As a part of their participation in AccessComputing, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the UW:

  • has a representative on AccessComputing phone calls;
  • participates in an AccessComputing Community of Practice;
  • participated in an AccessComputing Capacity-Building Institute;
  • will participate in some future training, Capacity-Building Institute, or other AccessComputing Activity;
  • makes their department more accessible and more welcoming to students with disabilities;
  • collects data about students with disabilities at their institution; and
  • works to improve accessibility of their website and publications.

University of Washington AccessComputing Team Members

  • Image of Andrew Ko Andrew Ko

    Andrew Ko, co-PI of AccessComputing, is an associate professor in the Information School at the UW. He directs the USE research group, which invents technologies that help people understand and overcome complex software. His interests span human-computer interaction, software engineering, and computing education

  • Photo of Brianna Blaser Brianna Blaser

    Brianna Blaser works with AccessComputing as a program coordinator/counselor at DO-IT at the UW. Brianna's background includes work related to the diversity of the science workforce and career development of scientists.

  • Photo of Andrew Wobbrock Jacob O. Wobbrock

    Jacob O. Wobbrock, co-PI of AccessComputing, an Associate Professor in the Information School and an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at the UW. His expertise is in the field of human-computer interaction (HCI), where he conducts studies of people's interactions with technology and invent, design, and build new interactive technologies.

  • Image of Lyla Lyla Crawford

    Lyla Crawford works with AccessComputing as the internal evaluator.

  • Photo of Richard Ladner Richard Ladner

    Richard Ladner, Principal Investigator (PI) of AccessComputing, is a professor in computer science and engineering at the UW. In addition to organizing programs for students with disabilities in computing, his research interests include accessibility technology research, especially technology for people who are deaf, deaf-blind, hard-of-hearing, and blind.

  • Photo of Scott Bellman Scott Bellman

    Scott Bellman is the program manager at the DO-IT Center at the UW. Scott's primary interests relate to career development and transition to college for people with disabilities.

  • Photo of Sheryl Burgstahler Sheryl Burgstahler

    Sheryl Burgstahler, co-PI ofAccessComputing, is the founder and director of the DO-IT Center at the UW. Her teaching and research focus on the successful transition of students with disabilities to college and careers and on the application of universal design to technology, learning activities, physical spaces, and student services in educational settings.

  • Photo of Terrill Thompson Terrill Thompson

    Terrill Thompson is the technology accessibility specialist with DO-IT at the UW. He promotes information technology (IT) accessibility by developing resources, delivering lectures and workshops, providing consultation to a wide variety of constituents, and conducting research.