Unit 1: Survey of Web Design Skills

Please answer the following questions honestly. How you respond will not affect your grade, but might affect how this course is taught.

My background designing web pages is best described by the following statement:
My experience with social networks such as Facebook, MySpace, etc. is...
To what extent have you already located web design resources (e.g., online tutorials, sites with collections of graphics or code snippets)?

Designing and developing websites requires a diverse set of skills and characteristics. Few individuals have all of these skills, so websites are typically created by one or more teams, comprised of highly diverse people who bring various skills, characteristics, and backgrounds to the project. Please rate yourself on the following characteristics:

Characteristic Yes, that's me Hmmm, not sure No, that's not me
Orderly, consistent
Creative, thinking "outside the box"
Team-oriented, enjoy working with others
Good design sense, i.e., a sense for which colors, textures, lines and shapes work well together
Good at spelling, grammar, and punctuation
Able to quickly spot the errors when proof-reading written text
Good at troubleshooting or problem-solving

When complete, please print this form and turn it in to your instructor.