adhesive. Need by Tuesday 8/1/2000 7640
HSB-T-Wing (1168) 323A, D & 398F, N Take samples of open ceiling to verify whether asbestos is present. 9/18/2000 7754
HSB-T-Wing (1168) 341 Test samples for asbestos as directed by Jim Lukehart. 9/21/2000 7771
HSB-T-Wing (1168) 341 Sample areas in T341 for asbestos. 9/20/2000 7743
HSB-T-Wing (1168) 466A Test resilient floor tile and mastic, cove base and mastic, wall paint. 11/22/1999 6975
HSB-T-Wing (1168) 667, 730 Test area of work to install 2-ton air conditioner in T667. See attached plans for area of work. Also, provide estimate to abate above ceiling tiles. 9/18/2000 7728
HSB-T-Wing (1168) 674, 670, 666, 667, 671 Test doors for asbestos. 6/8/2000 7510
HSB-T-Wing (1168) 6th floor Install wiremold and J-boxes on ceilings and walls. 4/18/2000 7293
HSB-T-Wing (1168) By #661 6th floor overhead ceiling tile collapse due to water damage. Sample. 2/5/2001 8130
HSB-T-Wing (1168) Hallway inspection 2nd floor We need a visual inspection of the cable tray in the hall way outside of T-262 to determine if a vacuum is needed and if tenting is needed inside dropped ceiling. This inspection is also need in the hall way outside of T-255 ( Photography) for cable tray above the ceiling grid. 3/11/2002 9278
HSB-T-Wing (1168) Mechanical room (east penthouse) Tex-99-02-04 fan housing - test for ACMs at the flange split. 1/2/2001 8009
HSB-T-Wing (1168) Mens restroom 4th floor just off overpass Test tile and wallboard in mens restroom by urinals. The piping needs to be changed. 3/26/2002 9293
HSB-T-Wing (1168) Room 113 Air monitoring and other contract charges associated with repair of breaker at T Wing east. 6/17/2002 9550
HSB-T-Wing (1168) Room T-113 Training and work procedure for asbestos contaminated breakers. 6/7/2002 9421
HSB-T-Wing (1168) T east mechanical room bsmt Pump TEX-0-01-01 pipe gasket needs to be sampled to verify no ACMs for worker safety. *URGENT* 1/16/2001 8048
HSB-T-Wing (1168) T170E Fire brick and refractory of crematory unit needs to be removed and replaced. Although there should be no lead or asbestos in this unit that was installed in 1996, I understand that samples need to be obtained to confirm this prior to demolition.

Other Contacts: Garry or Bob at 685-2274
11/9/2001 8899
HSB-T-Wing (1168) T-227 I need a composite survey of a wallboard system inside of the Health Science Library. The Books say 3% joint compound and we need to cut a openning in the wall. Please have the consultant contact me for the location in the Library. 8/20/2002 9717
HSB-T-Wing (1168) T239 Test suspicious material in tape library. 4/6/2001 8323
HSB-T-Wing (1168) T255 I need air monitoring in rm T255 for Alterations electrical work on less than 1% asbestos. I need this on Thursday 3/21 and Friday 3/22. 3/22/2002 9316
HSB-T-Wing (1168) T-255A/B I need a composite survey of the plasterboard taping mud on the wall and ceiling in T-255 A/B. This is for installation of electrical equipment, drilling into ceiling for lighting install. 3/13/2002 9289
HSB-T-Wing (1168) T-271 Sample exposed material in wall. 9/25/2002 9822
HSB-T-Wing (1168) T-271 B/C/D I need the walls tested for asbestos in these rooms. They were installed when they could be free of asbestos. This is the same area where a cost estimate was given without a survey. I need the walls and Base mud. 3/8/2002 9230
HSB-T-Wing (1168) T-271 window room I would like a testing of material found inside the window frames on a interior wall in T-271. Please turn around as fast as possible. Test holes have been drilled. 9/24/2002 9829
HSB-T-Wing (1168) T-271, room with windows Please sample walls in small center room that has the windows, this room will be torn down. Sample base also. 9/25/2002 9787
HSB-T-Wing (1168) T-302A Please test floor tile under water-damaged carpet so carpet can be removed and a new tile floor installed. 1/18/2002 9108
HSB-T-Wing (1168) T-629 I would like a room survey of T-629, floor, base, wallboard, and ceiling. Wallboard sample in T-632. 10/8/2002 9865
HSB-T-Wing (1168) T-629, T-633A The shops need to work above the ceiling in T-633A, The room directly south of T-629. Visually the ceiling tile looks clean and the ceiling above looks clear of spray. I would like a determination if we can remove 1-2 tiles in T-633 A, and get to an electrical box, and the VAV box. Visual only. 11/25/2002 10035
HSB-T-Wing (1168) T630/630A Please test above ceiling area in both rooms for asbestos. Also test wallboard for asbestos and lead paint at demising wall 630/630A. Project scope involves electrical/ethernet connections at j-box T630A for power pole installation and addition of (2) gas/air stations at same demising wall, but inside T630A. I am available to walk the site prior to testing if clarification is required. Can this be done today? 11/29/2000 7943
HSB-T-Wing (1168) T-635 Please do a good faith survey for lead and asbestos in room T-635. 8/2/2002 9621
HSB-T-Wing (1168) T661 Survey noted area for Hazardous Materials. (Projector support installation) 3/26/2002 9333
HSB-T-Wing (1168) various - first floor T wing The contractor will be replacing recalled fire sprinkler heads in Rooms T 138, 140A, 140B, 140C, 140D, 140E, 140F, 140G, 140H, 140K, 140Q, 140R, 140S, 140T, 140U, 140V, 140W, 140Z, 149, 152A. Please survey these rooms for any ACM that could possibly be disturbed in the process of changing out sprinkler heads. 11/4/2002 9943
Hughes Penthouse (1209) Building exterior Please take 1 sample each of building exterior body, window trim, and blue paint on door to determine lead content. 9/24/2001 8716
Hutchinson Hall (1302) Bldg back, off play field Sample putty for ACM. 3/20/2000 7257
Hutchinson Hall (1302) Pool mech room Need sample of gasket. 7/23/2002 9642
Hutchinson Hall (1302) Pool mech room Please sample pipe insulation hard fittings on return by trap and mud by control valve....flagged and marked. 1/24/2002 9141
Hutchinson Hall (1302) Pool room Test broken window for asbestos. In the pool area 12x20 inches. 2/5/2001 8120
Hutchinson Hall (1302) Room 215 Build a wall to divide the room into two offices; need samples taken of ceiling tile and mastic, plaster, floor covering, electrical wiring. No demo work will be done. Need survey results as soon as possible. 7/26/2001 8573
IMA (1137) 204 Sample floor tile & mastic for ACM. 6/22/2000 7477
Isaacson Hall (1102) Room 118 Test floor tile for ACM. 11/2/2001 8896
Johnson Annex A (1190) 108, various Need hazardous materials survey. 10/9/2002 9876
Johnson Annex A (1190) Hallways and restroom Please test for lead and asbestos on walls. 2/20/2001 8162
Johnson Hall (1200) 063 Check sample of lagging on pipe where light hits pipe and material is broken. The first light as you walk into the room is where the sample needs to be checked for asbestos. 9/13/2000 7744
Johnson Hall (1200) 164 by radiator Sample tile. 6/13/2000 7517
Johnson Hall (1200) 19, 19A, 19B Test paint on radiators for lead. 2/7/2000 7141
Johnson Hall (1200) 219 Demo partition wall in center of room. Remove counter at end of sink. Remove conduit on walls. Build new walls in room. I would like to walk through at time of inspection. Thanks, Carl. 4/3/2002 9337
Johnson Hall (1200) 236 Check glue pads for ACM. 6/1/2000 7478
Johnson Hall (1200) 257 Hazardous survey of room 257. 8/9/2002 9701
Johnson Hall (1200) 3rd floor Samples of non thermoplastic wire in panel 3AB 3rd floor Johnson Hall. Results needed by Friday August 3. 8/10/2001 8618
Johnson Hall (1200) By room 346A Please test the floor tiles and adhesive for asbestos outside of room 346A. 6/25/2002 9572
Johnson Hall (1200) E/W hall btw 23 & elevator Sample plaster for ACM & lead. 3/27/2000 7275
Johnson Hall (1200) Lower E mech room Suspect asbestos above hot water converter. Please call Virgil Hull at 484-7907 as soon as you get the results. 9/12/2000 7741
Johnson Hall (1200) Main halls, all floors Provide a good faith survey of the paint and walls in the main halls so we can patch and paint. 3/12/2002 9255
Johnson Hall (1200) Room 118 ground floor entry Test the broken window for asbestos in the putty. 12x18 inches 10/1/2001 8797
Johnson Hall (1200) Room 215 Hazardous material survey. 1/23/2002 9117
Johnson Hall (1200) room 340 On two riser pipes that will be marked with red ribbon tape, please evaluate TSI for ACM. Riser pipes are located to the right, when entering room 340. Also please advise if any repairs or patches are needed, before shop #19-I adds a "layer" of additional insulation over existing thermo insulation.
Call Rainer Stahlberg (616-2065) to view job site.
1/2/2001 8010
Johnson Hall (1200) Room 342 Check room for hazardous materials -- suspect plumbing fittings under sink. 11/8/2001 8893
Johnson Hall (1200) Room 365 Sample plaster on ceiling. 1/30/2001 8099
Johnson Hall (1200) Rooms 161, 257 Asbestos survey for Johnson Hall rooms 161, 257. 4/10/2002 9356
Johnson Hall (1200) Rooms 260, 253, 353, 301 Test the broken windows' putty in the above rooms for asbestos. 2/21/2002 9204
Johnson Hall (1200) Utility tunnel, access from NE mech room Sample hard fittings under bucket and any other locations on pipe as appropriate. One-hour turnaround. 2/26/2002 9208
Johnson Hall (1200) Utility tunnel, access from NE mech room Plumbers need a sample tested on the cold water line that feeds the drinking fountains. Plumber will assist in locating line. 2/6/2002 9155
Kane Hall (1276) 069F, G Please perform a good faith survey. I would like to walk this prior to testing. This project begins 6/24/02. 6/25/2002 9535
Kane Hall (1276) 17 Emergency paint sampling. 12/17/1999 7043
Kane Hall (1276) 2nd floor lobby Please test 2nd floor lobby balusters for lead paint. 2/26/2002 9206
Kane Hall (1276) Basement to parking garage Sample damaged door. 1/18/2002 9130
Kane Hall (1276) M234 (upper mezzanine) Test for Asbestos and Lead in areas to be disturbed by construction as shown on drawings. (drawings transmitted seperately) Work includes replacement of light fixtures on hard ceiling, carpet replacement, and painting. 12/18/2001 9019
Kane Hall (1276) Mezzanine room 234 Please survey areas above the ceiling as directed by Jim Lukehart. 2/11/2002 9179
Kane Hall (1276) Roof Sample, evaluate, and advise regarding mastics applied to exposed duct work on roof.
Requires key #TMST and #6000.
6/28/2000 7568
Kane Hall (1276) Room 017, 017B, 019A Test areas to be disturbed as shown on drawings, including demoltion at wall between Rooms 017B and 019A, sink removal at Room 019a, and ductwork reconfiguration at Room 017. Drawings will be transmitted seperately. 12/18/2001 9018
Kincaid Hall (1130) 528 Test the burned debris for asbestos content. If ACM is present, we will need to schedule the removal of the debris ASAP so the room can be cleaned and restored before school begins. 8/23/2000 7704
Kincaid Hall (1130) 528 Check fume hood wall lining, globes 12/18/1999 7015
Kincaid Hall (1130) By room 222/ ice maker Test the floors by room 222. See Ming for more information. 11/20/2001 8948
Kincaid Hall (1130) Room 15A and mechanical room Provide new constant volume box in mechanical room.
Provide new ductwork in room 15A.
1/30/2002 9118
Kincaid Hall (1130) Room 7 Please sample the flooring material and trowel-on material up to pad under the base cabinet for asbestos. Also check for lead in the paint in the flooring material and on the column in the sink area. I would like to walk this prior to testing. 10/8/2002 9859
Kincaid Hall (1130) Stairwell #2 between 1st floor and basement Please test the insulation around the pipe for asbestos. 10/26/2000 7846
Kincaid Hall (1130) various Samples in ceiling space and walls along corridors where fluorescent light fixtures will be retroffited with emergency battery pack in the following buildings:
Kincaid Hall (Bldg. No. 231)

Please call requestor for a walkthru in the said buildings.
6/29/2001 8534
Kirsten Wind Tunnel (1205) 2nd mezzanine roof Survey and test areas impacted by work scope shown on attachments. 1/7/2000 7023
Kirsten Wind Tunnel (1205) various locations marked with RED tape Test some of the 24 windows to see if they have asbestos in the putty. Approx size is 12 x 16. Loading dock area. 6/22/2001 8530
Kirsten Wind Tunnel (1205) Windows on roof Test window putty and at base of windows that are partially covered at bottom by roofing. See Carl for details 685-1494. 8/24/2001 8660
Lander Kitchen - retired T112H Test door for ACM. Door closer has been removed and duct tape now covers holes. Core material needs to be tested prior to door repair. 11/24/1999 6967
Lander-Terry Halls (1160) 117 Test putty, caulking for ACM (Terry). 4/10/2000 7301
Lander-Terry Halls (1160) 1450 Check door for asbestos. 2/2/2001 8113
Lander-Terry Halls (1160) 208 Terry Test window putty and paint on vent in glass shop. 8/2/2000 7635
Lander-Terry Halls (1160) 24 hr corridor and in the dining room Test broken windows for asbestos. One in the dining rm and 3 in the 24 hour corridor. Dining rm is 56x54 inches and the corridors are 38x86 inches. 3/9/2001 8214
Lander-Terry Halls (1160) 5th floor Sample white powder on floor and door. 2/15/2000 7190
Lander-Terry Halls (1160) broken lounge window on ground floor Test sealant around broken window for asbestos. 4/6/2001 8319
Lander-Terry Halls (1160) Floor 1, fire door #4 Please check door for ACM prior to repair work by Shop 16CARP within the next day or two. 3/12/2002 9260
Lander-Terry Halls (1160) L132-L137 Please test double doors adjacent to room L131 leading to rooms L132 through L137 for ACM at your earliest convenience. 2/8/2001 8144
Lander-Terry Halls (1160) L263 Please test window putty for ACM prior to repair work by glazier within the next day or two. 7/9/2002 9601
Lander-Terry Halls (1160) Lander elevator lobby and section of hallway Please test floor tile and mastic under existing carpet for ACM. 10/23/2001 8856
Lander-Terry Halls (1160) Lander Hall - Floor 4, stairway 2 Test fire door for ACM. Please complete within the next day or two per Saeid Rastegar. 12/26/2001 9040
Lander-Terry Halls (1160) Lander Hall room L-559 Test the putty on the broken window in room L-559 for asbestos. 5/29/2001 8449
Lander-Terry Halls (1160) Lander L3 Please check door entering room L-3 from the elevator lobby for ACM. Door reads "PLEASE USE MAIN ENTRANCE". 2/14/2001 8168
Lander-Terry Halls (1160) Lander room 867 Test broken window for asbestos. 31 x 47 inches. 6/24/2002 9553
Lander-Terry Halls (1160) LG 002 Survey pipe chase in LG002 for friable asbestos. See Carl Johansen for map and room drawings. 4/20/2001 8392
Lander-Terry Halls (1160) LG 031 Please check the black paint sprayed onto the outside of the sink in room LG 031. If needed see Carl Johansen for floorplan of location of sink... 4/19/2001 8347
Lander-Terry Halls (1160) Room 253 Sample broken window in room 253 for asbestos. 31 x 47 inches. 3/20/2002 9290
Lander-Terry Halls (1160) Room 921 Terry Hall Test the two broken windows in room 921 for asbestos. 6/14/2001 8519
Lander-Terry Halls (1160) S entry floors Sample mastic 4/3/2000 7284
Lander-Terry Halls (1160) Shop area. Analyze mastic on concrete floor in Lander. 1/29/2000 7120
Lander-Terry Halls (1160) South entrance, vestibule, elevator lobby Sample ribbed carpeting material. 9/5/2001 8703
Lander-Terry Halls (1160) Stairway 1, floor 5 Please test the fire door for ACM prior to repair work by carpenter. Please complete within the next day or two if your schedule permits. Thanks. 4/29/2002 9416
Lander-Terry Halls (1160) Terry - 812 Test wall (2 samples) and 1 sample with blue tape on the floor. 8/15/2000 7680
Lander-Terry Halls (1160) Terry - Dining room, northwest entrance Please test doors for ACM. Please advise within one or two days. Contact Dennis for details and exact location. 10/1/2001 8767
Lander-Terry Halls (1160) Terry Hall T223 Earthquake. Test putty on broken window in room 223 for asbestos. 3/28/2001 8242
Lander-Terry Halls (1160) Terry Hall: Stairways 1 and 2 Please check the following fire doors for ACM: Stairway 1, Floors 3, 7, and 9; Stairway 2, Floors 1and 4. 5/17/2001 8442
Lander-Terry Halls (1160) Terry kitchen storage room ground floor Check door for ACM. Door is identified as "KITCHEN STORAGE ROOM" and is located in the ground floor hallway leading to the kitchen loading dock. Contact Dennis for access if necessary. Please test within the next day or two. 10/18/2001 8847
Lander-Terry Halls (1160) Terry room 113 Test broken window for asbestos. 38 x 13 inches. 6/24/2002 9554
Lander-Terry Halls (1160) Terry Stairway #2, Floor 9 Please check vandalized fire door for ACM as soon as possible to accommodate immediate repair or replacement. 11/29/2000 7939
Lewis Hall (1177) 220 Test window for lead paint. 5/22/2000 7427
Lewis Hall (1177) 405 Sample material under tile for asbestos. 11/3/2000 7867
Lewis Hall (1177) North stairwell Conduit is entering the building on the ground floor and going up to the attic. Floor tiles may contain asbestos. Matt Scillo is doing the work and can show you what we specifically have in mind. 11/29/2001 8974
Lewis Hall (1177) Outside room 110 Test windowsills outside of room 110 for lead. 4/29/2002 9385
Lewis Hall (1177) various (see scope of work) Locations: 319,322,323,328,329,335, Hall 300J, Stairwell 1, Hall to 335

Please provide good faith survey of requested areas in Lewis Hall. We also will be going above ceiling in Hall 300J. We will be adding a water filter in room 335 and removing the water fountain in the Hall 300J. Check the floor coverings and treads in stairwell 1. If more information is needed on scope please contact me.
2/8/2002 9152
Loew Hall (1346) 301 Check paint for lead. Check cove mastic for asbestos. 6/20/2000 7509
Loew Hall (1346) 301B, 303, 300J Additional work on asbestos report 7509 provided by Clayton on June 21, 2000. Scope has changed to include demolition of two partitions (approx. 350 SF). Contact requester for floor plan. Request as soon as possible. Project to go to bid in about a week. 10/24/2000 7838
Loew Hall (1346) Basement mech air intake Test insulation in block hall. 7/24/2002 9654
Mackenzie Hall (1156) 138 Check window putty for asbestos. 12/18/1999 7014
Mackenzie Hall (1156) Room 104 Please sample the following itmes in room 104 of Mackenzie Hall:
Rubber Base Mastic
Ceiling Tile
Ceiling Tile Mastic
Wall Plaster on Wall with the Doors
Wall paint for lead content.

Note: Floor tile and tile mastic are known to be asbestos containing. If any of the above items are known from previous tests to be positive, please do not test!
4/19/2001 8327
Mackenzie Hall (1156) Room 364 Provide a good faith letter for asbestos and lead in this space. Of concern is asbestos in mastic for base, and lead in paint. 11/20/2000 7897
Mackenzie Hall (1156) Rooms 148A & 153A Please survey rooms 148A & 153A for asbestos and lead in the wall that is to be removed between the rooms. Check the ceiling tile for asbestos. There is no mastic since this is a splined ceiling. Check the rubber base mastic. Do not check the floor tile - it is asbestos containing. I believe these are all the items. Contact me with any questions. Thanks. 1/2/2002 9075
Mackenzie Hall (1156) Stairwell 3 Sample fire door. 10/26/2000 7841
Marine Sciences (1138) 226 Please check door for ACM prior to Shop 16 providing client with estimate to install relites. Jim Lukehart quoted estimate not to exceed $50. 8/22/2001 8661
Marine Sciences (1138) 265 Provide good faith inspection of room 265 in Marine Science Building. We will be removing existing carpet. Install new vinyl floor, painting, casework, sink, plumbing, and wiremold. 3/5/2001 8189
Marine Sciences (1138) 5, E basement Sample door for ACM. 5/3/2000 7362
Marine Sciences (1138) Floor 1, stair 2 Please test door for ACM. Randy Nunez (Carpenter with Shop 16) would like to assist the inspector on site with areas of the door to be tested. Please contact him to make arrangements via Dennis or the SW Zone Maintenance Desk @ 543-5677. Please test during the week of 11/19 if possible. 11/28/2001 8977
Marine Sciences (1138) Floor 3, stairway 1 Please check door for ACM. Randy Nunez (Carpenter with Shop 16) would like to assist the inspector on site with areas of the door to be tested. Please contact him to make arrangements via Dennis or the SW Zone Maintenance Desk @ 543-5677. Please test during the week of 11/19 if possible. 11/29/2001 8976
Marine Sciences (1138) Mech Check plumbing pipe for asbestos. See Herman for location. 9/5/2000 7718
Marine Sciences (1138) Rooms 353 and 357 Test paint for lead and report percentages. 9/24/2002 9795
Marine Sciences (1138) Stairways Please check stairway doors as necessary to determine if they typically contain ACM. 1/31/2001 8075
Marine Sciences (1138) various Samples in ceiling space and walls along corridors where fluorescent light fixtures will be retroffited with emergency battery pack in the following buildings:
Marine Sciences Building (Bldg. No. 213)

Please call requestor for a walkthru in the said buildings.
6/29/2001 8535
Marine Studies (1122) Roof Test for asbestos in roofing above pilot plant. Need by July 28. 7/31/2000 7638
Marine Studies (1122) Room 191 cold room Test mastic under S.S. counter top "without" sink. Counter is on west wall straight through door. 9/24/2002 9796
Marine Studies (1122) Room 273 We are removing an autoclave and capping the piping below floor or behind wall. The insulation on pipes looks like it could contain asbestos. We need this insulation tested. 8/10/2001 8630
McCarty Hall (1158) 2nd floor dish conveyor room 246 Home run wiring to the two conveyers in Room 246 on the back wall need to be analized for ASBESTOS. The distribution panel is located in the kitchen area Room 242. If additional instructions to find the components please call Carl Johansen by cell phone, 206 321-1577… 8/3/2001 8612
McCarty Hall (1158) 343 A, B, C 341 and 339 We will be remodeling four diferent areas in McCarty. Ther are several materials that need to be tested. Please call me for a walkthru to identify the areas to be sampled. Carl Johansen 543 3477 or my cell phone at 321 1577. thankyou..... 7/25/2001 8548
McCarty Hall (1158) 353 S tower In demolition process, UW carpenters found old dry mastic holding old tack boards on wall. Please test wall mastic for ACM. 8/15/2000 7681
McCarty Hall (1158) 3rd floor central / rd appt. outside hallway Evaluate wiring in three hallway lights located in the ceiling just outside the rd apartment. The hallway is in McCarty Hall 3rd floor central section and just to the east of the remodeled reception area. 9/24/2001 8734
McCarty Hall (1158) 400X (laundry room) south tower Test wall in room where ironing board needs to be reinstalled for possible skim coat containing ACM. Please test within the next day or two per Saeid Rastegar. 2/10/2002 9170
McCarty Hall (1158) ABC, 346, 335 Penetrate floor in closet and run conduits through crawl space. Also, penetrate floor in 346 office. See Bob Wells for details and walk through of areas. 3/21/2002 9309
McCarty Hall (1158) broken lounge window on 5th floor Test sealant around the broken window for asbestos. 4/6/2001 8317
McCarty Hall (1158) Center building, floor 2 Please test wall for ACM. Contact Alan Brown via the SW Maintenance Zone Desk for exact location and details. Please test ithin the next day or two as per Saeid. 1/16/2002 9101
McCarty Hall (1158) Center tower Sample above ceiling. 5/3/2000 7413
McCarty Hall (1158) Enet Café Please core test ceiling for ACM as discussed with Saeid Rastegar. 9/10/2001 8701
McCarty Hall (1158) F2 lounge, south tower, east side, room 180 Please test the large lounge door for ACM within the next 24 hours if possible. 10/11/2001 8806
McCarty Hall (1158) F3 north breezeway Please test or abate if necessary the ceiling where 53MASN needs to repair holes. They may need to cut a section out between the ceiling joists and replace. 7/22/2002 9623
McCarty Hall (1158) F5 south tower corridor Please test and abate if necessary the H2O-damaged ceiling tiles and/or mastic prior to replacement by 16CARP. Please complete within the next day or two as discussed with Jim Lukehart. 7/16/2002 9622
McCarty Hall (1158) Floor 2, stair 3 (south tower) Please test door for ACM prior to being worked on by Shop 16CARP within the next day or two. 2/27/2002 9228
McCarty Hall (1158) Floor 3, stair 3 (south tower) Test door for ACM prior to Shop 16CARP working on it within the next day or two. 2/27/2002 9229
McCarty Hall (1158) G022 (north tower mechanical room) Test heat exchanger gasket for ACM. Contact Bob Morgan @ 6-0593 or 391-7235 for access and exact location of gasket. Please complete test within the next day or two. 10/9/2002 9871
McCarty Hall (1158) G027 Please test skim coat on wall for ACM at existing anchor holes where toilet stall partition has been removed. Partition will be reinstalled by Shop 66 after test findings. Contact Dennis Fields for exact location and details. 3/5/2001 8650
McCarty Hall (1158) G027 Please test skim coat on wall for ACM at existing anchor holes where toilet stall partition has been removed. Partition will be reinstalled by Shop 66 after test findings. Contact Dennis Fields for exact location and details. 3/5/2001 8206
McCarty Hall (1158) Ground floor hallway Please test skim coat for ACM. Dennis has a sample in his office. 2/11/2002 9182
McCarty Hall (1158) Hall Sample wall, dust and material on lights for ACM. 2/2/2000 7162
McCarty Hall (1158) Hallway north of A, B, C rooms, 2 hatches in hall Check for asbestos above the hallway north of A, B, C rooms. There are two hatches in the hallway. In room 346, check out the floor tiles. Thank you, Fred. 2/27/2002 9216
McCarty Hall (1158) Loading dock dumpster at kitchen The Asphalt slab at the loading dock dumpster of McCarty Hall will soon be removed and a concrete pad installed for the installation of a Compactor. Harley mentioned that there may be a binder of asbestos in the Asphalt. Please test the asphalt. Contact Carl Johansen if more info is needed, cell phone 321-1577. 8/27/2002 9741
McCarty Hall (1158) Loading dock stair #6 Please check door as soon as possible for ACM. 10/27/2002 10040
McCarty Hall (1158) Mail room Please test plaster ceiling in mail room corridor adjacent to McCarty Desk.
Contact Jim Lukehart for exact location.
11/6/2000 7876
McCarty Hall (1158) Mechanical room Test insulation and lagging on lines to compressor for asbestos-compressor services walkin freezer in the McCarty Kitchen and it's the only freezer in the kitchen . Work needs to be done on the compressor as soon as possible-Chuck Lathrum should be contacted for location and scope. 9/24/2001 8729
McCarty Hall (1158) Men's restroom Test plaster for ACM and lead. 12/8/1999 7007
McCarty Hall (1158) N mech G056, G058 Sample doors for ACM. 1/13/2000 7077
McCarty Hall (1158) North tower lounge 3rd floor Test caulking around broken window for asbestos. 11/20/2000 7917
McCarty Hall (1158) North tower lounge 5th floor Test caulking around broken window for asbestos. 11/20/2000 7916
McCarty Hall (1158) Rooms 338, 332, 340, 336 Test flooring, (carpet and VCT), in rooms 340,338,336,332 in McCarty Hall. Also, Test corridor walls for asbestos just outside of room 333 located near the new front desk. A drawing will be provided for location of tests. Call Carl Johansen for more details if needed at 321-1577. 2/26/2002 9191
McCarty Hall (1158) South Tower various Please test walls in the showers where the curtain rod holders attach to the wall, specifically the skim coat if any. These locations will involve drilling through ceramic tile. It will probably be easier to test in Men's Showers only. Contact Dennis for scheduling and locations. 2/13/2002 9105
McCarty Hall (1158) Stair 4 floor 2 Test door for ACM. 10/9/2002 9879
McCarty Hall (1158) Stair 4, Floor 4, South Tower Please check fire door for ACM. Contact Dennis for exact location and details. 3/5/2001 8649
McCarty Hall (1158) Stair 4, Floor 4, South Tower Please check fire door for ACM. Contact Dennis for exact location and details. 3/5/2001 8207
McCarty Hall (1158) Stair 4, Ground Floor, South Tower, Inner Door Please check fire door (inner door) at above location for ACM. Contact Dennis for exact location and details. 3/5/2001 8648
McCarty Hall (1158) Stair 4, Ground Floor, South Tower, Inner Door Please check fire door (inner door) at above location for ACM. Contact Dennis for exact location and details. 3/5/2001 8208
McCarty Hall (1158) Stairway #2, floor 3, north tower Please test door for ACM prior to repair work by carpenter. 11/5/2001 8903
McCarty Hall (1158) Student lounge room 330, north tower Test broken window, taped, for asbestos in the putty. 6/4/2002 9469
McCarty Hall (1158) Walk-in freezer Please check material in electrical pipe fitting for ACM. Dennis will show you exact location. 10/16/2001 8819
McCarty Kitchen - retired 242 N end Test wiring, counter, and base for ACM. 5/30/2000 7448
McCarty Kitchen - retired Kitchen manager's office 228A and 228B Test rubber base mastic and carpet mastic for hazardous materials in room 228A and 228B in the McCarty Hall Kitchen Managers office. Remodeling is going on now and a rapid reply is needed.
Contact Carl Johansen at 543-3477 or cell 321-1577 for additional info if needed.
12/22/2000 8000
McMahon Hall (1143) Basketball Court North Please check the ceiling of the north basketball court for ACM. 11/20/2000 7912
McMahon Hall (1143) Cluster 1050 - 1056 Test for asbestos. (Work done prior to 6/28/01.) 7/9/2001 8529
McMahon Hall (1143) D051 custodial breakroom Check for hazardous materials in the flooring, block walls, Taping compounds, and base mastics in rooms D051, D053, and D054 of McMahon Hall Custodial break rooms. If needed see, Carl Johansen for additional details. 7/19/2002 9581
McMahon Hall (1143) Deck - lobby level Please check area to be demoed/demolished for asbestos - deck concrete and membrane. 11/6/2000 7878
McMahon Hall (1143) Dining, laundry Check doors for ACM. 12/18/1999 7024
McMahon Hall (1143) Doors from south lobby to dining room south Please test entrance doors to dining room from south lobby for ACM. 9/25/2000 7769
McMahon Hall (1143) Electrical room Sample possible asbestos containing breakers located in the electrical room of McMahon Hall. Check the arc shoots for asbestos. Contact John Gustafson at 206-310-8610 for asbestos (sampling). 8/14/2002 9710
McMahon Hall (1143) Exit door of stairway 1 from Game room No. tower Test door for ACM. Please contact Alan Brown @ 994-1359 or Dennis Fields prior to arrival @ McMahon. We have two other doors we would like you to test at the same time on work orders 550430 and 590767. 4/6/2001 8312
McMahon Hall (1143) F4, stair 1, north tower Test fire door leaking white powder for asbestos. 8/1/2002 9678
McMahon Hall (1143) F4, stair 4, south tower Test fire door leaking white powder for asbestos ASAP! 8/1/2002 9679
McMahon Hall (1143) F8, stair 3, south tower Test fire door leaking white powder for asbestos ASAP! 8/1/2002 9677
McMahon Hall (1143) Game room, north tower, lobby floor Please test the door leading from the Game Room to Stairway 1. This door tested negative in March of this year but we would like to check it again with a carpenter present within the next day or two. Please contact Dennis for scheduling date and time and he will arrange for a carpenter to meet withthe inspector on site. Thanks! 12/18/2001 9010
McMahon Hall (1143) Haggett Shop Test door for ACM. Door is staged for repair in the Haggett Shop. Please contact Alan Brown @ 994-1359 or Dennis Fields prior to arrival at Haggett for access. There are two other doors we would like you to test at the same time. 4/6/2001 8311
McMahon Hall (1143) Kitchen - Dining room #4 - southeast corner Test paint for lead - mason is currently repairing water damage and will be sanding the existing walls and paint. 5/3/2001 8418
McMahon Hall (1143) Kitchen - south serving line Please have ceiling tiles tested for ACM as discussed with Saeid Rastegar. 10/2/2001 8759
McMahon Hall (1143) Kitchen, dining room, and stairway Please test ceiling tiles to be installed in McMahon for ACM. Tiles are currently staged in Gould Hall, Room 025 and need to be tested at Gould Hall prior to transporting to McMahon. For access to Gould 025 and exact location of tiles, please call Tony Mussio on his cell phone @ 849-7015. This is an urgent request to keep this project on schedule! 3/17/2001 8268
McMahon Hall (1143) North tower, cluster 501 - 507 Please test the south entrance door to the cluster for ACM. 10/1/2001 8765
McMahon Hall (1143) North tower, stair 2, floor 2 Test door for asbestos. 5/22/2002 9463
McMahon Hall (1143) Parking level C Please test plaster ceiling for ACM as discussed with Saeid and Jim. 12/26/2001 9050
McMahon Hall (1143) Pipe chases north and south towers floor 2-11 Please test the plaster enclosures around recessed fire extinguisher cabinets for ACM. These are to be removed prior to Spring Break to accomodate core drilling and raceway installation by the contractor during the McMahon Fire Sprinkler Improvement project (U.W. Project # 3850). 3/8/2002 9240
McMahon Hall (1143) Plant Services Building Test six (6) doors for ACM prior to removal of hardware in preparation to repair and refinish. Contact Dennis for details and exact location. Doors are stored in Plant Services Building for refinishing. Please test within the next couple of days. Thanks! 8/20/2002 9725
McMahon Hall (1143) S basketball court Abate ceiling material to allowing piping access. Abate ACM insualtion. 3/14/2000 7231
McMahon Hall (1143) South tower cluster 871-877 Please test the south door of cluster 871-877 (adjacent to the typing room) for ACM. 4/27/2001 8408
McMahon Hall (1143) South tower clusters 650-656 and 651-657 Please check entrance doors to clusters for ACM. Note: There are two entrances to each set of clusters. 7/31/2001 8605
McMahon Hall (1143) South tower, floor 2, study room, north hallway Please test study room door for ACM. 5/31/2001 8468
McMahon Hall (1143) South tower, stairway 4, F1 Please test door as soon as possible for ACM prior to repair work by carpenter. 4/10/2002 9373
McMahon Hall (1143) Stairway #3, floor 10 Please test door for ACM. 5/30/2001 8475
McMahon Hall (1143) Stairway 2, floor 3, north tower Please check fire door for ACM. 1/22/2001 8079
McMahon Kitchen - retired Kitchen Test plaster in refers #1, 2 & 5 12/13/1999 7039
McMahon Kitchen - retired Kitchen Sample walking refrigerator ceilings for lead content of peeling paint, units 1, 2 & 5. 11/18/1999 6971
Meany Hall (1126) 154, 155 Please perform a good faith survey in both rooms. Work on this project begins 8/28/02. 8/26/2002 9720
Meany Hall (1126) 251 Check cove base mastic & floor tiles for ACM. 5/30/2000 7441
Meany Hall (1126) 251 Check paint for lead 5/22/2000 7400
Meany Hall (1126) All Men's RR (3) 2 east & 1 west Check wall at urinals for asbestos. The key is 7260. We will be drilling into wall. Alt. contact Dave H. pager # 986-1168. 4/2/2002 9330
Meany Hall (1126) Electrical vault in basement Test and clean breaker cubicle for asbestos in the vault at Meany Hall, also clean breaker. Test breaker for asbestos content. 2/10/2002 9164
Meany Hall (1126) High voltage Provide air monitoring and pre abatement for Meany Hall breaker. Call John Gustafson at 310-8610 if you have any questions. 6/6/2002 9518
Meany Hall (1126) Main auditorium Test recess can lights near (in front of sound booth). 9/5/2000 7717
Meany Hall (1126) Mens RR 202 and 13 Need samples for asbestos on wall at urinals. (ABOVE CEILING) need to look at tile, mastic and wallboard rooms 202 and 13. the rooms are at the north end. The key is #7260. 4/10/2002 9372
Meany Hall (1126) Room 092 Open wall to modify plumbing for washer and dryer installation. 11/8/2001 8878
Meany Hall (1126) Room 161 Test door to room 161 for asbestos. 4/2/2001 8652
Meany Hall (1126) Room 161 Test door to room 161 for asbestos. 4/2/2001 8293
Mech Engr Bldg (1347) 231 Sample ceiling tile. 2/2/2001 8121
Mech Engr Bldg (1347) B004/B006 Installation of booster compressor including associated compressed air line. Installation of exhaust fan on roof including associated ductwork and partial demolition of existing ductwork. New partition wall. Electrical connections and outlets.

Drawings attached for reference.

Please call requester for walk thru.
3/13/2002 9265
Mech Engr Bldg (1347) Basement mech room Sample gasket on blink in basement mech room. Sample dust under steam header for asbestos. As per phone call on 9/11/02. 9/24/2002 9797
Mech Engr Bldg (1347) G019 Test paint on floor under carpet for lead. Test base for asbestos. 6/15/2000 7530
Mech Engr Bldg (1347) G31 Sample glue and tile at marked location on ceiling of room G31. 2/21/2002 9203
Mech Engr Bldg (1347) Room 126 Sample wall paint for lead (sink area). 12/8/2000 7952
Mech Engr Bldg (1347) Room 311 Test putty and paint in room 311 for asbestos and lead. 10/4/2001 8794
Mech Engr Bldg (1347) S end stairwell, 2/3 floors Test putty on 28"x11" broken window in stairwell. 6/28/2000 7556
Mech Engr Bldg (1347) various Take appropriate samples to identify the location of asbestos containing window putty in each homogenous space in the building. Analyze samples for each homogenous area until a positive sample is identified, or all samples are found to be negative.

If possible, identify the areas where asbestos containing window putty is present, <1% window putty is present, and window putty with no asbestos is present.

Background: Both MEB and More Hall have had a number of samples of window putty taken,with only one sample in each building showing greater than 1% asbestos. The window putty is deteriorating, and if disturbed could present a potential hazard to building occupants. Air monitoring done in the buildings to date has not found elevated levels of airborne asbestos. Mike Carrette of Engineering has sent an e-mail notice to occupants not to disturb the material. To initiate corrective action, Facilities Services needs to know the extent of the asbestos containing window putty. To address that need, a survey of window putty in each building is needed.
3/8/2002 9121
Mercer Hall (1142) 113W, 227W, 321W Inspect carpet and base for ACM. 7/21/2000 7613
Mercer Hall (1142) 31 Test flooring. 7/19/2000 7615
Mercer Hall (1142) 37 Test flooring and a wall mural. 7/24/2000 7616
Mercer Hall (1142) Stairway #3, Floor #1 Please test door for ACM prior to repair by 16CARP. 11/15/2002 9996
Merrill Hall (1123) Entire structure Conduct a hazardous materials survey of the entire building. The building has received extensive fire damage and efforts are underway to contain the fire damage. Mr. James Lukehart has conducted a cursory survey and would be willing to share his initial results as a starting point for the survey. This project is critical and the survey must be conducted with the utmost expediency. Please contact Belbor (Contractor) Mike Whalen 206.545.2709 with question about access. If you can't reach Mr. Whalen, page Ivan Turner at 206-221-4382 and he will assist you. thanks. 6/13/2001 8491
Miller Hall (1192) 122, 115, 110, 412 Survey for asbestos and lead. 4/21/2000 7282
Miller Hall (1192) various Samples in ceiling space and walls along corridors where fluorescent light fixtures will be retroffited with emergency battery pack in the following buildings:
Miller Hall (Bldg. No. 083)

Please call requestor for a walkthru in the said buildings.
6/29/2001 8536
More Hall (1171) 233 Test ceiling, floor, mastic, base, & pai 12/23/1999 7021
More Hall (1171) 314 Please test flooring and mastic at base of left door and door jamb entering room 314 More Hall. 6/24/2002 9546
More Hall (1171) 319 Check the two entrance doors to lab for asbestos. 11/3/2000 7861
More Hall (1171) 320 Test: 1. Floor tile and mastic
2. Wall plaster behind cabinet with sink next to fume hood
3. Base with mastic
9/18/2000 7738
More Hall (1171) 320 Test fume hoods (2) for asbestos. 8/29/2000 7710
More Hall (1171) Back parking lot of More Hall Air monitoring services from Clayton for work performed by Crown Delta under special contract with CEE. Asbestos remediation work will be performed in on materials in the back parking lot of More Hall. 8/9/2001 8636
More Hall (1171) Blakeley Village Storage Yard Perform asbestos survey on trailers 1, 2, 3 and 4 as necessary. Perform lead paint survey on interior of trailer 4 (orange trailer). 4/28/2001 8374
More Hall (1171) Rooms 128 and 132 Provide specifications abatement of asbestos partitions, floor tile, rubber base and glazing compound. 10/31/2002 9934
More Hall (1171) Rooms 128 and 132 Provide a good faith report for lead and asbestos in these two office suites. 9/6/2002 9755
More Hall (1171) Rooms 336, 132E, 132D, and 319-A Test one window in each room for asbestos in the putty of the broken ones. 2/14/2002 9219
More Hall Annex (Nuclear Reactor) (1145) Room 006 Please provide good faith survey for asbestos and lead paint.

Provide good faith letter for contractor.
(Chuck please contact me for a project walkthough.)
3/5/2001 8159
Music Bldg (1299) 114 Need sample taken of broken up linoleum in front of room. 10/14/2002 9888
Music Bldg (1299) 21, corridor 70K Test paint. Test ceiling space and pipe insulation. 7/5/2000 7574
Music Bldg (1299) 63 Survey for ACM. 2/15/2000 7157
Music Bldg (1299) Mech Sample for asbestos on pipe insulation. 12/29/1999 7062
Music Bldg (1299) Various See attached locations and drawings. Call requester for walkthrough. 1/14/2002 9036
Music Bldg (1299) Various Conduit/wiremold throughout bldg. Forwarding drawings by mail. Call requester for walkthrough. 10/3/2001 8745
Northlake Bldg (1116) Custodial services office Test floor tiles and layers of deteriorating fill material under broken tiles for asbestos. 12/17/2001 8985
NPL Cycltron Shop (1348) Back side of Cyclotron shop Test the broken window for asbestos in the back of the building. 44 inches by 16 inches. 6/14/2002 9533
NPL Cycltron Shop (1348) East elevation and main shop Test one window in each room for asbestos in the putty of the broken ones. 2/21/2002 9218
NPL Cycltron Shop (1348) Left of shipping and receiving Test putty for asbestos on two broken windows. 40 inches x 16. 7/29/2002 9665
NPL Cycltron Shop (1348) Loading bay mezzanine Test base flashing and roofing material on west end of Cyclotron Shop Building. 11/1/2002 9952
NPL Cycltron Shop (1348) Shop bay, carpentry shop, roof Provide 2 fans on roofs, duct access through roof into ceiling space, ductwork along ceiling, ductwork down through storage area and below storage area. Provide steam piping from bay, through carpentry shop, to roof. Provide electrical power and control systems from panel to exhaust and MLA fans. Reference attached T1, M1, M2, M3, E1 for clarification. 5/9/2001 8346
Nuc Phys Cycltron (1167) Rooms 106 and 108 east side bldg. Test one window in each room for asbestos in the putty of the broken ones. 2/21/2002 9217
Observatory (1349) 102, 107 Check wiring for ACM 3/21/2000 7235
Ocean Sciences Bldg (1314) Lower mech Check gaskets on compressor for ACM. (across from elevator) 8/14/2000 7670
Ocean Sciences Bldg (1314) Main stairway ceiling Please test ceiling material which has fallen into the main stairway for ACM prior to clean up by Custodial Services. 7/13/2001 8554
Ocean Teach Bldg (1141) Floor 2 - Stair 2 - Door Check door for asbestos per B. Carlson. The door closer needs to be reparied or replaced.
(Dennis Fields will return on 10/18/00. Please contact Roxanne Klein at 685-1427 with any questions.)
10/17/2000 7836
Ocean Teach Bldg (1141) Library (151) stacks area downstairs Earthquake. Please test old strips of carpet (and mastic?) exposed after damaged book shelving was removed for ACM and abate if necessary as discussed with Jim Lukehart. 4/6/2001 8329
Ocean Teach Bldg (1141) Stairways Please check stairway doors as necessary to determine if they typically contain ACM. 1/31/2001 8074
Ocean Teach Bldg (1141) various Samples in ceiling space and walls along corridors where fluorescent light fixtures will be retroffited with emergency battery pack in the following buildings:
Oceanography Teaching Building (Bldg. No. 218)

Please call requestor for a walkthru in the said buildings.
6/29/2001 8537
Oceanography Bldg (1352) 324 Test putty of broken window in room 324 for asbestos. 7/29/2002 9650
Oceanography Bldg (1352) Old - 1st floor main corridor Test paint in ceiling for lead - painters are working in the area and can direct consultant to area needing masonry repairs i.e. testing. 8/13/2001 8629
Oceanography Bldg (1352) Old - 206 through 228 Please perform a Hazardous Building Materials Survey for rooms 209 through 228 located in the center core of the building. Test for all hazardous materials that could affect cost of remodeling this space. The client would like the results of this survey as soon as possible. 10/29/2001 8866
Oceanography Bldg (1352) Old - exterior doors facing service road Test green double doors for lead-painters plan to scrape, sand and repaint doors - doors are facing the service road and have a lot of trim detail. 8/13/2001 8603
Oceanography Bldg (1352) Old - floor 1, north corridor, east Test plaster ceiling for ACM prior to shops cutting an access into it to repair leaking pipe. Please do within the next day or two as discussed with Saeid Rastegar. Thanks! 3/12/2002 9262
Oceanography Bldg (1352) Second floor Work order to Jim Lukehart shop 32 for workplan including specifcation and drawings notes for abatement of Oceanography building 2nd floor alterations. Destructive testing OK. Need consultant ASAP. Need product before Oct 25th. Schedule walkthrough with requestor or Andrew FauntLeRoy at 1-4334. 11/5/2002 9905
Odegaard Library (1125) 3rd floor concourse Check ceiling under beam in NE corner for lead or ACM in taping mud. 2/28/2000 7222
Odegaard Library (1125) By George kitchen Please analyze ceramic yellow 4x4 tile mastic located above a Electrical distribution panel. We will be removing about 2sf of wall to install conduit to the elec. box. Please call Carl Johansen for a walkthru. Monday morning AUG 28th I will be in the area untill 9:30 please call my cell phone at 206 321 1577 ...........thank you, cj

The tiles are located just inside the door leading to the dish wash area and on the wall above the Electric Panels. We need to break a hole in the wall to install conduit. Please call Carl Johansen at 321-1577 for the exact location of the tile.
8/28/2001 8686
Odegaard Library (1125) By George west basement mech room Sample ACM gasket material from flanges. Pipe was previously abated for Larry Whitton's crew. New request is from Jon Draper. Contact him directly for further information. 9/4/2002 9770
Odegaard Library (1125) C1 - C3 - C5 Test ceiling tiles on all floors in hallway leading to the parking garage stair (2). 9/29/2000 7773
Odegaard Library (1125) Clear story above NE alcove, next to room 310 Earthquake. Test for asbestos in the caulking around the broken window marked with tape. Eight ft. off floor. Approx. size is
98x35. Off the open study area.
4/19/2001 8355
Old Oceanography - retired 201 Please test ceiling tiles and ceiling tile mastic in 201 for asbestos. 1/30/2001 8105
Old Oceanography - retired 201, 202, 207 (inc. interior closets & vault), 208 Please test painted surfaces, wood base, window putty in each room for hazardous materials. Patching and painting will occur in all rooms. Also check for asbestos at the drop ceiling area of room 207. I would like to do a walk through prior to testing. 11/21/2000 7894
Old Oceanography - retired 206 Test back E wall plaster for ACM. 2/7/2000 7160
Overhead (805) Stepvan #434 Test ceiling tiles for asbestos content. 6/14/2001 8482
Padelford Hall (1136) A/B basement mech room Please sample suspect blankets on hwh strainers that have been disturbed. Thanks LW. 1/18/2002 9129
Padelford Hall (1136) C138 Survey for lead and asbestos. 8/17/2000 7652
Padelford Hall (1136) Room B110N & M Provide new oak door to suits B110N, M, L and K with relite in door. Demo wall to B110N, provide and install 3x3 window between B110N and B110M. Remove shelving, modify and reinstall in new location. Patch and paint wall in B110N and B110M, provide and install mini blinds for both B110N and B110M. Modify electrical circuits as needed after wall demo. 1/2/2002 9055
Parking Lot E-01 (3740) Wahkiakim Lane. Sample for lead. 5/9/2000 7397
Parkway Hsing (1043) 3900 Univ Way - entire structure (inside only) Evaluate for hazarous materials inside the building. Not to exceed $1100. See Carl Johansen for keys and further instructions. 6/10/2002 9496
Parrington Hall (1179) 008 / 108 HVAC remodel - new air handling equipment, new duct runs, new piping connections to existing and miscellaneous demolition. Included a set of drawings for reference. Call requester for a walk thru. 11/27/2001 8817
Parrington Hall (1179) 118 Check lath and plaster wall that is now exposed inside room 118. Door should be unlocked. 10/4/2000 7800
Parrington Hall (1179) 118 Test walls for lead and asbestos. 8/31/2000 7709
Pavilion and Pool (1196) Pavilion - south penthouse mech room Please sample suspect painted blankets on hot water heating valves in upper penthouse mech room located on the south side of building. Thanks, L Whitton. 6/20/2001 8517
Pavilion and Pool (1196) Ticket window, room 2 Emergency sampling, 1-hour turnaround. Sample mastic and paint for presence of asbestos and lead. 3/12/2002 9267
Physical Plant Off (1176) 019 - telcom closet Check plaster in ceiling for asbestos and lead. 6/5/2000 7476
Physical Plant Off (1176) 102 Please check all wall plaster for asbestos containing material. Shelving is to be removed and reattached on the opposite wall. Check both south and north walls. 10/2/2000 7793
Physical Plant Off (1176) 5 & 6 Test walls and ceilings for possible hazardous materials. 3/17/2001 8217
Physical Plant Off (1176) Basement Sample tile for asbestos contamination. 8/14/2000 7669
Physical Plant Off (1176) Exterior east and south Please check exterior caulking and any other suspicous material on the east and south walls of the building. Plan is to remove some siding and tirm and seal the windows. This is a priority test and request one day turn around on this sample. Lead test was performed this summer and I have results so will not need this checked. Call Landon at 221-3182 if there are any questions and if you need direction about testing. 9/30/2002 9837
Physical Plant Off (1176) Lower level S end Check wall plaster, ceiling tile & mastic for ACM, paint for lead. 6/5/2000 7464
Physical Plant Off (1176) Outside (east of building) Please test paints for lead on the east side of the building. 2/10/2002 9171
Physical Plant Off (1176) Rooms 126 & 111 Please check ceiling tile and ceiling tile mastic in both rooms 126 and 111 for possible asbestos. Check wall plaster in room 111 for possible asbestos. Check wall paint in room 111 for possible lead hazard. 6/14/2001 8514
Plant Lab (1207) Basement Test tile & mastic for asbestos. 12/23/1999 7054
Plant Lab (1207) Exterior windows Please test for lead paint on windows and frames. See Ming for details. 4/8/2002 9349
Plant Ops Anx 4 (1184) Crawlspace Provide air monitoring. 3/8/2002 9279
Plant Ops Anx 4 (1184) FOMS shop - transom above entry door Test the small broken transom glass putty for asbestos. 16 x 10 inches. 9/20/2001 8739
Plant Ops Bldg (1199) Basement Test the circuit breaker located in the basement of the Plant Operations Building for asbestos content. Call John Gustafson at 206-310-8610 for additional information. 2/10/2002 9124
Plant Ops Bldg (1199) Main, bottom floor E side Test putty for asbestos. 4/21/2000 7327
Plant Ops Bldg (1199) Rooms 111 and 102 Check drywall, base mastic, floor tile & mastic in room 111. Check lead paint in this room also.
Check drywall and paint for lead in room 102. Floor and base remain.
Please call if questions or need to meet in the area.
6/24/2002 9543
Plant Svcs Bldg (1148) 229A - elec alt shop, 231 sht mtl shop, glass shop Sample floor tile for ACM 5/2/2000 7350
Plant Svcs Bldg (1148) 256 Sample floor tile for ACM. 4/11/2000 7311
Plant Svcs Bldg (1148) Carpenter shop Test brown mastic on office partition panels to be removed in refurbishing. A panel with this material exposed is located in the Plant Services building in the carpenter shop on a cart near my office (room 203E). 9/29/2000 7786
Plant Svcs Bldg (1148) Room 204 Sample paint, base adhesive and carpet glue for lead and asbestos.

Notify Don Johnson with results.
11/19/2000 7903
Power Plant - Building (1350) #5 boiler basement Sample disturbed mortar inside #5 boiler for ACM. 8/15/2000 7682
Power Plant - Building (1350) Air compressor intake Test #2 and 3 air compressor intake filter housing covers for lead paint. 8/31/2000 7722
President's Res (1053) First & second floors Please perform good faith survey of window glazing surrounding windows on the first and second floor of the President's Residence as follows: formal dining room, living room, den, library on first floor and all bedrooms, study & library on second floor.

Beth Hammerister shall be contacted at 997-6794 for appointment before anyone will be allowed to visit project site.
1/3/2001 7985
Purch+Accnt Bldg (1112) 150 K Please check broken tiles in front of sink and microwaves for ACM. 9/14/2001 8720
Purch+Accnt Bldg (1112) 150K Please test cove base mastic for ACM and include an estimate to abate tile floor for the above WR as discussed with Saeid. 10/16/2001 8805
Purch+Accnt Bldg (1112) 1st and 2nd floor Test toilet doors on first and second floor. 3/12/2001 8246
Purch+Accnt Bldg (1112) 1st and 2nd floor and roof Install new duct work to toilet rooms on 1st and 2nd floor. Replace fan on roof. Demo existing duct work. See attached drawings for work area. 2/5/2001 8093
Purch+Accnt Bldg (1112) 219E Test floor tile. Also test nearby pipe insulation, especially joint. 1/23/2001 8044
Purch+Accnt Bldg (1112) Accounts and Grants section (room 150) Please check ceiling tiles for ACM in the Grants area, room 150. The occupants are concerned that dust falling from the ceiling may contain asbestos. 5/29/2001 8454
Purch+Accnt Bldg (1112) Room 250 & 204 Provide a good faith letter for lead and asbestos in these two rooms. 9/24/2001 8724
Raitt Hall (1301) 305T Test tile and mastic adhesive and float material underneath for asbestos. Float material can be accessed by hole already in middle of room. 10/3/2001 8774
Raitt Hall (1301) various Sample areas through end of October as directed by Jim Lukehart. 10/29/2002 9885
Raitt Hall (1301) various Sample areas through end of September as directed by Jim Lukehart. 10/4/2002 9778
Raitt Hall (1301) various Sample areas through end of August as directed by Jim Lukehart. 8/30/2002 9693
Raitt Hall (1301) various Sample areas through end of July as directed by Jim Lukehart. 7/24/2002 9593
Raitt Hall (1301) various Sample areas through end of June as directed by Jim Lukehart. 6/27/2002 9505
Raitt Hall (1301) various Sample areas through end of May as directed by Jim Lukehart. 5/22/2002 9435
Raitt Hall (1301) various Sample areas through end of April as directed by Jim Lukehart. 4/30/2002 9354
Raitt Hall (1301) various Sample areas through end of March as directed by Jim Lukehart. 3/29/2002 9275
Raitt Hall (1301) various Sample areas through end of February as directed by Jim Lukehart. 2/27/2002 9187
Raitt Hall (1301) various Sample areas through end of January as directed by Jim Lukehart. 1/25/2002 9087
Raitt Hall (1301) various Sample area through end of December as directed by Jim Lukehart. 12/21/2001 9017
Raitt Hall (1301) various Sample areas through end of November as directed by Jim Lukehart. 11/30/2001 8973
Raitt Hall (1301) various Sampling outside for verification of asbestos in paint, in conjunction with estimate request 8845. 10/26/2001 8858
Raitt Hall (1301) various Samples in ceiling space and walls along corridors where fluorescent light fixtures will be retroffited with emergency battery pack in the following buildings:
Raitt Hall (Bldg. No. 045)

Please call requestor for a walkthru in the said buildings.
7/6/2001 8538
Raitt Hall (1301) Various locations in building Please perform a good faith survey in the building at various locations to be determined at a scheduled site visit. Please contact me so we can arrange this prior to any work being performed. I would also like an estimate. 9/30/2002 9802
Roberts Hall (1191) Steps to rqqf Please test fire proofing material falling off of beams for asbestos. Enter from 4th fl. across from #443 you will need a 20 key to get in. 2/10/2002 9168
Savery Hall (1327) 146, 144 Test window putty and paint. 1/29/2000 7114
Savery Hall (1327) 153 Test window putty for ACM. 7/24/2000 7625
Savery Hall (1327) 207 ceiling & wall near vert. wiremould, S wall Remove vertical wiremould on the So. wall next to existing bookcases.
Coil-up C&C wire in ceiling for later relocation.
Provide new matching bookcases aprox. 8' to right of existing on So. wall.
3/17/2001 8186
Savery Hall (1327) Basement mech room Sample fallen suspect asbestos pipe insulation in Savery Hall basement mech room...near heating pumps...earthquake damage. 4/1/2001 9422
Savery Hall (1327) Basement mech room Sample fallen suspect asbestos pipe insulation in Savery Hall basement mech room...near heating pumps...earthquake damage. 4/2/2001 8273
Savery Hall (1327) Building exterior Building exterior was power washing causing the loose paint to flake off. Dave Sonderland informed me via email that the paint in question contains asbestos. Please contact Wayne Mills (221-2846) for specific locations for sampling. 10/15/2001 8842
Savery Hall (1327) Hallway wall across from rooms 207 & 209 Hang 16 lin.ft. of 4' tall narrow display cases at 44" aff. centered between rms. 209 & 207 on opposite side of hall. 3/17/2001 8188
Savery Hall (1327) Room 202 Emergency testing: first and second layers of vinyl floor and adhesive. 6/21/2001 8523
Savery Hall (1327) Room 202 Please take sample and test for asbestos in the base mastic. 4/19/2001 8380
Savery Hall (1327) Room 302 Earthquake. Test broken window in rm 302 for asbestos. 3/9/2001 8216
Savery Hall (1327) Savery and Raitt Halls - various Conduct hazardous materials survey and design for Savery and Raitt Halls per Clayton proposal 01SEAOHS-293 as approved by Rick Cheney on 10/30/01. 11/9/2001 8907
Savery Hall (1327) various Sample areas through end of October as directed by Jim Lukehart. 10/29/2002 9884
Savery Hall (1327) various Sample areas through end of September as directed by Jim Lukehart. 10/4/2002 9777
Savery Hall (1327) various Sample areas through end of August as directed by Jim Lukehart. 8/30/2002 9692
Savery Hall (1327) various Sample areas through end of July as directed by Jim Lukehart. 7/24/2002 9592
Savery Hall (1327) various Sample areas through end of June as directed by Jim Lukehart. 6/27/2002 9504
Savery Hall (1327) various Sample areas through end of May as directed by Jim Lukehart. 5/22/2002 9434
Savery Hall (1327) various Sample areas through end of April as directed by Jim Lukehart. 4/30/2002 9353
Savery Hall (1327) various Sample areas through end of March as directed by Jim Lukehart. 3/29/2002 9274
Savery Hall (1327) various Sample areas through end of February as directed by Jim Lukehart. 2/27/2002 9186
Savery Hall (1327) various Sample areas through end of January as directed by Jim Lukehart. 1/25/2002 9086
Savery Hall (1327) various Sample areas through end of December as directed by Jim Lukehart. 12/21/2001 9016
Savery Hall (1327) various Sample area through end of November as directed by Jim Lukehart. 11/30/2001 8972
Savery Hall (1327) various Survey outside of building for paint on ground as described by Wednesday's PSCAA investigation. 10/19/2001 8867
Schmitz Hall (1127) 121, 105, 117, 119 Survey for job including: 6 core drills down to garage, carpet removal and new carpet, some cabinetry. 3/29/2000 7252
Schmitz Hall (1127) 205 Please test tile and mastic in the bathroom for ACM. The tile will be replaced so you may do destructive sampling. 2/10/2002 9169
Schmitz Hall (1127) 209 Good faith survey where door is going. Wall and floor. 10/4/2002 9841
Schmitz Hall (1127) 301 space above the ceiling Please confirm that the space above the ceiling is safe to work in with regard to asbestos. I believe this space was abated/encapsulated when a remodel project took place a few years ago. Please advise ASAP! There is a leak that needs to be addressed ASAP. 1/30/2002 9167
Schmitz Hall (1127) 375 This reception area is having new glue down carpet, so it is only necessary to test carpet and rubber base mastic. There is a possibility that the tile below this carpet has already been abated for the previous installation - please check. Client is Candy Kamenkona 543-4155. 3/29/2002 9320
Schmitz Hall (1127) 394N & 387 Please evaluate fire stop materials in wire tray at entrance to the, 3rd floor, above dropped ceiling, Communications closet. If positive we will need this material removed as soon as possible. See Carl Johansen for details if needed.......11/12/2002 11/13/2002 9994
Schmitz Hall (1127) 394N and 387 Clean out above ceiling at Schmitz Hall outside of room 387 to the electrical closet. We will be installing elec conduit and two visits will be needed to clean out the ceiling and to clean spaces in order to anchor conduit. A report will be needed for any additional hazardous materials in the area. We will be core drilling in 4 different areas, modifing walls, demoing doors, etc. See Carl Johansen for a drawing and further instructions. 10/17/2002 9902
Schmitz Hall (1127) 440 Survey 3/29/2000 7248
Schmitz Hall (1127) Floor 3, stairway 2 Test door for ACM 8/17/2000 7683
Schmitz Hall (1127) Floor 4, stairway 2 Test door for ACM. 8/15/2000 7684
Schmitz Hall (1127) Loading dock minus one level Emergency sampling of overhead ceiling spray.
(Results from a previous survey found no hazards after Clayton had already taken samples to the lab.)
12/7/2000 7975
Schmitz Hall (1127) Room 320 Please complete due diligence for asbestos and lead presence at niche at NE corner of Schmitz room 320, which will be turned into a new office. Areas/items to be checked should include: ceiling, walls, resilient base, carpet. Thanks. 9/25/2002 9784
Schmitz Hall (1127) Room 389 Determine the consistancy, if Asbestos, of the sprayed on coating of the stainless steel sink in room 389 Schmitz Hall. Call Carl Johansen if location plans will be needed. 5/8/2001 8414
Schmitz Hall (1127) Stair 3 floor 2 Door handle fell off door. Please test door for ACM. 10/16/2000 7829
Schmitz Hall (1127) Stairway 2, floor 2 Check stairway door for ACM. 8/14/2000 7672
Schmitz Hall (1127) Stairway doors Please have Chuck Greeb test the remainder of the stairway doors for ACM per my telephone conversation with him. Provide a list of the doors he considers to contain ACM. 9/5/2000 7698
Seafirst Ex Ed Ct (1316) Foster library Good faith letter. 6/14/2000 7458
Sieg Hall (1332) 223, 226 Test ceiling tile and plaster glue, mainly on 223 for asbestos. 10/25/2000 7830
Sieg Hall (1332) 227 Test ceiling tile and plaster glue. 10/25/2000 7831
Sieg Hall (1332) 230A Asbestos lagging material laying on ceiling above A/C unit where refrigeration unit needs to work.
They requested it be cleaned out and patched before the workers install or work in the area. Survey area to determine where asbestos is and if it's stable.
9/29/2000 7791
Sieg Hall (1332) 233 Test window putty on cracked window. 2/16/2000 7186
Sieg Hall (1332) 315 Test window putty on cracked window. 2/16/2000 7185
Sieg Hall (1332) 323, 325 Continue survey, after ceiling opened, for asbestos and lead. Work addendum to 7389. Check insulation joints at steam line. Fax results ASAP. Air monitoring above ceiling. 8/2/2000 7636
Sieg Hall (1332) 323, 325 Good faith survey for public bid documents of remodel. 5/31/2000 7389
Sieg Hall (1332) 332 Survey for asbestos and lead - mastic, all surfaces, utilities 6/13/2000 7440
Sieg Hall (1332) Main columns on S side exterior Check primer on columns for lead. 11/19/1999 6984
Smith Hall (1208) 320 Good faith survey. Project includes adding 2 ea outlets, removing black board and fabric art work, patching and painting all surfaces, replacing carpet and base. 7/25/2000 7606
Smith Hall (1208) 406, 406A, 406B Check walls, floor covering, and wiring for ACM. Check walls for lead. 3/14/2000 7245
Smith Hall (1208) 407 Test window putty. 1/29/2000 7116
Smith Hall (1208) Electrical room and janitor's closet Obtain sample of possible asbestos containing material that was disturbed in Electrical Room and Janitor's Closet at Smith Hall, 1st Floor. Provide results by 4:00 PM this afternoon. 8/23/2001 8671
Smith Hall (1208) Room 02 Modify sprinkler system, saw cut doorway through CMU wall, demo existing wall, repair floor tile.
Need as soon as possible, client wants to get moving on project. see my for walk through.
11/7/2001 8877
Smith Hall (1208) Room 113 Provide a good faith letter for asbestos and lead in the office space, and the main corridor ceiling near the northwest building entry on the first floor. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 2/14/2001 8124
Smith Hall (1208) Room 29, custodial office Good faith survey for asbestos and lead, see attached drawing. 9/29/2000 7767
Soc Wk/Sp Hrng Sci (1121) 151, 153, 159 Check for Hazardous materials in wall taping compound, flooring and base mastics in rooms 151, 159, 153. See Carl Johansen for drawings if needed, office 206-543-3477 (cell 206-321-1577). 6/3/2002 9480
Soc Wk/Sp Hrng Sci (1121) 220F & 220G Provide a good faith letter for lead and asbestos in these two rooms. 9/25/2001 8725
Soc Wk/Sp Hrng Sci (1121) 230, 125, 26, 30, 32, 36, 38, B-10, B-12, B-14 Work in each room will consist of - Painting, ceiling cleaning and replacement of damaged tile, removal of carpet and base, and replacement with VCT, provision new chair rail and white boards. Please ensure testing will cover all these areas. 3/25/2002 9298
Soc Wk/Sp Hrng Sci (1121) Breezeway Test filler in the door jambs at the breezeway between Eagleson Hall and Speech and Hearing. The jambs on both buildings at the breezeway. One has been drilled and white powder came out. 10/4/2002 9844
Soc Wk/Sp Hrng Sci (1121) Stairway door Test for ACM at door hardware. 7/10/2000 7586
South Campus Center (1308) 303 and 305 Please test the following materials for ACM: beam insulation material that has come off and landed on the ceiling, the glue behind the bulletin boards, the floor tile and mastic, and the doors. It may be necessary to test only one door. According to Paul Zuchowski, all of the doors were installed at the same time.
Contact Jane Matteson @ 3-0530 for access.
5/2/2002 9415
South Campus Center (1308) 327 (restroom) both doors Please test both doors going into this restroom for ACM prior to repair work by carpenter. Please provide test results within the next day or two. Thanks! 6/13/2002 9495
South Campus Center (1308) Basement mech room Abate 1 ft each side of 3" high pressure steam butterfly valve. Also remove twn flexatalic gaskets..flagged in..mech room..need building shutdown..will not be able to shut steam off until 5 PM on weekday or..have to be done on weekend. 9/25/2000 7770
South Campus Center (1308) Candy counter, news stand Test paint & ceiling for lead. Test base, mastic, & carpet for asbestos. 5/22/2000 7411
South Campus Center (1308) Mech Sample gasket material on valve. 4/20/2000 7343
South Campus Center (1308) Mech Sample fan gasket for asbestos. 12/28/1999 7058
Stadium (1188) Concession stand in NE corner on 1st level Please check drywall taping compound in the building. Contact Landon for access and other questions. 7/19/2002 9617
Staff Employment (1155) Room 220 Sample wall in room 220 for asbestos and lead. 11/27/2002 10012
Stevens Court Buildings C and M C: Sample exterior siding and window caulking, shingle roofing and siding felt, and paint.
M: Sample interior paint and exterior paint on stairs and railing.
3/27/2000 7229
Stevens Court A (1244) Building 'A' & Building 'L' Building 'A' : Exterior siding and window caulking, siding felt, and exterior paint on shingle siding.
Building 'L' : Interior paint in apartments and paint on exterior stairs and railing.

Note: Last March Clayton did a good faith inspection on buildings C & M. (Work Order No. 7229/Clayton Project No. 75-00039.00.475)
5/9/2001 8384
Stevens Court D (1247) Building "D" and Community Center Please perform a HAZMAT Building Survey in Steven's Court, Building "D" and the Community Center in preparation to replace the siding and carpet. Contact Somchai Suwiwattanakul at 221-4329 for details. 4/2/2002 9324
Student Union (1153) 100 (bookstore) Test all four oak veneer fire doors entering the bookstore for ACM. 9/10/2001 8708
Student Union (1153) 103 (bike shop) Please check door for ACM prior to repair by 16CARP within the next day or two. 8/1/2002 9664
Student Union (1153) 107 Please test pipe lagging for ACM prior to plumber repairing leak (1 hour turn around as discussed with Chuck Greeb). Thanks! 6/10/2002 9519
Student Union (1153) 200B Check putty in this room for ACM and paint for lead. 11/23/1999 6980
Student Union (1153) 206 Test doors for ACM. Core of fare rated doors suspect. Doors lead to HUB ballroom and are heavily used. 11/18/1999 6968
Student Union (1153) 206A Test doors for ACM prior to repair work by carpenter. Coordinate with Dennis so he can arrange to have the carpenter on site to identify the set of doors that need to be checked out. Can we do a 2 working day turn around on this? Thanks 6/10/2002 9521
Student Union (1153) 304F Sample window putty of broken window for asbestos. 1/2/2001 8012
Student Union (1153) Air plenum Sample lagging from roof drain line fitting to allow access by 16PLUM. Dennis will have plumber meet you to identify exact location. 1/24/2002 9158
Student Union (1153) B-6A Take samples from 3 doors, 2 wood and 1 metal, and test for asbestos. Doors are located in room B-6A. See Paul in HUB 104C, or ask to have Kurt Oglesby paged as he also can let you in. 6/27/2002 9570
Student Union (1153) B6D Please check gasket on flange of HW circulation pump for ACM. Attention Saeid: This is the pump we were looking for last week but in the wrong room. The correct room number according to the machine mechanic is B6D. Let me know when you plan to look at this pump. I would like to meet you or your staff on site. If this could be accomplished in the next day or two that would be great. Thanks! 11/27/2001 8954
Student Union (1153) B-6E or F Please test pump gasket for ACM ASAP. 11/7/2001 8915
Student Union (1153) Ballroom deck Sample suspicious material. 11/6/2000 7883
Student Union (1153) Basement, B6D Please test the flexible connections for ACM on the intake of supply fan SAF 03 / DIN 02-15 which serves the Atrium and SE dining area. Contact Dennis for exact location and details. 1/16/2002 9100
Student Union (1153) Cooling tower Sample gasket on cooling tower. Call Mike Fernandes for details. 4/3/2001 8316
Student Union (1153) East Ballroom Earthquake. Please test ceiling tiles for ACM. This may require a manlift to reach tiles. 5/31/2001 8474
Student Union (1153) G10 Test for lead and asbestos in areas where core drills are required. 6/3/2002 9503
Student Union (1153) G-10 Please sample for asbestos 7 types of floor tile and the mastic for each in rooms G10, G10-D, G-10J, G-10K, and G10L. This is one large space with partitions. 6 of the types of floor tile are 9 inch and the 7th is 12 inch. Space was constructed in 1952 but do not know if the 9 inch is original tile, 12 inch was a replacement at some point. Contact requester (in room 104C) for access. 4/19/2002 9382
Student Union (1153) Game - W wall Sample wall board behind cloud mural. 5/2/2000 7344
Student Union (1153) Game, W wall Sample mastic holding wood paneling. 5/5/2000 7358
Student Union (1153) Stairwell by Husky Den Please collect sample for asbestos testing. 1/29/2001 8102
Student Union (1153) various Survey and provide a good faith letter for asbestos and lead containing materials that will be impacted by the scope of work (core drillings) shown on the attached drawings (M1, M2, M3, M4, E1, & E3). Please let me know when the walk-through is scheduled. 1/8/2001 7993
Student Union (1153) various doors Sample stairway doors and E ball door. 1/13/2000 7067
Student Union (1153) Wall where door to Bicycle Repair Shop is located Please test grout between red brick for ACM. Test area is located on the wall common with the entrance door leading into the Bicycle Repair Shop on Floor 1. Contact Mickey Kelsey @ 616-5090 (Office) or 849-1960 (cell phone) for details and exact location. 3/5/2001 8651
Student Union (1153) Wall where door to Bicycle Repair Shop is located Please test grout between red brick for ACM. Test area is located on the wall common with the entrance door leading into the Bicycle Repair Shop on Floor 1. Contact Mickey Kelsey @ 616-5090 (Office) or 849-1960 (cell phone) for details and exact location. 3/5/2001 8210
Student Union (1153) West ballroom Please test debris that has fallen into the chandeliers (possibly from the ceiling) for ACM. Coordinate scheduling with Dennis to arrange for a lift to reach these fixtures. 7/1/2002 9508
Suzzallo Library (1193) G070 by elevator Test wall where plaster is cracked and spalled for lead and asbestos content. 3/29/2002 9326
Suzzallo Library (1193) Mechanical room - floor 6 Test chilled water system insulation where leak needs to be repaired. Please contact Harold Ensor (pager: 206-540-9284) for exact location for testing and removal. 11/9/2001 8906
Suzzallo Library (1193) Sixth floor attic area Take necessary samples to evaluate 6th floor mech room ACM risk potential. 9/24/2001 8717
Univ Records Ctr (1113) Interior and exterior Test paint for lead - interior and exterior paint. 11/11/2002 9966
Util Tunnel Sys (3774) Between HS-3 and HS-1 Check existing composite tray for presence of Asbestos. 11/14/2001 8884
Util Tunnel Sys (3774) West trunk WT-2 to steam plant Check to verify that the composite communications tray is Asbestos. 11/16/2001 8883
Utilities - General (3752) various Check all areas for asbestos gaskets before meter installation. Chuck and I will assist you with the locations, the buildings are: Women Athletics, Graves Annex, Nordstrom Tennis Center, Hec Edmundson, Stadium Concession 1,2,& 6, West Stadium, North Stadium & South Stadium. Please let me know went we can schedule this. Thanks Herman. 10/8/2002 9843
Utilities - General (3752) various Approximately (5) five samplings from multiple locations at water headers/flange gaskets. 8/12/2002 9700
Utilities (3772) CP-2 Need asbestos sampling in line to be repaired. 6/14/2002 9524
Utilities (3772) Fisheries branch tunnel Sample area prior to abatement. 1/23/2001 8083
Utilities (3772) HS-3 Please sample and abate or encapsulate as needed as per Booker T Washington request. Located at HS-3. Enter through Old Fisheries Building. 11/20/2001 8963
Utilities (3772) LC-9 to HS-0 Please sample expansion joint packing on 6 hp steam expansion joints from LC-9 to HS-0.
Sample by Wednesday, November 15, 2000.

If asbestos, please remove... steam main shutdown and expansion joint glands removed for access.
12/1/2000 7921
Utilities (3772) NE-1, NE-2, and NE-3 Prepare good faith letter for contractor to do work on pipe manifolds previously abated. 10/25/2001 8886
Utilities (3772) NE-7 Please test insulation for asbestos on leaking piping on hp steam discharge. NE-7. See Booker T for location if needed. 4/29/2002 9408
Utilities (3772) NE-8 Please sample pipe insulation at steam strainer in upper level of NE-8. Enter through McMahon Hall mech room. LW. 10/16/2001 8822
Utilities (3772) SC-4-1 Test mold on pipe insulation and in sheet rock at floor level near Old Fisheries mech room door. 10/17/2002 9903
Utilities (3772) ST4 Test pipe insulation on condensate return line. 6/15/2000 7511
Utilities (3772) ST-4 Please ..... sample scabby looking stuff on 1" forged steel 90 and pipe at steam leak. may be asbestos from long ago...last covered with fiberglass........ lower level ST-4.........can't miss the steam leak.....enter through ST-4..… 12/18/2001 9012
Utilities (3772) UC-7 Please sample pipe insulation at trap shutoff valve at tunnel bottom level UC-7.. enter through Art Building.. thanks LW. 10/11/2001 8823
UWMC 1, 2, 3 floor hallways Sample covebase adhesive for ACM. 9/20/2000 7736
UWMC BB300 hall Survey and sample as needed. Sample spray on ceiling tile for ACM. 11/16/1999 6952
UWMC BB306 Sample fiberglass looking material. May contain ACM. 4/19/2001 8356
UWMC BB306 Sample suspect ACM. See Mike Bussert for locations. 4/6/2001 8330
UWMC BB306A & BB300 hallway Remodel of BB306B / install door from BB306B into BB300 hallway between BB306 and BB300D. 2/2/2001 8077
UWMC BB364 Good faith survey of BB hallway, BB363 and BB364 in support of cable tray installation and conduit runs. 4/18/2001 8383
UWMC EB146 (mech room) Sample for suspected ACM material.
1-hour turnaround
11/29/2000 7953
UWMC EE122 Elec work above ceiling. 2/2/2001 8088
UWMC NN612 Sample sheet vinyl and mastic for ACM 3/28/2000 7259
UWMC NN901 Sample for lead. 2/7/2000 7163
UWMC NW & BB wings - NW 010, NW 014, NW 016 Provide a good faith report for lead and asbestos in rooms NW010, NW014, and NW016. 6/13/2002 9498
UWMC NW125 Sample flooring for ACM. 1/19/2000 7111
UWMC SS414 Sample floor tiles and mastic for ACM 3/28/2000 7262
UWMC Suite NN-141, suite NN-143, and NW-143 Request evaluation of rooms listed above for asbestos and lead. Will require a Letter of Good Faith.

Please note that this area is the UWMC large Cyclotron and is only available for inspection on Mondays when the Cyclotron is shutdown for maintenance. Please contact Reudi Risler for access. Ph: 598-4136 or
11/4/2002 9932
UWMC SW117 - kitchen Test material under wall tile of UWMC kitchen next to kettles. 10/6/2000 7807
UWMC-CC-Wing (1253) CC412 closet Perform good faith survey for suspect ACM and lead. 9/3/2002 9752
UWMC-EA-Wing (1254) 2EA4 Please test inside of door removed for repair. 10/18/2001 8859
UWMC-EA-Wing (1254) EA 220 Please test coating on sink located in EA 200. 1/24/2002 9136
UWMC-EA-Wing (1254) EA 220, 220G, 222, 224 Please perform a good faith survey for asbestos and lead paint. Check ceiling areas, walls and floor materials. Majority of the area is in a sterile environment. I am available to walk the site if necessary. 8/28/2001 8666
UWMC-EA-Wing (1254) EA151 Build partition walls floor to ceiling grid for office space. Test gypsum wallboard, base mastic, tile and tile mastic. 3/15/2002 9295
UWMC-EB-Wing (1255) BB029 & by CC012 1) Sample door filler for ACM in BB029 from BB306
2) Sample wall material for ACM in elect cage
3) Sample wall material for ACM in elect cage
5/8/2001 8427
UWMC-EB-Wing (1255) BB306 Sample floor tile and mastic for asbestos. 3/28/2001 8299
UWMC-EB-Wing (1255) BB306 Sample suspect ACM.
See Mike Bussert for location and details.
3/15/2001 8241
UWMC-EE-Wing (1241) Hallway of 5 east going into 5 northeast Good faith inspection of floor tile, covebase and mastic. Location is the hallway on 5 East going to 5 North East. 11/15/2002 9990
UWMC-EE-Wing (1241) NE200S, U, EC200S,T,U & EC 200C Please perform a Good Faith Survey for lead and asbestos in the areas indicated. Items to be tested are; ceiling tiles, sprayon coatings in the ceiling plenums (at both the hard lid and drop ceiing tile areas), joint compounds at GWB and lead in the paint. New electrical recpetacles are to be installed and ceiling access hatches cut in for data tray install.
Can this be done asap?
7/25/2001 8560
UWMC-EE-Wing (1241) Various rooms 4South Please perform a Good Faith Survey for the 4th floor. A floor plan showing areas of work has been faxed. 8/28/2001 8668
UWMC-NN-Wing (1258) BB112 B&C Please perform a hazard survey in both rooms. Test for asbestos in mastics, ceiling tiles, sink undercoating, drywall and for the presence of lead paint. I am available for questions and/or a walkthrough. 4/2/2001 8254
UWMC-NN-Wing (1258) NN 174 Install shelving , patch and paint. Test walls for lead and asbestos. 5/16/2002 9449
UWMC-NN-Wing (1258) NN 537, NN 500C Please perform a good faith survey ASAP. Test for lead paint in both areas, asbestos in the wall board and in the tile grout. The project scope includes complete demolition of room NN 537. I am available for a walkthrough if necessary. I can be reached via pager at 559-9210. 6/14/2001 8463
UWMC-NN-Wing (1258) NN 621 Please test flooring and mastic for asbestos materials. 4/22/2002 9395
UWMC-NN-Wing (1258) NN 804 Please sample black coating at sink. 1/16/2002 9096
UWMC-NN-Wing (1258) NN143 Good faith survery for cancer center project. Sample popcorn ceiling, covebase, mastic, floor tile, and ceiling tile, Sample paint for lead. 5/29/2002 9459
UWMC-NN-Wing (1258) NN200U Sample suspect ACM in delaminating door. 5/29/2001 8473
UWMC-NN-Wing (1258) NN414, 412, 418, 423, 421, 437 Please perform a hazard survey in the rooms listed. Check for asbestos in drywall, mastic and for lead paint. I am available for questions and or a walk through. 2/12/2001 8127
UWMC-NN-Wing (1258) NN423, BB112 B&C Please check for asbestos in black coating of sink in NN423. 3/9/2001 8253
UWMC-NN-Wing (1258) NN537 Please test light fixture wiring and pipe lagging for asbestos. I would like the results faxed to me please. 6/14/2001 8494
UWMC-NN-Wing (1258) NN-621 and NN-612 I would like a survey on room NN-621 & NN-612, we are going to be removing walls, install carpet, lights, patching floor tile and working in the ceiling area. A complete survey of these two areas. I have drawing, if needed. 2/10/2002 9146
UWMC-NN-Wing (1258) NN804, 807, 830, 836 Please perform a good faith survey in these areas. Check for lead in paint at 804, 830, 836. Also check for asbestos in drywall, floor tile and mastic, ceiling tiles, in ceiling plenum (at corridor NN800L as well) and carpet and mastic in NN807. I am available for a walk through if necessary. 9/28/2001 8754
UWMC-NW-Wing (1259) NW 072A, B, C Please provide a good faith survey. We would like ot have the results by Wednesday, September 4. 9/4/2002 9753
UWMC-NW-Wing (1259) NW220 Autozone project good faith survey.
Needs to be done by Friday 7/20/01.
8/1/2001 8592
UWMC-NW-Wing (1259) NW237 Provide good faith inspection of room NW237 in NW-Wing of UWMC. We are removing existing benches & utilities, cabinets, and ceiling tile. The room will receive new furniture, carpet, ceiling tile, and painting. 3/9/2001 8183
UWMC-SE-Wing (1260) SE104 1. Convert Room SE104 to communication room.
2. Remove floor tiles.
3. Add fan coil unit.
4. Add cable trays.

Note: Call requester for a walk-through.
3/15/2002 9285
UWMC-SE-Wing (1260) SE8324 Please do a good faith survey. I would like to have it ASAP! Thanks. 8/1/2002 9671
UWMC-SS-Wing (1261) SS232 Please provide good faith survey of room SS232. Survey should include mastic at the vct floor testing the existing door and jamb for asbestos and lead paint. I would like to walk the site prior to testing. Work in the room begins on 11/6/02. 11/1/2002 9947
UWMC-SW-Wing (1262) Outside SW012 Sample suspect pipe joints connecting to heating coil. 6/21/2002 9542
UWMC-SW-Wing (1262) Plaza Café dishroom, SW-109 Inspect dishroom area prior to demo of existing wall and install two compartments sink. Please contact Soi Wong as soon as you can schedule to meet. 10/17/2001 8818
UWMC-SW-Wing (1262) SW 121 Please perform a Good Faith Suvery in the kitchen dishwashing area. The ceiling grid/tile will be replaced. Test the ceiling plenum area and ceiling tile for asbestos. Test the walls for lead paint. Please contact me if clarification is required. Please fax results. Remodel work has been scheduled to begin May 1st. 5/3/2001 8395
UWMC-SW-Wing (1262) SW204, SW249 Please perform "Good Faith Survey" in both rooms. Test for lead in paint. Also test for asbestos in drywall, ceiling tiles, in ceiling plenum area, tile flooring and mastic. Please have results no later than Thursday, 9/19/01. 9/28/2001 8753
UWMC-SW-Wing (1262) SW317 Good faith survey. Sample wallboard, ceiling tiles, flooring, flooring mastic, and covebase mastic. Sample paint for lead. 10/14/2002 9896
Van De Graaff Accl (1150) 155 Is the ceiling in room 155 asbestos? 8/12/2002 9696
Van De Graaff Accl (1150) 205 Test window putty for ACM 2/29/2000 7226
Visitors Info Ctr (1297) Exterior window frames and trim Test exterior paints on wood windows and trims for lead. 7/22/2002 9626
Visitors Info Ctr (1297) Exterior/Reception Test suspect areas for Haz. Mat. in reception areas, especially ceiling, carpet, mastic and paint. Test tile, mastic, base in back area. 5/22/2002 9439
Visitors Info Ctr (1297) Unisex restroom Sample mastic at toilet base. 4/21/2000 7328
Wilcox Hall (1345) 139 Survey for ACM in fume hood. 1/20/2000 7093
Wilcox Hall (1345) 270B Sample area indicated on floor plan: lead paint, ACM in wall, tile mastic, floor tile, baseboard mastic, wall plaster. 2/16/2000 7177
Wilcox Hall (1345) Exterior Sample caulking. 7/18/2000 7600
Wilcox Hall (1345) Rooms 132, 134 Determine if asbestos is present in material used to patch glass drainage pipe passing through floor (pipe is planned to be removed). 7/16/2001 8563
Wilcox Hall (1345) Rooms 73 & 70B Provide a good faith letter for lead and asbestos in these two rooms. Include space above ceiling and below floor. Also check for asbestos in base with mastic and core main entry door. 8/16/2001 8610
Wilson Annex (1022) Exterior walls Take 4 lead samples: 2 random samples from each bldg of siding paint. Send results to Brad. Contract Brad if you have any questions. 12/31/2001 9065
Winken For Sci Lab (1151) Room 112 Check flagged fittings, pipe and sleeving material for presence of asbestos. 7/27/2001 8593