As a part of their participation in AccessComputing, the Department of Computer Science at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville:

  • has a representative on AccessComputing phone calls;
  • participates in an AccessComputing Community of Practice;
  • participated in an AccessComputing Capacity-Building Institute;
  • will participate in some future training, Capacity-Building Institute, or other AccessComputing Activity;
  • makes their department more accessible and more welcoming to students with disabilities;
  • has hosted an intern funded by AccessComputing;
  • collects data about students with disabilities at their institution;
  • works to improve accessibility of their website and publications; and
  • is working to write a grant that creates a collaboration between education and computer science to build tools to work with students with autism.

Melissa Thomeczek

Melissa Thomeczek is an associate professor in the Department of Educational Leadership at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville where she studies the seamless integration of technology into K-12 education, as well as the use of handheld technologies to enhance student learning experiences.

Photo of Melissa Thomeczek
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