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Extension and Independent Study Credits

The Student Data Base contains records of courses taken by students in other than the regular program of the University. Courses of study transferred from other collegiate programs are available in the Transfer inquiries. Work taken in the Extension program of the University, certified by examination or advanced placement, or accomplished by independent study is displayed in the Extension Inquiry.

Extension/Credit by Examination

The Extension/Credit by Examination inquiry will display all Extension, Credit by Examination, Indpendent Study, and Advanced Placement credits applied to degree programs within the University, along with the grades and period of study.

To access the Extension/Credit by Examination Inquiry:

If you do not transfer a student's information, select the student by using one of the student keys and [Send] the screen.

To display additional pages of information (if there are any):

To return to the first page of information:
[Tab] to "Get First Page" field

The column headed ACTN is used by the Registrar's Office for updating a student's information; it does not function during inquiry.

Courses are displayed in the following order:
Extension Courses
Independent Study (Distance Learning courses)
Credit by Examination
Advanced Placement

Within each group of courses, the "Begin Date" provides the order.

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