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  Included on this page:

The SDB Main Menu

After you have logged in you will see the Administrative Systems Main Menu.

To request the Student Data Base:

The Warning Screen

The SDB Warning Screen will appear as a reminder of the Federal Regulations regarding student data security.

From the Warning Screen you may [Send] the screen to see the SDB Main Menu, or you may move directly to the screen you wish to display.

To display a particular screen:
"SRFnnn" ­ Formrequest

If you press [Send] without entering a formrequest, the SDB Main Menu will appear:

At this point, you may display a particular screen by entering the formrequest in the upper left corner, or you may display the Student Inquiries Menu, HELPSI.

To display the SDB Student Inquiry Menu:
"HELPSI" (upper case required)

The SDB Student Inquiry Menu

The HELPSI Menu lists the screens that are used commonly by advisors and others in the academic departments. The menu provides the formrequest used to display each screen and the function keys when they apply.

The formrequest is the code that you type into the home position (the upper left corner of the screen) to tell the computer which screen you wish to view. After typing the formrequest, use the spacebar to erase characters that remain to the right of the formrequest before sending the screen.

When a function key is available for a screen, you may press the assigned function key on your keyboard to display the screen. When using function keys, you need not send the screen separately (sending the screen is already built into the function key's instructions).

From the HELPSI Menu, you may move to any SDB inquiry screen to which you have access. From any of the screens in the Student Records Inquiry Subsystem (those listed on HELPSI), you may do the same.

Access to the SDB screens is granted as requested and approved on the Information Systems Access Form. If your usercode does not allow you to see necessary information, please send email to hughp@u.

Note: You need not be viewing the HELPSI menu to request a screen. You may be on any screen in the Student Records Inquiry Subsystem (those listed on HELPSI).

For information on how to navigate through the screens, see the following section.

Moving Around in Student Inquiries

Displaying SDB Screens

The Student Data Base uses three different conventions for moving from screen to screen: formrequests, selection boxes, action codes, and function keys.

Formrequests ­ Each screen in SDB is assigned a six-character code that identifies it (e.g. SRF100 for Student Schedule). You type a formrequest in the home position and send the screen. The formrequest may start with SRT or SRT, depending on whether you want to get a blank screen (form) or transfer the student number to the next screen.

SRFnnn or SRTnnn? Type the formrequests starting with:

SRF ­ to display a blank form. If you want to display a different screen and not use the same student or course-related data, type SRFnnn. ("F" reminds you that SDB will "forget" the data on the screen.)

SRT ­ to transfer the student number or SLN to the new screen. This works well when you have several types of information to look up for the same student. ("T" reminds you that SDB will "transfer" the data to the new screen.)

To display a screen using a formrequest:

Selection Box ­ Some screens (e.g. SRF500 Student/Applicant Locator) have a selection box on the left of a choice. To select a choice and move to the next screen, enter an upper case "X" in the selection box. You do not need to enter a formrequest to go to the next screen when you use a selection box.

To display a screen using a selection box:
[Tab] to the appropriate selection box

Action Code ­ On some screens, the formrequests are used in conjunction with an action code. The action code is a number you type in the action box, which is at the lower right-hand corner of the screen. The available codes are generally listed across the bottom of the screen. In some instances, action codes perform other functions as well, such as displaying help screens.

To display a screen using an action code:
"action code for that screen"

Function Keys ­ Several screens have assigned function keys (e.g. pressing the F4 key displays the online Time Schedule.) When a function key is available, it is the fastest way to display a screen. Unfortunately not all machines have function keys that will work this way. In such cases, you can still use the formrequests and action codes.

To display a screen using a function key:
[F#] ­ for that screen

Requesting Data in SDB

After displaying a blank screen, you must enter selection data. Student-related inquiries require a student number, student name, or social security number. (The student number is the most reliable.) Course-related inquiries require quarter/year, department code, or SLN.

When you wish to enter a different student number, you may type the new student number over the old one.

When you wish to use the same student number and move to a different type of inquiry screen, leave the student number and type SRT at the beginning of the new formrequest instead of SRF. ("T" transfers the student number with you to the next screen and "F" forgets the student number.)

Maneuvering Between Screens and Data

To display a new screen:

When the blank screen appears:
"selection data"

To view the same screen; different student or course:
"selection data" (over the old student or course number

To view a different screen; same student or course :

To view a different screen; different student or course :
"selection data" (over the old student or course number

Signing off from SDB

After you have finished viewing student information online, remember to sign off. Signing off in the following way removes your usercode, for which you are responsible.

To sign off from any SDB screen:
Clear out any characters remaining after ".BYE"
[Send] or,

Close down the window on your terminal.

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