The University of Washington: Facilities Services


Guide to the Guide

If you are a matriculated student and have mobility needs that are not addressed in the Access Guide, you may contact Disability Resources for Students at (206) 543-8924 (V), (206) 543-8925 (TTY), or (email).

If you are a non-matriculated student, faculty or staff and need further assistance, contact the Disability Services Office at (206) 543-6450 (V), (206) 543-6452 (TTY), or (email).

If the physical conditions are not as reported here, please fill out the Barrier to Accessibility Report Form.

Buildings & Facilities:

Each page of the Access Guide contains information about a specific building or group of buildings. This is followed by the nearest street or pedestrian way.

A portion of the Mobility Map has been enlarged showing each building and it's vicinity. For most buildings, photographs are included showing a general view and/or primary accessible entrances.

Building Information includes a general statement and specifics about parking, Dial-A-Ride, entrances, elevators, rescue assistance, restrooms, drinking fountains, and telephones.

Entrance sizes given may be nominal. Actual clear opening may be smaller depending on hardware type and location.