Kentucky's AITIS Project: A Promising Practice in Helping Schools Comply with an Accessible IT Act

DO-IT Factsheet #1273

In February of 2003 the Kentucky Assistive Technology Service (KATS) Network [1], in collaboration with the Kentucky Department of Education Division of Exceptional Children Services [2], launched the Accessible Information Technology in Schools (AITIS) project [3]. The AITIS project goal is to develop materials to help school systems understand and fulfill their obligations under Kentucky's Accessible Information Technology Act [4].

In order to address issues related to lack of awareness, policy, and accessibility implementation, the AITIS project created resources such as an Information Technology (IT) accessibility policy matrix, school district Section 508 technical standards checklists, and an online tutorial on Kentucky accessibility guidelines for K-12. According to AITIS staff important lessons learned in implementing this project include the following:

This effort provides a promising practice in developing tools to help schools understand and meet their responsibilities in the area of IT access. For more information please visit The Kentucky Accessible Information Technology in Schools Project [5] in the August 2005 volume of Information Technology and Disabilities [6].