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17 Printing.

Steps to set up a local printer on your Unix workstation.

17.1 BSD spooling.

The lpr system uses a single printer capabilities file to control printing; which device, what filter to use, baud rates, form feeds, remote host and remote device name, etc. The lpr system can work over a network.

17.1.1 BSD printcap file.

Here is an example /etc/printcap file Note that this is for a Postscript printer. It needs special filters to convert ordinary text into Postscript output. The software to do this, Transcript, is available free to campus systems. The Transcript install program made this printcap entry.

17.2 System V printing.

The lp system uses scripts that control the printer devices. (System V.4 adds remote printing and PostScript capabilities)

17.3 AIX queueing.

AIX supports the BSD and System V printer commands and adds extra functionality by integrating printing with its general queueing system.

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