Program Evaluation Initiative

About the UW Program Evaluation Initiative

The Program Evaluation Initiative was launched in 2011 and is now managed by the Office of Planning and Budget. Program evaluation adds criteria for success and measurements to the annual budget review process in order to facilitate evidence-based decision-making and strategic resource utilization.

Beginning with the 2012 budget, academic units included academic program evaluation criteria and metrics as part of the budget review process. Administrative units begin including administrative program evaluation criteria and metrics in the 2013 budget review process.

Program Evaluation was a 2010-2011 priority initiative under the Provost’s Sustainable Academic Business Plan, part of the Two Years to Two Decades Initiative. The Sustainable Academic Business Plan combines mission, strategy and financial underpinnings to respond to key drivers of change. To achieve the goals outlined by the plan, both the administrative and academic units must be strategic in how we use our resources and determine areas of focus.

Program evaluation and the FY13 budget


Steering Committee

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