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Fostering Collaboration in the 21st Century

Collaborative work is increasingly the key to understanding and solving society’s most pressing issues. This initiative of the Sustainable Academic Business Plan works to increase and facilitate UW collaborative research and teaching in order to support scholarship and learning.

Collaboration in the UW of the 21st Century is:

  • team-based
  • supported by multiple models
  • incubated in grassroots initiatives
  • a key component of excellence
  • sustainable

See the visioning document Fostering Collaboration in the 21st Century for details.

Near-term goals

  • Create a supportive environment for students and faculty to study, teach and research across boundaries.
  • Improve policies and practices affecting collaboration, such as research centers, and joint appointments.
  • Develop infrastructure for collaborative work.
  • Encourage activity that works on solving society’s major issues.
  • Develop criteria for initial and continued investment in infrastructure that benefits collaborative education and research.

Selected Accomplishments

  • Offered tools, templates, and resources on the Fostering Research Collaboration website to help researchers:
    • find collaborators
    • apply for training grants
    • establish new research centers
    • set up teams and budgets for collaboration
    • find funding opportunities
  • Drafted a “Statement of Collaboration” approved by the Board of Deans and Chancellors (BODC) in May 2014
  • Mapped measures of collaborative activity—including joint appointments, joint courses offered, and types of multiple majors—by school and department, and shared them with the UW campus (see Collaboration Mapping)
  • Developed resources and best practices for collaborative teaching


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