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Class Offerings and Lists

Class Offerings and Lists is a set of inquiries into the classes offered by the University. Records in this portion of the system are updated instantaneously, and are thus particularly useful during the registration period.

Included on this page:

Time Schedule Inquiry

The Time Schedule Inquiry provides an on-line listing of classes and their general status. From this inquiry, you may find the current enrollment, the designated limit, the room capacity, and the meeting time of a class. You may request the display for the current quarter or choose any quarter on record. Typically any quarter in the current year and up to two quarters in the future will be available to you. The default is generally the quarter for which registration is open. If registration is not open, the default is the current quarter.

To access the Time Schedule Inquiry:


[F4] ­ Function key

From this screen you choose the parameters for the display. You must specify a department's curriculum abbreviation, and optionally, you may start the report with any course or section by filling in these fields. The report may continue beyond one screen of information. When another screen of data is available, press [Send] to display it.

To view a department's course offerings and schedule:
"curriculum abbreviation"
"course number"
­ optional
"section letter" ­ optional

To view other than the default quarter
"quarter abbreviation" ­ AUT, WIN, SPR, SUM
"four-digit year"


**CL** indicates that a section is closed. For example, Geography of International Trade, SLN 2084, is displayed as *2084 **CL**. Notice that the enrollment (ENRL) exceeds the class limit (LIM). Even though section 2084 is closed, it may be possible to continue to over-register for the class; the classroom capacity (RM CAP) is 40 while the class limit is only 35. *2083 **WD** shows that the class has been withdrawn. GEOG 335 is a joint offering with SIS 335 with a total enrollment of 13 students, as shown by:

4051 GEOG 335 YA DEVELOPING WORLD 10 25 40 15 0 T TH 0430-0650P


4052 SIS 335 YA DEVELOPING WORLD 3 25 40 22 0 T TH 0430-0650P

The column DENY shows the number of individuals who tried to enroll in the section and were denied admission.

To view the next screen:

To return to the first page of a requested course sequence:

To change to other criteria during a report:
"curriculum code" or
"section letter" or
"quarter abbreviation" ­ AUT, WIN, SPR, SUM or
"four-digit year"

Section Status Inquiry

The Section Status Inquiry allows a detailed look at the information about an individual section. In addition to the data provided in the Time Schedule Inquiry on enrollments and status, this inquiry displays instructors, meeting rooms, special requirements, and alternatives for closed sections. As with the course listing, you may specify the quarter and year. The default is generally the quarter for which registration is open. If registration is not open, the default is the current quarter.

To access Section Status Inquiry:


[F7] function key

You may transfer the Schedule Line Number from screen SRF130 or SRF236 by entering "SRT204."

To begin a Section Status Inquiry:
"schedule line number"
­ optional

This screen may have other information as appropriate, such as where to pick up entry codes or which other classes are open if this is closed.

General Education Course Inquiry

The General Education Course Inquiry allows you to list open courses that satisfy requirements in Visual, Literary & Performing arts, Individual and Society, Natural World, Nonspecified General Education, Writing, English composition, and Quantitative, Symbolic, or Formal Reasoning. This inquiry is available to students during registration and is especially helpful to advisers assisting students with schedule planning.

The inquiry is made up of two screens:

  • The first screen is a menu that allows you to select the type of requirement.
  • The second screen lists all the open classes that fulfill the selected requirement.

To access Section Status Inquiry:


[F6] function key

To list open courses that satisfy a requirement:
"number for the selection" ­ e.g. "3" for Natural World courses

After you select a requirement from the General Education Course Inquiry screen, a screen similar to the one below appears.

Notice that the courses are listed according to the time offered­earliest lecture listed first followed by the quiz sections for each lecture. Entry card courses are indicated with the same arrow convention used in the Time Schedule. An asterisk next to the course time indicates that the course has more information that is not listed. In such a case, list detail for the course as instructed below. To see the next page of open courses, press the Send key.

To list detailed information for a specific course:
Write down the Schedule Line Number (SLN) for that course.

To list the open classes for a different requirement:
Repeat the procedure.

Class Lists

As with the Time Schedule Inquiry and the Section Status Inquiry, Class Lists are maintained on a current basis, reflecting adds and drops as they happen. If it is needed, you may use this inquiry to print temporary class lists prior to the registrar's Office publishing of the formal class lists.

As with the other two inquiries, you may specify a quarter and year other than the default quarter.

To access Class Lists:

To display a class list:
"sln" ­ if not transferred from previous screen
"quarter/year" ­ optional

The class list will be displayed in student name order. The class list may extend over more than one screen; the number of screens is indicated in the upper right corner.

To display the next screen of information:

You may switch back and forth among the Class Lists, Section Status Inquiry, and Course Restrictions Inquiry by using SRTnnn, which will retain the Schedule Line Number.

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