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2 Introduction.

2.1 Why are you here?

2.2 What is a [UNIX System] Administrator?


  1. One who administers; one who manages, carries on, or directs the affairs of any establishment or institution.
  2. One who has the faculty of managing or organizing.
  3. One who executes or performs the official duties of religion, justice, etc.; one who dispenses or ministers to the public in such matters.
  4. One to whom authority is given to manage estates, etc. for the legal owner during his minority, incapacity, etc.; a trustee, a steward. esp. in Sc. Law. `A person legally empowered to act for another whom the law presumes incapable of acting for himself' (Encyc.Brit.), as the father of children under age.
    The bottom line: Administration of a Unix system on the Internet -- or any other system, for that matter -- is a full-time responsibility, not a part-time, casual activity.

2.3 Some Common System Administration Tasks.

2.4 Types of Unix users.

2.5 Becoming root

2.6 Things to be aware of when using root account

2.7 Goals for the next two days

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