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Daily Student Accounts processing

Account Processing

Primary jobstream for all Student Accounts System batch processing. User specifies tasks to be performed from the following:

Performs the account calculation routine to recalculate the balance for each student with pending account activity.

Verifies that aid funds are validly defined in the Financial Accounting System.

Prints the daily Cashier Report

Enter general debits from externally supplied general debit entry files.

Apply student payments from lockbox payment tapes.

Interface with the Payroll system to extract TA/RA appointment information and update TA/RA exemptions for eligible TA/RA recipients.

Update the FAS system transactions.

Maintain the Enrollment Service Fee charge, which offsets the advance payment. Cancel the fee when appropriate.

Affix payments to selected charges.

Cancel specified unpaid charges.

Cancel registration of students with unpaid tuition and tuition-related charges; place registration holds on the students records.

Add late payment charges for students with unpaid tuition charges.

Create report of delinquent accounts to be sent to a collection agency.

Create report of uncollectable accounts to be written off. Allow accounts to be purged.

Extract payment tape for general debits that have had payment affixed to them.

Report financial aid applicants with non Financial Aid Office awards.

Prints Statements of Account for all registered students, or those students with account activity after the previous statements were printed.

Prints Job Stats and reset reports.





Supplemental Daily Process

Account Reporting

User specifies processes to run:

Prints charge, payment, and check activity reports.

Prints payment distribution and credit balance reports.

Prints report of net payments affixed to specified SLO charges.

Prints reports of students eligible to receive refund checks.

Produces report of payment distribution for tuition and related charges. This is used to transfer appropriate funds to the state.

Prints reports of aid authorization and disbursement, over-disbursed awards, and aid repayment.

Prints report of aged receivables.

Creates extract file for payroll to calculate tax on TA/RA benefits.

Creates report and tape of SNG recipients

Report and load FAS transactions.

Reports and purges FAS transactions.

Prints job stats and reset reports.





Student Accounts Purge

Account Processing

Analyzes each student's account and purges transactions that have aged sufficiently. Microfiche are created detailing the purged information. Place registration and transcript holds on students who have had account balance purged. Reports payment distributions made to tuition & fees, tuition surcharges and their forfeitures. Determines whether or not the database reorg is needed and if so reorgs (garbage collection).

Quarterly, shortly before end of quarter.




Audit Trail reporting

Account Reporting

Prints report detailing changes to Account Status, Student Level Restriction records and to Award records.

At most, once per quarter.




Print Data Mailers

Account Reporting

Setup and print data mailers, update SA-ACCT data mailer fields, print job stats and reset

As requested




Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 Account Processing Purge, load & printing of 1098-T UW forms for the prior tax year, along with the creation of a tape containing form data which is sent to the IRS. Job should run at the end of January and then as requested for a month or two. Annually at the beginning of the year SAM990  


Special FAS Interface System

Account Processing

No actual Jobstream. Parameters entered here for extract (SA80425) and update (SA80430) tanked FAS transactions to be run in JAMDAY jobstreams.





Selection Status report

Account Reporting

Prints daily report detailing the processes selected from the Student Accounts jobstreams. Jobstream is run directly by users through the online driver.

Thru SAM990



Modified: January 18, 2000