AccessIT Select Presentations

The following is a list of slideshow materials from select presentations delivered by AccessIT staff. Where PowerPoint was used, the original Powerpoint file is provided (requires Microsoft PowerPoint or the free PowerPoint Viewer). Alternative accessible HTML versions are also provided. These were created using either LecShare or HTML Slidy. See the bottom of this page for notes on accessible versions.

ACM SIGUCCS Computer Services Management Symposium

April 9-11, 2006

  • Creating an Accessible Technology-Enhanced Learning Environment (Terry Thompson) Slidy version

California Web Accessibility Conference

April 6-7, 2006

CSUN 2006

March 22-24, 2006

Notes On Accessible Versions

Accessible versions of PowerPoint files were converted into accessible HTML format using LecShare. This is one of the products available for converting existing PowerPoint files into a slideshow that uses web standards and follows accessibility guidelines.

Some slideshows were creating using HTML Slidy, a tool from the W3C that allows all slideshow content to be stored in a single HTML file, and optionally presented as a slideshow using CSS and Javascript. The following tips are useful for navigating Slidy presentations:

  • To advance to the next slide, press the right arrow on the keyboard, or click the slide with your pointing device (e.g., mouse).
  • To return to the previous slide, press the left arrow on the keyboard.
  • To increase font size, press the letter B (for Bigger)
  • To decrease font size, press the letter S (for smaller)
  • For additional tips, follow the help? link near the bottom of the slide

For additional information about creating accessible online slideshows, consult the AccessIT Knowledge Base article How do I make my online PowerPoint presentation accessible?