Where can I learn more about technology accessibility in Canadian postsecondary institutions?

DO-IT Factsheet #1138

The comprehensive Adaptech Project report "Computer and Information Technologies: Resources for the Postsecondary Education of Students with Disabilities" is a good place to start. The report provides information about the findings of an investigation of the needs and concerns of campus-based professionals who provide disability-related support and services to postsecondary students. It is a companion to Adaptech's 1999 study, which investigated the computer technology experiences of over eight hundred Canadian college and university students with disabilities. Topics include accessibility of online distance education, level of collaboration between these professionals and the instructional technology community on campus, degree to which issues of access to instructional technologies by persons with disabilities are addressed in faculty professional development, and accountability for providing computer-related supports to employees with disabilities on campus.

The authors of the report are Catherine S. Fichten, Jennison V. Asuncion, and Maria Barile. They collaborated with Chantal Robillard, Myrtis E. Fossey, Darlene Judd, Jean-Pierre Guimont, Raymond Tam, and Daniel Lamb and with Partner Representatives Christian G�n�reux, Jean-Charles Juhel, Joanne Sen�cal, and Joan Wolforth.

Executive summary is available

The entire report is available

Paper copies of the entire report in English are available for $30.00 CDN ($20.00 US). For further information or to order a print copy, visit Adaptech [7].