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UW Degrees and Certificates

You can display information on degrees and certificates earned at the University of Washington.

UW Degrees

You may inquire into the status and type of degrees granted by the University by using the UW Degrees Inquiry. Degrees that have been granted or for which a student is an active candidate are displayed here.

To access the Degree Inquiry:

Up to eight degrees may be displayed.

To examine other degrees:
"page number of page to display"

Degrees are entered when the Graduation Office receives applications for degrees, and the "Degree Status" will be updated as the application goes through its review stages. "Level" and "Type" of degree are interpreted in the "Degree Title."

UW Certificates

You may inquire into the Certificates which a student has earned by using the UW Certificates Inquiry. All certificates that have been granted will be displayed on one or more screens of this inquiry.

To access the Certificate Inquiry:

To view additional screens of Certificates:
"page number of page to display"

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