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Student Loans Daily Job Stream

Loan Processing

User specifies processes to run:

Extract and ftp Promissory notes

Data mailers

GSL/SLS Autho & Disb Report

DL origination process

Print DL Promissory notes

DL origination Audit process

Copy acknowledgement and credit check files from Servicer

Create DL origination export files and ftp

Copy reconciliation and change result files from servicer

Create and ftp DL origination change records

Create and ftp DL reconciliation management records

Print report of long-term loan recipients intending to graduate for Exit Interview scheduling

Report GSL/HEAL/SLS recipients enrolled less than full time for Exit Interview scheduling

Print initial promissory notes for all new loans

Process daily job stats and reset.





Print Selection Status Report

Loan Processing

Print Daily Selection Status Report

As requested thru SAM990



Modified: February 8, 2002