Two Years to Two Decades Initiative

The Sustainable Academic Business Plan evolves

Development of the Sustainable Academic Business Plan

Trace the evolution of the Sustainable Academic Business Plan through the work of the steering committee.


Sustainable Academic Business Plan Graphic Oct 2013

Spring 2011

Using input from 2y2d focus groups, identified drivers of change, long-term goals, envisioned the UW of the 21st century, and proposed new initiatives to meet corresponding needs.

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Focus group results

SAB Plan requirements

SAB Plan flow chart

Winter 2011

Streamlined goals and subgoals, developed 2y2d strategy map based on focus group input, and re-mapped initiatives to new goals.

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January 2011 Strategy Map

January 2011 Mapped Initiatives

Fall 2010

Launched Program Evaluation Initiative and Organizational Effectiveness Initiative, created a graphic version of the Sustainable Academic Business Plan to show connections and overlap among current UW activities, updated chart version to reflect idea of overarching intent to align goals and activities.

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September 2010 launched initiatives chart

November 2010 plan for new website

December 2010 alignment chart

Summer 2010

Developed Sustainable Academic Business Plan near-term goals, mapped current UW activities to these goals, and proposed new initiatives to address identified gaps.

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August 2010 focus group findings chart

August 2010 Proposed Initiatives chart