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Transfer Summary and Transfer Courses

You may use either of two inquiries into transfer credits granted by the University for work at other institutions, Transfer summary and Transfer Courses. Transfer Summary will display the colleges and admissable credits in total, and Transfer Courses will display the detail of work accepted from a specific school, giving University course equivalents where applicable.

Transfer Summary Inquiry

To access the Transfer Summary Inquiry

The Transfer Summary Screen will display the College Code, school name, type of college, dates of attendance, and degree earned, as well as a summary of credits and degrees. You may specify a school for further inquiry by placing an "X"in the corresponding Action (ACTN) column.

Transfer Courses Inquiry

To access the Transfer Courses Inquiry from the Transfer Summary Inquiry:
"X" in the ACTN column

To access the Transfer Courses Inquiry from elsewhere in the Student System:

To select another school from the Transfer Courses Inquiry:
"school number"

The transfer courses from the selected school are displayed. The screen also shows the school which you selected and the dates which the student attended. Following this, the GPA of the accepted courses, the total accepted credits, the grade granted, and the Undergraduate Education Requirements met are displayed.

Departmental Advisers can make changes to the evaluation of transfer courses that have prefixes matching their department's curriculum. Information on how to do this is available from the Office of the Registrar.

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