What are the goals and activities of AccessIT?

DO-IT Factsheet #1102

AccessIT helped educational institutions make electronic and information technology accessible to all students and employees. Accessible technology enables individuals with disabilities to benefit from all technology-based educational and school-related activities. AccessIT developed and disseminated materials, training, and technical assistance that helped educational entities procure and use accessible electronic and information technology.

AccessIT worked nationwide with NIDRR-funded ADA and IT Technical Assistance Centers [1]. By providing training, support, dissemination materials, and technical assistance to the these regional centers, AccessIT buildt on this existing infrastructure to disseminate information and provide technical support.

AccessIT also provided information and training to educational institutions and organizations through its website and presentations at educational events.

AccessIT's website [2] grew to become a resource for educational entities and their constituents for information on accessible electronic and information technology. The website included accessibility checklists, case studies, promising practices, frequently asked questions, and links to resources, all tailored to applications of electronic and information technology in education.