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Collaboration mapping

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In order to understand more about existing collaborations at the UW, the Fostering Collaboration in the 21st Century committee looked at various measures of activity, including spring 2011 data on joint/adjunct faculty appointments, joint courses offered, and types of multiple majors by school and department.

These activities were mapped using an open source visualization program. The maps reveal the number and diversity of connections and collaborative activities already occurring on campus. The committee found value in both the data and maps and is making them available here to the UW community.

Collaborative activity around publications and grants will be analyzed next with data and maps posted here, once available.

University-wide collaborations

Maps and data for the entire UW

Collaboration map for the UW

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Joint/adjunct faculty appointments
map (number) | map (proportion) | data

Multiple majors
map | data

Joint courses
map | data

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