As a part of their participation in AccessComputing, the Department of Computer Science, Portland State University:

  • has a representative on AccessComputing phone calls;
  • participates in an AccessComputing Community of Practice;
  • will participate in some future training, Capacity-Building Institute, or other AccessComputing Activity;
  • works to improve accessibility of their website and publications;
  • will host a computer science presentation by a person with a disability;
  • will host interns with disabilities; and
  • will organize a capacity building workshop for their campus.

Bryant W. York

Bryant W. York is professor of computer science at Portland State University. In 1989, he organized the first NSF national workshop on computers and persons with disabilities (CAPD). During 1990-91, Dr. York was a program officer at the National Science Foundation in the CISE Directorate, where one of his responsibilities included funding projects on computers and persons with disabilities (CAPD). In May 1992, he co-edited a special section of the Communications of the ACM on CAPD. In 1994, he moderated the NSF workshop on Access to the NII for the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities.

Photo of Bryant W. York
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