As a part of their participation in AccessComputing, the College of Engineering, NMSU:

  • has a representative on AccessComputing phone calls;
  • participates in an AccessComputing Community of Practice;
  • participated in an AccessComputing Capacity-Building Institute;
  • will participate in some future training, Capacity-Building Institute, or other AccessComputing Activity;
  • makes their department more accessible and more welcoming to students with disabilities;
  • collects data about students with disabilities at their institution;
  • works to improve accessibility of their website and publications; and
  • works to increase collaboration and partnerships across campus and with their community colleges to address getting resources to students, testing websites and other systems with students with disabilities, and getting assistive technology into mainstream computer labs.

New Mexico State University AccessComputing Team Members

  • Photo of a person using a laptop Carol Brown

    Carol Brown is an assistive technology specialist at NMSU.

  • Photo of a row of computer monitors Jeanine Cook

    Jeanine Cook is an associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at NMSU and also directs the Advanced Computer Architecture Performance and Simulation Laboratory.

  • Photo of Shawna Arroyo Shawna L. Arroyo

    Shawna L. Arroyo is the manager of student technology and planning at NMSU. Her primary role is to keep student computing facilities including computer labs, training classrooms, and wireless areas accessible for all main campus students.