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Unix System Security.

13 Unix System Security.

Securing any computer system involves many steps, including:

13.1 Knowing how the system may be attacked

The best place to start is by reading articles, such as:

13.1.1 Detecting an attack

Common methods of attack include:

13.2 Knowing how to protect against these attacks

Make sure you've applied all recommended security patches to your system.

Learn about, and use, tools and papers from sources such as these:

Only provide as much access as is necessary:

13.3 Monitoring your system

13.4 Teaching users how to be "safe" and getting them to work with you

13.5 Knowing what to do when you detect you've been hit

13.6 Unix System Security Checklist

This Unix System Security Checklist can serve as a tool to help you with improving and auditing the security of your systems.

13.7 Vendor Security/Patch Web Sites

13.8 Computer Security related sites on the Internet

13.9 Example Problems and Reading

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