2y2d Enhance Student Services Initiative

Feedback from the UW community as well as trends in higher education helped identified the need to systematically address how we approach student services in the coming years. This initiative of the Sustainable Academic Business Plan effort addresses how we will enhance student services.

Supporting success

We seek to attract outstanding students from our state, nation and the world, to help them succeed in and outside the class room, and to chart a course for success after graduation. Doing so involves collaborative efforts from UW groups that recruit, advise, support, and work to ensure student success.

The initiative is, therefore, a joint venture of the Graduate School, University Libraries, the Office of Student Life, the Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity, and the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs.


  • Pipeline and recruitment.
  • Engagement and orientation, including first-year programs and graduate and professional efforts.
  • Student success at the UW and beyond.

Near-term goals

  • Identify new and innovative ways to offer support for students.
  • Improve structures and organization to better serve students.
  • Share or consolidate services, where appropriate.
  • Fill service gaps.

Next steps

  • Identify current activity, overlapping services, and gaps.
  • Conduct formal gap analysis of student needs and expectations.
  • Benchmark and collect best practices.
  • Develop and implement recommendations for action, including selection and implementation of collaborative efforts for 2012–2013 to enhance student support.


Steering Committee and Working Groups

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