2y2d Campus of the 21st Century Initiative

This initiative of the Sustainable Academic Business Plan addresses how we approach campus planning in the coming years. During 2011–2012, the committee held high-level conversations to develop shared principals and objectives for the three campuses. During 2012–2013, now that the initiative is launched, committee members continue to collaborate, implementing these principles and working to achieve objectives, as part of their regular activities within the offices of Planning & Budgeting, Finance and Facilities, and Information Technology.

Improving physical and virtual environments

Students, faculty, patients, staff, and other friends and members of the larger UW community will increasingly expect more collaborative, flexible, and technology-enhanced experiences in the physical and virtual environments they inhabit at the UW. In a time of limited resources, coordinated planning is essential to ensure alignment to our vision and mission, the best use of available resources, and accountability.


The committee expects the campus of the future will be:

  • more integrated and holistic, with collaborative spaces that combine academic, entrepreneurial, and social functions and the campus serving as a test bed for research and experiential learning
  • more collaborative with more porous boundaries as planning and problem-solving are shared across units and engage community partners locally, regionally, and globally
  • both physical and virtual, building, maintaining, and supporting interaction in on-site and online environments
  • responsive to the needs of a diverse and changing community that is becoming more ethnically, economically, and geographically diverse
  • sustainable environmentally, financially, and physically

Read the visioning document The Campus of the 21st Century.


  • Drafted high-level principles to guide campus planning/development of infrastructure, including online learning and classroom infrastructure.
  • Coordinated tri-campus planning with colleagues at UW Tacoma and UW Bothell.
  • Drafted a shared framework to clarify planning terms that cause cross-unit confusion, and mapped terms to goals.

Next steps

  • Advocate, provide visibility, and communicate to campus and community partners.


Steering committee

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