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Student Schedule Inquiry (SRF100)

The Student Data Base contains the course schedules for all students, giving the class numbers, titiles, credits, meeting times, and places for all classes taken, either for credit or audit.

The student schedule is available for the current quarter and other quarters in which registration activity has taken place. Also, schedules for a recently completed quarter may still be available for viewing.

Using the Student Schedule Inquiry, you can display grades before they are entered on the student's transcript (see instructions for displaying grades later in theis section).

To access the Student Schedule Inquiry:

A blank screen will appear as shown below.

To display a student's schedule:
"student number"

The student's schedule will appear, as shown on the following page. Be sure to note the Quarter/Year; it is not always the current quarter. You may type over the quarter/year to look for another quarter's schedule.

Included in the Student Schedule Inquiry is personal information not available elsewhere in the Student System. The first two lines of information are the same on most student inquiries. They include:

Student Number (inquiry key): The number assigned to the student when the student was admitted. This is the most reliable inquiry key. The title for this field is not displayed, byt it is the first entry field. When you are not granted access to a student's information, you may enter the student PAC number in the Birthdate field (with leading zeros if fewer than 6 digits) with the student number to display that student's information.

System Code: A 9-digit code used by the programmers. The second untitled field on the same line with the Student Number.

Student Name (inquiry key): The name of the student, which is a less reliable inquiry key due to the various ways a name may appear in the data base. The name appears on the second entry line.

Birthdate (inquiry key): The student's birthdate. The birthdate appears about midscreen on the same line with the Student Name.

QTR/YEAR: The quarter/year for which the schedule appears. You may type over the quarter/year shown on the screen to display the schedule for that quarter.

CL: The class year of the student. The codes are:

1 Freshman (0-44 1/2 credits)
2 Sophomore (45-89 1/2 credits)
3 Junior (90-134 1/2 credits)
4 Senior (135 credits)
5 Fifth Year (post baccalaureate)
6 Nonmatriculated
8 Graduate School
11 1st Year Professional (Law, Medicine, or Dentistry)
12 2nd Year Professional
13 3rd Year Professional
14 4th Year Professional

RES: Resident Status (resident or nonresident)

ASUW: Associated Students of the university of Washington Membership; "Yes" if the student is a member, and "No" if he or she is not.

VET: U.S. veteran standing.

EXEMP: Tuition exemptions (such as faculty or staff tuition exemptions) are displayed.

SP. PGM: Any special program in which the student participates (e.g. Honors, EOP).

SPORTS: Any intercollegiaste sports in which the student is involved.

MAJORS: Up to three majors may be listed. The major code begins with the Dollege Code (C for Arts & Sciences, for example) and the major number that defines the department. (These are listed in the printed Time Schedule.)

SLN: Schedule Line Number, the number assigned to a particular course. The same course will have a different SLN each quarter.

COURSE: The course code, which is the department code and course number as shown on the Time Schedule.

TRM: The term is used only for summer quarter when a course may be offered for the first or second half of the quarter. First half is term A; second is term B.

TYP: The type of class (QZ for a quiz section, LAB for a lab, etc.).

CRED: The number of credits attempted (a "V" afater the number indicates a variable number of credits.

SYS: The grading system chose for each course. If nothing is marked, graded credits have been chosen.

DAYS: The days the class meets.

TIME: The time the class meets.

ROOM: The room in which the class meets.

To view a second page of a student's schedule:

To view a different quarter:
[Tab] to QTR/YEAR field
"quarter abbreviation" (AUT, WIN, SPR, SUM)
"full four-digit year"

To display grades on the schedule:

The schedule will appear with a few differences, as you can see below:

The grades will appear on the previous quarter's schedule for a short time, after which the informaiton is moved to the student's transcript. In addition, the above screen displays registration activity. A more detailed picture of registration may be found on the Registration Transactions Screen (SRF120), which is documented in this sction of this guide. For more information on transcripts, see the Transcrip Inquiries sectionof this guide.

Most of the screen's fields stay the same, but several new fields appear. They are:

STATUS/DATE: The first column identifies the action taken (A for add, D for drop, C for change). The secondcolumn provides the date of the transaction.

GRD: The grade assigned to the student for the course.

M: An alphabetical letter is assigned when the student takes the same SLN "multiple" times in the same quarter. This is most common with an independent study course. (The "M" field is the same as the "DUP" filed on the Departmental Registration Screen (SRF104), which is documented later in this section.)

R: The number of times the student has repeated the course will appear in this column. A course is defined as "repeated" when a student takes it in subsequent quarters.

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