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Former Names Inquiry (SRF366)

The former names inquiry lists all former names for a student.

To display the Former Names Inquiry:

A blank screen will appear as shown below:

To specify the student, enter any of the keys shown below:

  • The student number,
  • the student's social security number,
  • the students's current name and birthdate, or
  • a former name with either the birthdate or social security number.

Note: When entering the student name, type:
LASTNAME,FIRSTNAME (no space after the comma).

To list the former name(s)

The screen will appear as shown below, listing all former names on record for the specified student.

Note: The Student Name Locator (SRF500) now cross references any former names on record. Former names appear in parentheses with the current name on the same line. Current names with prior names on record display an asterisk after the current name.

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