Two Years to Two Decades Initiative

Launched Initiatives

Campus of the 21st Century (2011–2012):
Improving physical and virtual environments

This 2011–2012 initiative addressed how the UW can improve physical and virtual environments.  The committee consisted of high-level campus planners who met monthly for one year to develop a shared vision, principals and objectives and to collaborate across the three campuses. They were responding to the need identified by 2y2d focus groups for responding to increasing expectations for collaborative, flexible, and technology-enhanced experiences in the UW’s physical and virtual environments. Former committee members continue to collaborate, implementing these principles and working to achieve objectives, as part of their regular activities within the offices of Planning & Budgeting, Finance and Facilities, and Information Technology. In a time of limited resources, coordinated planning is essential to ensure alignment to our vision and mission, the best use of available resources, and accountability.

The Campus of the 21st Century visioning document

Steering committee

Enhance Student Services Initiative (2011–2012):
Supporting student success

Feedback from the UW community as well as trends in higher education helped identify the need to systematically address how the UW approaches student services. Attracting outstanding students from our state, nation and the world, helping them succeed inside and outside the class room, and charting a course for success after graduation involves collaborative efforts from UW groups that recruit, advise, support, and work to ensure student success.

The Enhance Student Services Initiative began as in 2011 as a joint venture of the Graduate School, University Libraries, the Office of Student Life, the Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity, and the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs to identify areas to better collaborate around student success.  In 2012, the same core group turned their focus to the Student Experience, since renamed the Husky Experience, which continues as a major UW initiative led by the Senior Vice Provost for Academic and Student Affairs, a new position created in no small part to support the key goals of this work.

Steering Committee

Program Evaluation Initiative (2010–2011):

Evidence-based decision-making

Program Evaluation was a 2010-2011 priority initiative under the Sustainable Academic Business Plan. Program evaluation added provost-led criteria for success and metrics to the annual budget review process in order to facilitate evidence-based decision-making and strategic resource utilization in a time of drastic budget cuts. In 2012, the budget review process included academic program evaluation criteria and metrics. In 2013, administrative program evaluation criteria and metrics were implemented. Program Evaluation is now managed by the Office of Planning and Budget.

Steering Committee