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Course Restrictions Inquiry (SRF236)

The Course Restrictions Inquiry displays selected setup information for a course. By specifying the quarter and SLN, you may view enrollment information, restrictions, entry code requirements for telephone registration for each period, and the number of entry codes created and used to date.

To display the Course Restrictions Inquiry:

A blank screen will appear in which you enter the quarter/year, SLN, and press Send. The screen will return as shown below, displaying the information for the selected quarter and SLN.

The two top lines identify the quarter, course, location, room capacity, the number of students entolled, the enrollment limit (L=limit or E=estimate), and the number of unfilled requests for the course.

"Period," the left column of the screen, displays the three registration periods with the dates they begin.

"Categories Required" displays the codes for registration requirements based on class, special programs, colleges, majrs, or EOPs (Equal Opportunity Programs). The codes appear for each of the three registration periods.

"Categories Excluded" displays the codes for regtistration exclusions based on classes, special programs, colleges, majors, or EOPs. The codes appear for each of the three registration periods.

The possible codes for both "Categories Required" and "Categories Excluded" are as follows:


Possible Codes


01-06, 08, 11-14




a one-letter code (see printed Time Schedule)


001-999 (see printed Time Schedule)


"Y" for any of the EOP codes. When blank, no EOPs are required or excluded.

"Code Required?" shows if entry codes are necessary for adding and/or dropping this course. If an entry code is required, a "Y" appears in the space next to Add or Drop. If no entry code is necessary, the space remains blank.

"Entry Code Pct" displays the percentage used to calculate the number of entry codes generated initially. The number of entry codes is determined bymultiplying the entollment limit by the entry code percentage.

The bottom line displays the number of entry codes made and used for adding and dropping this course.

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