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Jobstream Title Subsystem Description When Run Parameters Must Follow
JSDBBACKUP Back up SDB Systems Perform offline dump of SDBDB01. Occasionally, as time permits. Usually 1st and 10th Day None  
JSDBOFFSITE Back up SDB Systems Perform offline dump of SDBDB01 onto offsite tapes. On request. Used by DBA's during SDB reorg. None  
JPQDBCPY1 Create Public Hepps Database Copy Systems Copies portions of the Hepps database (HEPDB01) from backup tape to HEPDB01COPY on HEPPROD001 on PAYHEP009. Daily, about 19:00 None  
JPQDBCPY2 Create Public Hepps Database Copy Systems Removes old Hepps database (HEPDB01) from HEPPROD001 on PAYHEP009 and changes HEPDB01COPY to HEPDB01 and runs DMCONTROL (UPDATE) when finished. Daily, after 01:30. None Daily after JSDBEMCBKP1. On First and Tenth Day after JSDBEMCBKP1 and JSDBWHCPYAUDIT1
JSDBEMCBKP1 Quit SDB Driver Systems Brings down the SDB driver. Daily, after 01:30 (by when EMC maintenance finished). None After all nightly SDB production processing complete. On First and Tenth Day, JSDBEMCBKP1 runs at 24:00
JSDBEMCBKP2 Perform Offline Database Backup Systems Copies control file from Quipu to Chasqui, slits REGPROD001 mirror from EMC, REGPROD001 acquited on Chasqui, start SDB driver, do offline backup, create offsite backup. Daily, after 01:30 (by when EMC maintenance finished). None After all nightly SDB production processing complete. After JSDBEMCBKP1 and JPQDBCPY2. On First and Tenth Day, JSDBEMCBKP2 runs after update processing completed and JPQDBCPY2 completes.
JSDBEMCBKP3 Clean Up Files After Backup Systems Clean up files on host Chasqui after offline backup complete. Daily None After JSDBEMCBKP2.
JSDBWHCPYAUDIT1 Close 10th Day Audit Files Systems Close 10th Day audit files for databridge update of SDB data warehouse. 10th Day None After JSDBEMCBKP1 and 10th Day update processing complete.
JSDBWHCPYAUDIT2 Resume Daily Databridge Processing Systems Resume normal daily SDB data warehouse databridge processing after 10th Day weekend reporting interlude. 10th Day None Monday after 10th Day weekend. Start job at 18:00.
JSDPACKET Back up packet pages Systems Copy PPT/JOBSUMMARY/= files from BACKUP to historical tape SDBPACKET. 1st and 10th days. None All other SDB jobs.
JSDUSHF Update the Statistical History Files Enrollment Reporting Add records from the Course Content workfile (from JSI80505) to the Course Statistical History File. The Statistical History File contains tenth day data for each quarter for the previous six years. Prints a new directory. Tenth day. None JSI80505
JSIENRSTAT Federal enrollment statistics Enrollment Reporting Produce the Fall Enrollment and Compliance Report and the New Residence and Migration Report for the federal government. Tenth day.
Multiple runs.
(Parameters Control card, Tapes)
JSI15526 HEEP high school entrance by county Enrollment Reporting Produces HEEP report using Mini Master file. Superceded by JSR910 but retained for possible runs against past quarters. Not part of current production, but retain for possible historic runs. Staging (Cntrl card, Job params, Tape#)  
JSI52008-obsolete Grad admissions by ethnic origin Admissions Produce report on ethnic breakdown of graduate applicants for Grad Admissions. Quarterly after JSR550 using Purged Admissions File. None  
JSI52009 Admissions EOP reporting Admissions Produces report by race and home address code of all admitted/paid EOP applicants. Annually in July or August. Uses Purged Admissions File. None  
JSI80280 - obsolete Dental student reporting Enrollment Reporting Produces lists and mailing labels for dental students. Quarterly after tenth day. None  
JSI80362 Class size monitoring Time Schedule Produces 3 reports showing enrollment in courses each quarter over two years excluding summer, based on tenth day historical Time Schedule files. Quarterly after tenth day. SRM990  
JSI80436 ASUW member list Enrollment Reporting Alphabetic list of all students (not just ASUW members) given to ASUW for ASUW election eligibility verification. Uses SDB. Tenth day, and later on request prior to elections. None  
JSI80505 Course content reports Enrollment Reporting Produces Course Content reports, which detail number of credit hours by classification in each course. Dumps print files for microfiche. Creates Course Summary tape. Tenth day. None JSR120
JSI806 Class reporting Enrollment Reporting Produces first and tenth day official class lists, class list proficiency, class management report and ftp's class list file for C&CI. First and tenth day. None JSR106
JSI80610 Registered list Enrollment Reporting Produces lists of registered students on paper and microfiche. Data source is SDB. First and tenth day. None  
JSI80614 Foreign student reporting Enrollment Reporting Produces reports of foreign students based on SDB. Tenth day. None  
JSI80615 Withdrawing students report Enrollment Reporting Produces report of students withdrawing in the first week of two consecutive quarters. (Scans for a 96 in the enrollment status of both the current and the prior quarter's registration record with financial aid codes other than staff:7,8,9.) Quarterly after tenth day. None  
JSI80618-obsolete Minority placement report Enrollment Reporting Produces detailed report and mailing labels for minority students within classification and major. Original intent was to aid in job placement. Quarterly after tenth day. None  
JSI80915 Grad students within degree program list Enrollment Reporting Produces report of grad students by degree program, grad students with invalid degree codes, and valid degree program codes for current quarter. Quarterly after tenth day. None  
JSRANNUAL Annual transcript fiche tapes Transcript Create microfiche copy of transcript for all students in the data base for offsite retention by the Registrar's Office. Backup of last resort. September, after Summer grading completed. One or two runs on successive nights, one run for each file from JSR30506. Staging
-input file #
which is only run once creating many files
JSRREGBKUP Daily REGPROD001 backup Systems Copy critical non-data base files from the user disk to tapes to serve as basis for restoring from hardware or software problems. Daily at start of production shift. None  
JSRREGLOAD Reload JSRREGBKUP Systems Reloads files backed up with JSRREGBKUP. If needed None  
JSR040 Student Records Data Mailers Reporting Prints/sends pending requests for student data mailers/emails. Daily. SAM990 All jobs that post requests for data mailers/emails (tbd), if any.
JSR090 Student Records selection status report Reporting Prints daily report detailing the processes selected from the Student Records jobstreams. Jobstream is run directly by users through the online driver. Daily.
Requested thru SAM990.
JSR103-obsolete Purge registration information Registration Remove registration records, course change audit trail, and associated data once transcripts are posted and the registration data isn't needed. Is currently run one year after grade posting SRF990  
JSR104 Meningococcal Notification Registration Selects and sends email to Seattle students registered for the current quarter who have not acknowledge reading the meningococcal notice. A report identifying these students is also created. On request after end of 3rd week of quarter. None  
JSR106 Foreign language restrictions report and update Registration Report and update students taking same foreign language as one taken in high school. Students are not allowed to earn credit in same language. Creates student letters. First day,fifth day, tenth day, and just before Grade Request Opscan sheets printed. SRM990 JSR630 on 1st and 10th days.
JSR107 Batch registration Registration Accepts file of student course registration requests and updates student registration records accordingly. Currently used only by the Medical School. As often as files are submitted to the Registrar's Office. Currently once per quarter. SRM990  
JSR110EXT Daily Student Records Extracts Registration Updates UCS E-mail addresses from ftp'd file. Creates and ftp's extract files: students who can create new computer accounts, student directory info, student email info and Sybase extracts.
Also extracts various files for a feed to Group Directory Services
Daily.   SDB Driver must be down.
JSR110REP Daily Student Records Reports Registration Prints daily registration audit trail reports and student change reports:Zero credit,course change Daily. SRF990 SDB Driver must be down.
JSR112-obsolete "Ex-officio" class lists Registration Prints class lists for user-requested courses. Uses disk file to specify SLNs of courses requested. Used to give department class lists before official lists generated, or to replace losts lists. Three to four times per quarter on request. Staging (Quarter and Year)  
JSR113 EOP class lists Registration Prints special class lists containing just EOP students, with expanded information on the educational background of the students. This is intended to help the instructor tailor the teaching to the students' needs. Quarterly after tenth day. None  
JSR115 Course cancellation notification and update Registration Cancel the registration of students enrolled for courses dropped from the curriculum. Print mailing labels for the students so personalized letter can be sent informing them of the action. Weekly for each active registration/current quarter. Also run just before each run of JSR150. SRM990  
JSR116-obsolete Lecture class lists Registration Print class lists for subdivided lecture sections that combine the subdivided sections and produce a single alphabetic list of enrolled students for the lecture. First and tenth day. None JSR630 on 1st and 10th days.
JSR117 Prerequisite Cancellation Registration Drops courses for students who no longer meet the prerequisites. Prints a report for departments and letters to notify students. 3-4 times per quarter during the grading cycle. SAM990 (Quarter, Year, Option: update or report only) JSR40* (all grading jobs)
JSR118 Annual Ethnic Survey Extract Registration Creates an email request for message 502 (Ethnic Survey) for Seattle students who have initially enrolled the current year and have not yet indicated their ethnicity. Survey will go only to students who have a valid UCS email address. Autumn quarter only, on or after first day but before census day.   Must be run prior to JSR040
JSR120 Build Sectioned File Enrollment Reporting Extract a SIS Sectioned File based on registration information. File is used for first and 10th day detailed and statistical reporting. First and tenth day. Staging (Quarter, Year, Flag) JSR106
JSR125 Residence change report Enrollment Reporting Report students who change from non-resident to resident from one quarter to the next. Used by Registrar's Office to audit critical updates to resident status. Weekly. SRM990 JSR630 on 1st and 10th days
JSR130 Students in self-sustaining courses Registration Report all students taking self-sustaining courses. Used by Registrar's Office to verify that only proper students are avoiding standard tuition. Before quarter, after tenth day, and mid-quarter. None  
JSR131 Med School statistical report Enrollment Reporting Special course-content style report produced for the Med School. Written by CCS. Quarterly after tenth day. SRM990  
JSR140 Student Records weekly reporting Registration Print weekly cumulative registration report for departments summarizing course enrollments over time, with separate reports of nearly-closed classes. Run at the end of each registration priority period after mid night (8 times per quarter approximately. SRM990  
JSR145 Registration advising appointment reporting Registration Print reports of advising appointment totals/lists and detailed orientation session totals/lists. Every Friday. SRM990  
JSR150 U-PASS Selection and Update Registration Select Seattle student for Universal U-PASS program. Update data base to reflect current U-PASS selection. Daily at 6:00pm starting two weeks before the first day of classes through the day after the 30th calendar day (100% tuition forfeiture). On 1st and 10th days, runs as scheduled in the flowchart. SRM990 JSR115, JSR630 on 1st and 10th days. Can be re-run at any time, as necessary.
JSR160 Student Orientation Date Update Registration Processes a transaction file from the Office of Undergrad Education(OUE), updating student orientation dates and producing a file containing the results of the transactions (returned to the OUE). As requested by the Office of Undergraduate Education. None  
JSR161 S2-ISO-STATUS Update Registration Processes a file from the Intl Student Services (ISS), updating S2-ISO-STATUS based on netids from ISO. Creates a reportof students ISO status updates. As requested by the Office of Intl Student Services. None Runs as stand-alone
JSR163 Group Directory Services Extract Registration Extracts various files containing student, registration, student major, time schedule, and instructor data for the current and future quarters to be used by Group Directory Services. As requested by Group Directory Services. Do not run this job simultaneously with JSR110EXT. None  
JSR172-obsolete Batch Housing Photo ID Year Update/List Registration Processes a transaction file from Housing, reporting and updating the Housing Photo ID Year. Not currently used None  
JSR180 ESL Requirements Satisfaction Registration Finds, reports and updates ESL students with English requirements who are exempt from the requirements Daily after JSR510 SRM990 After JSR510, but can be run stand-alone.
JSR190-obsolete Law School file extract Registration Extracts 4 files for the Law School: Law course info, Course info for student in law course, General Student info, Address info for student. Twice per quarter. 10th day and end of the 8th week. None  
JSR191 Social Work file extract Registration Extracts 5 files for the School of Social Work: courses, student demographics, registration, grades, former names Quarterly - On 10th Day and after initial grade posting. None  
JSR201 Entry Code create and report Time Schedule Generate, update and print reports of Entry Codes for departments. One major run before start of registration for each quarter followed by small follow-up runs to produce additional codes as requested. Practically, this runs daily. SRM990  
JSR204 Create Time Schedule records Time Schedule Use same quarter's Time Schedule from previous year to create new records for upcoming year. SLNs are zeroed and room assignments removed from new records. Creates course instructor records for regular and independent study courses and edits instructor against HEPPS. Once several months before start of created quarter. SRM990  
JSR205 Update Room Capacity Time Schedule Update Time Schedule room capacities based on Room Inventory uploaded from Schedule 25 running on Vitcos. Before printing Time Schedule Worksheets, final Time Schedule, first and tenth day. SRF990  
JSR206 Assign SLNs Time Schedule For specified quarter, assign Schedule Line Numbers (SLNs) to all active sections for use in registration. Once per quarter after departments update preliminary Time Schedule. SRM990  
JSR207 Courses by Level and Size Time Schedule Print statistics report of classes offered by level and class size. Quarterly on 11th day except summer. SRM990  
JSR208 Bookstore enrollment tape extract Time Schedule Extract file for University Bookstore with course enrollment and limit information. Bookstore uses it to gauge textbook ordering needs. Ftp'd to Austen. At Bookstore's request. None  
JSR209 Potential Duplicate Room Report Time Schedule Produce report of rooms which appear to have more than one course meeting in them at the same time. As requested by the Room Assignments/Time Schedule Office. SRM990  
JSR210 SR Course Titles Report Reporting Prints detail or summary report of courses selected. On 11th Day of each quarter. SRM990  
JSR211 Time Schedule Final Exam Info Update Time Schedule For a specified quarter, updates the automatically assigned final exam information in Seattle Time Schedule records. This should only be run when the quarterly final exam schedule (in the quarterly calendar) is changed after the final exam information is already posted (when SLNs are assigned). On request SRM990  
JSR215 Time Schedule S25 Code and Room Format Update Time Schedule For a specified quarter and campus, updates the S25 code and reformats room numbers where necessary in preparation for room assignment. On request just prior to room assignment for the specified campus. Do NOT run this job under any other circumstances! SRM990  
JSR250 Create Quarterly R25 vCal Input File Time Schedule Creates a vCal file of Time Schedule events for a requested quarter for import to R25. The file contains course meeting time information and includes courses which require room assignment as well as courses with pre-assigned rooms. Produces a report file containing information used to clean up the data in SDB prior to importing the final vCal file into R25. The report file is ftp'd to sdbftp. Job is run immediately on request from the Registrar's Office. SRM990  
JSR252 Create R25 vCal file for requested section Time Schedule Creates a vCal file of related Time Schedule events for import into R25. The job is initiated from modules (SR20030/SR20037) when changes to a section are made that affect room assignment in R25. Job is initiated from modules SR20030 and SR20037 None  
JSR253 Create R25 Update File Current Quarter Enrollment Numbers Time Schedule Creates a vCal file of current quarter Time Schedule events with enrollment counts for import into R25. The job copies the vCal file to the R25 server and executes RCMD on R25 to process the file. Quarterly with census day processing; otherwise on request None  
JSR260-obsolete Time Schedule Worksheets Time Schedule Prints Time Schedule worksheets for selected quarter. Quarterly SRM990  
JSR270 Time Schedule Report Time Schedule Prints report and/or creates file of Time Schedule info based on selected quarter. At least twice weekly SRM990  
JSR271 Daily Web Time Schedule Extract Time Schedule Extracts Time Schedule information file and ftps to infox04 for Time Schedule web page creation. Starts remote command to generate html files. Ftps library reserves file from ftp.lib and loads into SDB. Daily after midnight: needs file from library. None  
JSR28010 Faculty Load - HEPPS Interface Time Schedule Updates the student database with HEPPS data Daily None  
JSR28020 Faculty Load Edit Reports Time Schedule Prints Edit Reports Fridays None JSR28010
JSR28030-obsolete Faculty Workload Instructor Selection Time Schedule Goes thru the time schedule records looking for instructors who are teaching a specific combination of courses that cause them to be selected for filling out a simple faculty workload survey. Fridays None None
JSR281 Faculty Load - Instructor Update and Faculty Workload Survey Time Schedule For the selected quarter,
Optionally update Instructor,
Optionally produce survey reports.
By request None  
JSR283AUT Extract Faculty Load Files for Budget Office - Autumn Time Schedule Extracts two files of faculty load information from the SDB:
Faculty & Course/instructor
Copies them to the budget office.
Yearly None  
JSR283SPR Extract Faculty Load Files for Budget Office - Spring Time Schedule Extracts two files of faculty load information from the SDB:
Faculty & Course/instructor
Copies them to the budget office.
Yearly None  
JSR283SUM Extract Faculty Load Files for Budget Office - Summer Time Schedule Extracts two files of faculty load information from the SDB:
Faculty & Course/instructor
Copies them to the budget office.
Yearly None  
JSR283WIN Extract Faculty Load Files for Budget Office - Winter Time Schedule Extracts two files of faculty load information from the SDB:
Faculty & Course/instructor
Copies them to the budget office.
Yearly None  
JSR305 Student Records Daily Transcripts Transcript Production Prints transcripts, updates transcript order dataset, prints transcript order recap, reports transcript changes. Daily SRM990  
JSR30505 Extract files for annual transcript print Transcript Production Extracts files for the annual batch transcript production. Each file contains up to 5000 student numbers. Each file is used as input to a run of JSR30510 to do the actual production of transcripts. Annually once in September after summer grading. None  
JSR30506 Extract files for annual transcript microfiche Transcript Production Extracts files like JSR30505, except that files contain up to 10,000 students, and files are used by JSRANNUAL, which produces microfiche tapes. Annually once in September or October after grading for summer has completed. None  
JSR30510 Print annual transcripts Transcript Production Prints massive quantities of transcripts based on input file of student numbers to print for. Runs on six to eight successive nights (one per file from JSR30505). Staging (Set and file numbers) JSR30505
(only run once)
JSR306 Transcript Order purge and fiche Transcript Production Create an Historical Microfiche of transcript orders and purge orders printed over three months earlier. Never. None  
JSR320-obsolete Grad Non-matric annual reports Enrollment Reporting Print annual summary and detailed reports of GNM students for use by the Graduate School. Quarterly and at end of Spring quarter. SRM990  
JSR330 Repeated courses quarterly report Registration Program surveys transcript records of students currently registered and reports students repeating courses. Quarterly after tenth day. None  
JSR370 DARS Daily Processing Graduation & Academic Records Copies the table files ceated by the Graduation office, edits the data, and reloads SDB DARS Tables datasets. Creates Degree Audit Reports for Students based upon user-entered student selection and sorting requirements (optionally 2x). Output file of students remaining to be processed may be generated and ftp'd if more students are selected than can be processed. Daily SAM990  
JSR372 DARS Purge Graduation & Academic Records Purges old Student's Degree Program Audits. On request, usually once a quarter SAM990 (Purge on or before date)  
JSR401SELECT Extracts current-quarter Grade Master File for selected students Registration Grading Extracts a partial SIS Grade Master File for the students specified and ftp's it. Currently used by the Medical School. For Medical School, quarterly after tenth day and at end of classes. SRM990  
JSR402 - obsolete Create and print Grade Return Opscan Forms Grading Creates grade request data set and prints Grade Return Opscan forms. Major (initial request) run two weeks before quarter end; follow-up run at grade posting to produce second- request forms. SRM990 For second requests, JSR403
JSR403 Opscan grade return edit and update Grading Ftp's and edits opscan grade return file and places edited grades in student registration records. Daily before grade posting (JSR405) at the end of each quarter. Staging (Switch and Tape# if for medical)  
JSR405 Initial Transcript Posting Grading Converts incompletes that students failed to complete and produces mailers, and moves grades from registration records to new transcript records, with corresponding update of student grade summary data and classification. Once per quarter on the Tuesday night after the quarter ends. None JSR402
JSR406 Late grade posting using raw opscan grade file Grading Ftp's and edits opscan grade return file and places edited grades on transcript records, updating grade summaries as appropriate. Daily for the two weeks after grade posting(JSR405) with final run after JSR406MED None JSR405
JSR406MED - Obsolete. See JSR412 Late grade posting using opscan & medical grade files Grading Ftp's and edits opscan and medical grade return files and places edited grades on transcript records, updating grade summaries as appropriate. Replaces JSR406 when Medical School grades are being processed. JSR406 and JSR406MED should not be run in the same night. None JSR405
JSR407 Transcript Posting reports Grading Print student grade reports, numerous scholarship detail and summary reports after grade posting(JSR405) and subsequently after late grade returns(JSR406). Immediately after JSR405 and then several times in the two weeks or so while JSR406 is run. SRM990 JSR405 or JSR406
JSR408 Low-scholarship cancellation Grading Registration Based on students flagged by JSR405 and JSR406, drop students from future-quarter courses who have not met University standards for academic performance. Run on the 3rd day of the quarter. AUT Exception: 1st run (4th/5th Wed of Aug) before conf notices; 2nd on 3rd day of AUT SRM990  
JSR409 Quarter-end grade reporting Grading Produce high-scholarship reports, grade distribution reports, and other reports summarizing grading for a quarter. Update Global Data initializing for new quarter. Approx. 3 weeks after quarter ends. SRM990  
JSR411 Medical Clerkship Updates Grading Academic Record Maintenance Based on Med School supplied file, replaces generic Clerkship course on transcript with detailed coursework and corresponding grades. Produces mailers. Quarterly, mid-quarter. None  
JSR412 Late grade posting using medical grade files Grading Ftp's and edits medical grade return files and places edited grades on transcript records, updating grade summaries as appropriate. Replaces JSR406MED when Medical School grades are being processed. JSR406 and JSR412 can be run in the same night. None JSR405
JSR415 Law Grade Return Posting Grading Post Law Grades from input file to previous quarter's transcript. As requested by Law School. None  
JSR416 Missing Grades Report Grading Produces a report of students who have not yet received a grade for the specified quarter. On request SRM990 Should run after other grading-related jobs
JSR501 Recruiter Application Update Admissions Imports a file from Recruiter (via fileshare) containing applications that have changed in Recruiter. An output file is created containing the input data plus a status message for each record. Daily None Runs BEFORE JSR510
JSR503 UWEO ECD/Confirm Update Admissions Imports a file from UWEO (via fileshare) containing grad students who have paid their ECD to UWEO. An output file is created containing the input data plus a status message for each record. On request None  
JSR504 New/RO Grade summary missing Admissions Academic Record Maintenance Produce reports for Recording detailing new or returning students lacking academic record information. For example, transfer students with no transfer credit recorded. Fridays twice a month. None  
JSR506 Report freshman test scores Admissions Print summary report of freshmen class based on admissions test score percentiles. Quarterly after tenth day. None  
JSR508 Update placement test scores Admissions Academic Record Maintenance Updates placement test scores based on disk file (ftp'd from Austen) provided by EAC. Some of the scores are used by Registration subsystem to limit enrollment in courses. Weekly on Wednesday and more frequently during Summer. None  
JSR510 Daily Admissions processing Admissions Primary jobstream for all Admissions processing. User specifies tasks to be performed via online parameters.
Forms and label production.
Upload web Undergraduate admission applications.
Upload web Graduate admission applications.
Community College Transcript Load.
Load test scores from agency tapes.
Application Status update.
Admissions Master extract
Admissions statistics.
Admissions Deficiencies Holds report and update.
Daily. SAM990 JSR501
JSR550 Admissions purge Admissions Backup database. Produces the admissions summary and special program reports. Purge application information for applicants who have not enrolled (over a year old); extract historical file and tape of all applicants for purged quarter, zero out student number for those who applied but did not enroll. Purge all records for "deleted" students. Run control reports. Quarterly after the tenth day. SAM990 Must be the LAST SDB job to run for the night
JSR560 All provisional report Admissions Records List all provisionally admitted students whose deficiency removal quarter/year is one quarter beyond this current quarter or before. It also generates transcripts for the students reported. Quarterly, 4 weeks before registration period 1. None  
JSR562-obsolete Provisional monitoring and update Admissions Records List Warning report and Hold report. It also creates two extract files to be copied to Austen. It updates the hold information in Student dataset. Quarterly, approximately 3 weeks after JSR560. None  
JSR602 Compute projected class Registration Updates Projected Class for all current undergradates based on current grade summary and current course load. Projected Class is basis for future registration eligibility. Quarterly, just before registration starts. None  
JSR603 Registered students report Enrollment Reporting Produce detailed list of currently registered students. First and tenth day. Run once for Registered major list and then again for Registered Grad list. SRF990 JSR630
JSR604 Student Athlete Progress Enrollment Reporting Produces report of students by sport and a letter to their advisor with their course schedules. First and tenth day, and as requested. None  
JSR605 NCAA Satisfactory Progress Enrollment Reporting Report of student athletes detailing progress to degree for NCAA satisfactory progress verification. First and tenth day, or as requested by Intercollegiate Athletics. SRM990  
JSR606-obsolete Grad students past-due on leave Enrollment Reporting Produces several reports of grad students on leave, including a report of overdue students, students who returned before they had said they would, and statistics by department. Quarterly after tenth day. None  
JSR607 Intercollegiate Athletics Selection Enrollment Reporting Extracts several files used by ICA to maintain their PC student data base. Data includes transcript info, financial aid info, and tables. Writtten by CCS. Quarterly, after the tenth day, or as requested by Intercollegiate Athletics. None  
JSR609 ICA potential students tape Registration Extracts a file of preregistered or admitted students for a future quarter. ICA uses the tape to verify season ticket purchases. At ICA's request. Periodically before Autumn quarter. None  
JSR610-obsolete Mailing label extract and print Enrollment Reporting Creates up to ten sets of mailing labels on labels or stock paper based on user selection criteria. Daily None  
JSR611 NSLDS SSCR Initial Roster (DICR), Error Roster (DICA) , and Manual Roster (DEMS) Processes Enrollment Reporting Matches students on incoming roster file (DICR or DICA) against the SDB, or processes all students looking for Title IV borrowers that have not been reported in the last 60 days (DEMS). Obsolete - replaced by JSR613. SRM990  
JSR612 - obsolete EOP Reporting Enrollment Reporting EOP Rosters First and Tenth day None  
JSR613 NSC Enrollment Reporting Enrollment Reporting Extracts and FTPs enrollment file for reporting to National Student Clearinghouse. Three runs in each of autumn, winter, and spring quarters: Monday following 10th day, Monday of 8th week, after the last day of exams; two runs in summer quarter: one the Monday following 10th day and the other after the last day of exams; spring graduate run:mid-July (after degrees have been posted). SRM990  
JSR614 Extract Students for ISO Enrollment Reporting Extracts and FTPs file of International Students (F-1,J-1) for load into fsaATLAS system on SEVIS server used by International Services Office. Runs daily except Sat/Sun. Runs after all SR jobs completed and before backup begins No Parameters  
JSR615-obsolete U-Pass Monthly Activity Report Reporting Produces the U-Pass Statistics Report. Monthly SRM990  
JSR620 Create SR-MINI-MASTER records Enrollment Reporting Creates SR-MINI-MASTER records in the SDB database. First and Tenth day None  
JSR630 First/Tenth day updates Enrollment Reporting On the first day, updates student records and the data base (Global-data) to reflect start of new quarter. On the tenth day, update student-1 tenth day credits and application status. Updates historical Time Schedule counts. First and tenth day. None JSR115 and JSR510
JSR640 Hold Status reports Enrollment Reporting Prints reports by holding office and by student detailing registration and transcript holds recorded. Friday each week. None  
JSR645-obsolete Extract Library Patron File Enrollment Reporting Extracts a file of registered students for the library's patron data base. The current quarter's registered students are extracted until eleven days prior to the end of a quarter when the next quarter begins to be processed. The file is ftp'd to the library's account on vitcos. Daily None  
JSR650 Verify Fac/Staff Exemptions Enrollment Reporting By matching against the Payroll data base, creates reports of students utilizing the faculty/staff tuition exemption program, with an edit report for those who appear to be ineligible for the program. First and tenth day. None JSR630
JSR660-obsolete Graduate School appointment reports Enrollment Reporting Creates reports of graduate students with TA/RA appointments by major department. Matches to Payroll data base to report TA/RA information. Tenth day. SRM990  
JSR670 Satisfactory Progress reports Enrollment Reporting Produces reports and email notices for students who are not progressing at an acceptable rate toward graduation. Several different types of email notices are produced. Registration holds are updated for students in some categories. Also serveral reports are produced listing students receiving notices. Fifteenth day of autumn, winter, and spring quarters. Not run summer quarter. None  
JSR672-obsolete Cohort Graduation Retention Reports Enrollment Reporting Produces report summarizing progress toward graduation of an entering class of freshman (summer-spring). Uses snnual sr-mini-master set.. User parameters can further refine reported group (up to 7 different years/specifications). On demand for statistical analysis. SAM990  
JSR673 Annual Cohort record Creation Enrollment Reporting Create Cohort records in sr-mini-master set for summer and autumn quarters only (used to be all quarters). Contains undergraduate students who enrolled at full-time status for the first time during the past summer or autumn quarters. Annually after tenth day of autumn quarter. SAM990 Run after tenth day of spring quarter of the current year to guarantee that all 4 master files are available.
JSR675 Continuing student report Enrollment Reporting Run in Autumn quarter to get counts of students considered continuing who were new/returning in the previous summer quarter. This is used to adjust some statistics reports that should consider these students new/returning in Autumn rather than continuing. Autumn quarter tenth day. SRM990  
JSR681 Jackson School Enrollment Report Enrollment Reporting Creates reports of graduates taking International studies courses and enrollment summary. One run per center after spring graduates updated. SRF990
Center code.
JSR691-obsolete Housing Immunization Interface Registration Ftp's and reads in file from HFS containing student numbers and addresses. Matches against SDB and prints mailing labels and creates immunization requirements. As requested, will most likely be quarterly after 10th day but before reg for next quarter. None  
JSR697-obsolete UPASS Replacement Registration Emails file of those receiving a UPASS replacement for the specified quarter. As requested (end of 1st week and end of quarter) SRM990  
JSR698-obsolete Student Data Extract for IPE Reporting Extracts a file of current students and ftps it to IPESQL server for use in IPE's Studio Abroad application. Daily None  
JSR699 Student Directory File Extract Reporting Produces file of student directory information to be sent to a typesetter who prints the student directory. File is dumped to tape. Annually Staging (Tape#)  
JSR710 Statistical table extraction Table maintenance Extracts SIS cross-reference table files used by several old statistics jobstreams. Files extracted are Last School and Home Address. First day, tenth day, and whenever online tables are changed. None  
JSR711 Departments, Majors, Degrees listing Table maintenance Produces report of university departments and their majors, minors, degrees, and curricula offered. Produces and ftp's extract files for each type. First day, tenth day, and whenever online tables are changed. None  
JSR801 Degree status reports Graduation Produces undergrad degree candidate, graduation applicants by college and degree summary reports. Emails commencement file to Graduation office. Creates student num file, if req, for printing unofficial dept transcripts. Several times at mid-quarter. SRM990  
JSR80114 Degrees Granted for Year Graduation Produces reports showing degrees granted, summary of degrees granted, Hegis degree summary and EOP degrees granted during this academic year. Summer quarter. SRM990  
JSR802-obsolete Phi Beta Kappa Selection Graduation Produces report of High GPA Seattle seniors; a file with the same information; and transcripts. Once a year during spring quarter. SRM990  
JSR803 Undergraduate Update to Non-matriculated Graduation Currently registered students who received an undergraduate degree are changed to nonmatriculated students. Once per quarter during the fourth or fifth week,but not until the final JSR804 has been run for the quarter. SRM990  
JSR804 Granted Degrees Report Graduation Produces reports of students who have earned degrees during a specified year and quarter. Once per quarter at the end of first week SRM990 Staging (optional #copies)  
JSR80440 NSC Quarterly Degree Verify Extract File Graduation Creates a History file of degrees earned by students and reported to the National Student Clearinghouse Once per quarter at the end of fourth week None  
JSR805 Update Graduate Degree Information Graduation Updates UW-DEGREE-INFO data of STUDENT-2 dataset with a Graduate School supplied input file. It creates an audit/error report. Quarterly on or after last exams day. None  
JSR806-obsolete Update Graduate Degree Level and Type Graduation Updates graduate student major degree level and type from a Graduate School supplied input file. It outputs a file containing the input data with errors indicated. On request. None  
JSR811 Quarterly scholarship download file Enrollment Reporting Extracts and ftp's file of students earning high scholarship for the recently-completed quarter. The file is downloaded by Information Services for news releases. Quarterly after grading is completed; after tenth day. None  
JSR812 Annual High Scholarship download file Enrollment Reporting Extracts and ftp's file of students earning yearly high scholarship. The file is downloaded by Information Services for news releases. Annually after the tenth day of Summer quarter. None  
JSR813 Degrees earned download file Graduation Extracts and ftp's file of recent graduates for downloading by Information Services for news releases. For Summer, Autumn, and Winter graduates, four to five weeks into the following quarter. For Spring graduates, mid-Spring quarter. SRM990  
JSR814 Degree validation extract file Graduation Extracts and ftps a file of all graduates to the NT SQL server, and starts a script on that server to reload the degree recipient tables for the UW Degree Validation web service. Daily None  
JSR815 Deans List Web Extract Enrollment Reporting Extracts and ftps files to vitcos (one per campus) of students who qualified for the Deans List in the most-recently completed quarter (and who authorize release of Directory Information.) Four times per quarter after final grade run. None  
JSR820 Degree mailing labels Graduation Updates the diploma label print date but no longer Produces mailing labels for user-specified groups of degree applicants or recipients. Three to four times per quarter on request. SRM990  
JSR910 HEEP reports Enrollment Reporting Produce the state government enrollment statistics reports based on tenth day sr-mini-master records. Tenth day. None  
JSR920 UW Extension Summer Quarter Statistical Reports Registration Produces UW Extension Summer Quarter Statistical Reports. After Summer quarter tenth day. None JSR910
JSR930 OFM Tape Creation Registration Creates Official Financial Management admissions and enrollment files and dumps them to tapes supplied by registration office. Quarterly (10th day) Staging (Tape #s)  
JSR950 Enrollment Statistics Reports Enrollment Reporting Creates 12 reports in order of 4 different branches Quarterly (1st day and 10th day) None JSR620

Modified: July 23, 2015