Where can I locate the results of studies that test the accessibility of web pages?

DO-IT Factsheet #1199

In recent years, researchers have published their findings regarding the accessibility of web pages. Some of these findings have been made available on the web.

In Research on Web Accessibility in Higher Education [1], Terry Thompson, Sheryl Burgstahler, and Dan Comden evaluated ten critical sites at each of the 102 public extensive research universities in the United States. They conducted manual evaluations and automated evaluations using Bobby and compared results of the two methods.

Axel Schmetzke of the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point has conducted web accessibility studies and posted the results online. They include the following:

There are links to each of these studies on Schmetzke's Web Accessibility Survey Site [2].

In WebWatch: An Accessibility Analysis Of UK University Entry Points [3], author Brian Kelly evaluated the entry points of 162 universities in the United Kingdom.

Barry McMullin evaluated a sample of 200 Irish websites, including some educational institutions, in WARP: Web Accessibility Reporting Project Ireland 2002 Baseline Study [4].