Two Years to Two Decades Initiative

2010 – 2011 focus group results

Two Decades focus groups & reports

After initial focus groups asked the UW to provide solutions to “society’s most pressing issues,” 2y2d sought additional input from stakeholder groups to help identify what issues those might be. We asked:

When you look outside of the UW, what are the needs/opportunities we should be responding to? Which of society’s major issues should we be most focused on solving in the coming years?

The groups identified six areas of focus for the UW. These areas appear in the concept cloud below, with size corresponding to frequency of response. (Staff responses were given equal weight to those of faculty, students, and community groups.)

2y2d concept word cloud

Subject-specific concept clouds and the collected comments of faculty, students, staff, and community stakeholders, are provided below. Click images below to enlarge.

Environmental sustainability and clean energy

Environmental Sustainability and Clean Energy word cloud

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Education word cloud

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Educated & engaged local/global citizens

Educated & Engaged Local/Global Citizens word cloud

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Economic vitality

Economic Vitality word cloud

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Health word cloud

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Justice & equality

Social Justice word cloud

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