The University of Washington: Facilities Services


General Information

Emergency Resources: ( numbers are in the 206 area code unless otherwise noted)

Emergency and Trouble Calls Regarding Facilities: Main Campus Physical Plant 685-1411, Health Sciences 543-3010, Hospital 648-4911. To report problems with the operation of University facilities, such as automatic doors and elevators, call the Main Campus Physical Plant Department. Please let the office know if your access is affected. After hours call 9-911.

Emergency Phone Numbers (Fire, Medical, Police):

  • From restricted telephone, call 222
  • From campus phones, call 911.
  • From other phones, call 911 (no coins needed).
  • For Hall Health Center, call 685-1025.
Emergency Phones: The Mobility Map and the small maps in the Access Guide give the locations of outdoor "Code Blue" phones. These phones are 9' posts labeled "emergency" and have a constant blue light. Push the button for 911 and a blue strobe light will turn on. Other emergency phones are as follows:
  • Pay phones: Dial 911 (no coins required) from any pay phone on campus, indoors or out. (Pay phones are being installed at all bus stops on campus.)
  • Central Plaza Garage: Yellow emergency phones are available at each exit. Push the button.
  • Haggett and McMahon Parking Garages: Red emergency phones are centrally located on each level. Pick up the receiver.
  • Padelford Parking Garage: Red emergency phones are centrally located on each level, on red and white striped pillars. Pick up the receiver.
  • South Campus Parking Garage: Yellow emergency phones are located on the south wall of each level next to the stairwell. Push the button.
  • Triangle Parking Garage: Red emergency phones are available on the upper level by the walkway, and on the lower level by the elevator. Pick up the receiver.
Fire Safety: Prior to an emergency, friends, co-workers, and supervisors should be aware that persons with disabilities may require assistance in the event of an evacuation. Other persons should also be aware of persons with disabilities living or working within their respective buildings. High-rise buildings and residence halls have floor wardens or resident advisors to aid in an evacuation.

Persons with disabilities unable to evacuate should go to an area of safe refuge, such as an enclosed stairwell. It is important to note the location of these areas prior to an emergency. Emergency personnel should be informed of the location of persons unable to evacuate. Do not use elevators in an emergency. Trapped persons should call 9-911 (on campus), if a phone is available. If no phone is available, signal to emergency personnel from a window. Do not break the glass. Please refer to Environmental Health " Safety Evacuations for Persons with Disabilities.

Other Resources:

The University is committed to ensuring that its programs and facilities are accessible to people with disabilities. Planning ahead is essential to minimize difficulties. If difficulties are anticipated or encountered, please call the appropriate offices listed below.

Disability Resources for Students Office (543-8924 or 543-8925 V/TTY) (email ): DRS provides academic accommodation for students with disabilities. DRS offers many services such as providing note-takers and sign language interpreters and relocating classes to barrier-free rooms when necessary. DRS also serves as a resource and consultant to faculty and staff on matters pertaining to working with students with disabilities.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordinator (543-6450 or TTY 543-6452): The University's ADA Coordinator has responsibilities related to employment, program, and facility aspects of the ADA.

Disability Services Office (543-6450),TTY 543-6452 (email: The University's Disability Services Office (1320 NE Campus Parkway) is a major resource for faculty and staff concerning accessibility issues. This office also provides accommodations for the general public needing disability related accommodations for campus facilities and events and for students enrolled in courses through UW Extension.

Bus Service. Metro issues disability bus passes at reduced rates. For further information, call Metro at 624-PASS or TTY 684-1739. For Metro schedule information, call 553-3000 or TTY 684-1739 or go online to Riderlink. The Metro pass does not substitute for a U-PASS. All students, faculty, and staff have been provided with U-PASS User's Guides. For further information regarding U-PASS, please see the User's Guide or call 543-0450 or get it online to UW Faculty/Staff U-Pass. For information concerning Community Transit (service to and from Snohomish County), call 1-800-562-1375 or TTY 778-2188.

Parking " Commuter Services (Parking Services, 685-1543): All visitors, including visitors with State of Washington disabled persons parking permits, need to stop at an entry gate for a daily parking permit and be assigned to an appropriate short-term loading zone, parking lot, or garage. For wheelchair users, wide parking spaces (generally 12' 6") are available. For persons with disabilities who do not use wheelchairs, other spaces marked "University disability permit only" are available. Let the gate attendant know your needs.

Parking accommodations are made for students, faculty & staff with permanent or temporary disabilities. Students should contact Disability Resources for Students (DRS) at 543-8924 to make a request for an accommodation; faculty and staff should contact the Disability Services Office DSO at 543-6450. If you already have a state disability placard, be sure to present it and the accompanying letter or ID card you received from Washington department of Licensing to DRS (students) or DSO (faculty and staff) when making your request. Faculty, staff and students with disabilities are responsible for paying the standard parking fees; however there is no extra fee for a disability designator on a permit.

For transportation from place to place on campus, holders of University wheelchair or disability parking permits may park in loading zones (for the time limit indicated) or in lots other than their assigned lot if the wheelchair space is not reserved. Holders of University disability parking permits may park in regular parking spaces or in marked disability spaces, but not in marked wheelchair spaces or other restricted spaces.

For each building included in the Access Guide, both the closest lot or garage, and the closest lot or garage with wheelchair parking, are indicated. Some buildings have one or more adjacent wheelchair parking spaces. Most of lot N22, north of the HUB, is designated for wheelchair and disability parking.

Because needs for wheelchair and other disability parking spaces vary from quarter to quarter, please let the Parking Services know if more marked spaces are needed near a particular building.

Dial-A-Ride (Disabled Persons Shuttle, 685-1511): Dial-A-Ride pick-up points are shown by a hexagonal symbol on the large Mobility Map and on the individual building maps. The service is free and reservations should be made, preferably on a quarterly basis, or one hour in advance if space is available.

Night Ride (206-685-3146): If you live to the west, north or east, within a mile of campus and you stay on campus after dark, use your U-PASS to take the Night Ride. The Night Ride shuttle takes you from campus right to your front door. The Night Ride operates to three different zones, each colored for identification: the east zone is blue, the north zone is yellow, and the west zone is green. Both the zone and the color are displayed on the front and side of each van. Then just let the driver know where you want to get off and he or she will drop you in front of the location requested. It's that easy!

Telephone Equipment: Faculty and staff may request amplified hand sets through their departmental telecommunications coordinator. For assistive listening devices to aid in phone use, contact Disability Services Office (206-543-6450), TTY 206-543-6452, email Students may make arrangements for special services directly with Quest (206-345-5552 voice, 206-345-3370 TTY). Equipment may be borrowed from the Telecommunications Access Service (206-586-8250 voice, or 1-800-422-7930 voice message, or 1-800-422-7941 TTY). List of University TTY Numbers.

Signage: Posting of the international symbol of access at various locations on campus was based on pre-ADA codes which permitted different dimensions. Consult the Access Guide for actual measurements.

Wheelchair Services:

Wheelchair Lifts: Most wheelchair lifts on campus require a lift key to operate. Keys may be obtained from the building manager or department representative within the building. If you are a student you may get information about obtaining the key from Disabled Resources for Students, 206-543-8924. If you are a UW employee, you may contact the Disability Services Office, 206-543-6450.

Portable ramp: Physical Plant Department 685-1411

Repairs: See the Yellow Pages. Among the closer advertisers with mobile repair service or pick-up delivery are:

Care Medical Equipment 547-2200

Lincare 783-6444

Rentals: See the Yellow Pages. Among the closer advertisers are:

Care Medical Equipment 547-2200

Medical Service Pharmacy 364-5700

Lincare 783-6444

Flat tires: HUB Bike Repair Shop 543-2742

Moving Furniture: Call the following offices for help moving furniture to improve access:

Disability Resources for Students (for student needs) 543-8924

Disability Services Office (for faculty/staff needs) 543-6450

Property and Transportation Services 685-1522

Physical Plant 543-3010

Reporting Structural Barriers:

If you discover structural barriers, please complete the Barrier to Accessibility Report Form. These reports will be considered during the University's planning and budgeting for structural improvements.

If barriers affect your access for particular activities, please call or email Disability Resources for Students (543-8924 or 543-8925 V/TTY) (

Off Campus Facilities:

Some of the University's off-campus facilities have also been surveyed. Information on these facilities is available from DRS (543-8924 or 543-8925 V/TTY).

Links to the Bothell and Tacoma Campus websites.

Information concerning access at the University's Bothell and Tacoma campuses is available by calling 425-352-5000 (or 425-352-5303 TTY) for the Bothell Campus and 253-692-4522 (or 253-552-4413 TTY) for the Tacoma Campus.