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Student/Applicant Locator Screen

The Student/Applicant Locator Screen allows you to search for and locate names in the Student Data Base. Names in SDB are categorized in four ways:

(A) Applicants for current or future quarters

(S) Students (current or prior)

(T) People who have sent test scores but no application

(D) People who have sent admissions documents (letters, transcripts, etc.) but no application.

Ways to Search

Search by:

  • Name to Locate
  • People to Locate
  • Name to Locate and People to Locate

Name to Locate: Type the student name in the "Name to Locate" field toward the bottom of the screen. Enter the name (or as much of it as you know) as follows:

LASTNAME,FIRSTNAME (no space between names, use upper case only)

People to Locate: For the purposes of this inquiry, people are grouped as applicants, students, those with test scores, and no application, and/or those with other documents (such as transcripts or financial aid reports) and no application.

Type an "X" in the relevant field(s) to list a group in alphabetical order. You may select any combination. If you leave all the fields blank, the list will display both Applicants and Students. A more detailed description of each follows.

  • Applicants: An "X" here lists those who have applications for current or future quarters on file with the UW.
  • Students: An "X" here lists former or current UW students.
  • Test Scores: An "X" here lists those who have their test scores on file in Admissions but no application.
  • Documents: An "X" here lists those who have other documents on file (e.g. transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc.) but no application.

Name to Locate and People to Locate: Type as much of the last name as you know (even the first letter helps) and type an "X" in any of the "people to Locate" fields. This will display an alphabetical list of names (starting with the letter specified) for all people meeting the "People to Locate" criteria.

For example:



The selection shown above would display a list starting with R............ that would include only those who have sent test scores or other documentation but no application. You would not see those who have sent in their applications.

To locate the name or display the list:

The sample below displays a list for all possible selections. Generally, multiple appearances of a name means that the person has submitted more than one application to the University, possibly to different departments.

The following describes each field on the Student/Applicant Locator Screen.

Blank at left margin (_): To select a name for further detail, type an "X" here or enter the line number to select in "LINE NUMBER FOR DETAIL" and press [Send].

The detail screen that appears depends on the one-letter code that precedes the name.

Code Selected Detail Screen Displayed

A SRF505 Applicant Inquiry
S SRF305 Student Data Inquiry
T None
D None
F None

A, S, T, D or F: Code for Applicant, Student, Test scores without a matched application, Documentation without application, or Financial Aid applicant without application.

Name: Name of student or applicant, last name first (former name indicated)

Std #: The student number, if assigned.

Qtr Yr: For an applicant (A), the field displays the quarter/year the student is to be admitted. For a student (S), the field displays the last quarter/year the student was enrolled.

#: The Application number (assigned incrementally within a quarter).

Type: The type may contain up to three characters. The codes follow:

Type Definition

G Graduate

GF Graduate Foreign

GFA Graduate Foreign/American

GM Graduate Minority

N Non-matriculated

P Professional

R Returning

U Undergraduate

UF Undergraduate Freshman

UN Undergraduate Non-matriculated

UP Undergraduate Post-baccalaureate

UT Undergraduate Transfer

U_I Undergraduate (variable second code) International

U_E Undergraduate (variable second code) EOP

U_A Undergraduate (variable second code) Athlete

Variable second code could be Freshman, Non-matriculated, Post-baccalaureate, or Transfer. For example, UTE would be an undergraduate transfer applicant who is part of the EOP (educational Opportunity Program).

Major: College code and major number for admitted students.

Line Number for Detail: Line number of student or applicant to be selected. Enter this instead of entering an "X" in the blank at the left margin to select a name for further detail.

To go to the previous page, type "--" (two dashes) in the first two spaces after "NAME TO LOCATE" AND PRESS [SEND].

To see the Student Data Inquiry Screen (SRF305) or the Applicant Inquiry Screen (SRF505):
"X" ­ to the left of the name, or enter the
"line number to select" ­ in "LINE NUMBER FOR DETAIL"

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